MHW Best Zenny Farm [Top 5 Ways]

Discover the best zenny farms
Gimme the Loot, Gimme the Loot!

The zenny comes and the zenny goes. And when it goes it goes right into upgrading armor, weapons and gear like water through your hands. The Bandit Mantle definitely takes the main stage when farming zenny and these specific farms will help you to keep dumping zenny into your gear like every good hunter should.

5. Might Seed Farm 

1st Farm

Might seeds are very easy to come by in Monster Hunter World and sell for 140 zenny a piece which is a high number for an individual item. They can easily be cultivated at the Botanical Research Center (garden) so stacking up on them shouldn’t take long. 100 Might Seeds sell for 14,000 zenny so always keeping one yield slot open for might seeds during armor upgrade season is always a great idea.

How Might Seed Farm Works

  • Grow Might Seed in Botanical Research Center (Garden)
  • Sell Them (100 for 14,000z)

4. Tailraider and Argosi

2nd Farm

These wonderful allies will fill your seemingly endless inventory with all sorts of valuable sellable trade in items. The tailraider is a friendly palico outfit that will dash out to the jungle or wherever they go and retrieve you some valuable valuables. And the Argosi does the same thing except with a ship that leaves and comes back with valuables. The zenny will   not be sudden or rapid but it will be consistent, reliable and steady much like the garden.

  • Set Tailrider and Argosi for Trade-In Items
  • Sit Back and Collect Like a Boss
  • Sell Any Unwanted Items and All Trade-Ins

3. Bandit Mantle Farm

3rd Farm

Another great mantle to change your game up a bit, the Bandit Mantle causes monsters to drop rare trade-in items when attacked. They literally become a living monster pinata. And sell these trade-in items (500 to 10000z a pop, depending on rank of monster), to the mysterious invisible dude that buys all your useless but valuable junk right out of your box and you’ll be sitting on some primo zenny. 

How Bandit Mantle Farm Works:

  • Wear the Bandit Mantle
  • Whack Monsters Lika Pinata and Watch Shinies Drop
  • Pick Up shinies
  • Sell Right out of Box
  • Up to 14,000z in Minutes

2. High Rank Jagras Investigation Farms

2nd Farm

Start up any high rank Jagras Investigation and go to town on his ass while he is shock trapped and you are wearing the bandit mantle and watch his pinata shinies fly. Keeping him trapped in one place while attacking will keep all your sellable shines in one spot making them easier to collect. And most of the rewards at the end of the hunt are not worth keeping and can be sold right from the reward screen. Get up to 60,000 zenny per hour.

How High Rank Jagras Investigation Farm Works

  • Run Any High Rank Great Jagras Investigation
  • Trap Jagras and Beat to Bloody Hell Wearing Bandit Mantle
  • Pick Up Shinies and Grin
  • Sell Unwanted Rewards Strait from Reward Screen

1. “Yaku With That?” Event Quest

This special arena quest is good while wearing the bandit mantle because it keeps two small monsters together in a small area. So collecting the scales should be easy and also since they are small creatures the difficulty should be easy as well, roughly taking 3 minutes complete and walking away with up to 25,000 zenny a hunt.

How “Yaku With That?” Works

  • Easy Risk Free Hunt That Reaps High Rewards
  • Drop Lots of PInata Shinies
  • Simply Wear Bandit Mantle And Ruin Poor Innocent Yaku Pal’s Day 
  • Yaku Can’t Run Because They’re In Arena

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