[Top 10] Best Military Games For iPhone (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

Top 10 Military Games iPhone
Fighter plane chasing down an enemy pilot.

New models of iOS devices are released every year and the mobile gaming business continues to grow as well. There are thousands of mobile games in the App Store to try and military games are one of the most popular genres right now. So, we’ve found some military games for you to try out for iPhones and iPads.

10. Idle Army Base (iOS)

Idle Army Base Gameplay

Idle Army Base is a 3D military simulation game. Capitalize on one of the oldest, most profitable businesses in history- war. Start from the bottom as a general and lay down the groundwork for your army. Invest in assets and build your wealth as you land government contracts to further improve your army. Become a billionaire war tycoon as you conquer nations and eventually the whole world as the new lord of war.


9. Idle Warzone 3d (iOS, ANDROID)

  Idle Warzone 3d Gameplay

Create the ultimate battle strategy to advance into a hostile city and overthrow the terrorist organizations. Watch the complex, 3D interactive combat between your army and the enemy forces. Earn money by liberating areas of the city and completing missions. Upgrade your bases, military vehicles, and soldiers to grow your army into an unstoppable force. 

8. Armed Air Forces - Jet Fighters (iOS, ANDROID)

 Armed Air Forces Jet Fighers Trailer

Soar into the battlefield of the skies in Armed Air Forces. A mobile combat flight simulator with PC quality graphics, mechanics, and content. Cruise through the beautifully rendered scenery of detailed cities in free flight mode. Jump straight into a quick mission with randomly generated enemies and structures each time you play. Or go head-to-head with other jet fighters in dogfight mode.

7. Zombie Gunship: Gun Down Zombies (iOS, ANDROID, PC)

 Zombie Gunship Gameplay Trailer

Rain down hell onto hordes of zombies while in the cockpit of a powerful AC-130 gunship. Most of the world has been infected and the remaining survivors continue the fight from military bases. Give combat support to your allies as you defend various bases from zombie attacks. Safeguard ground troops from the undead as they loot forgotten cities for crucial resources and supplies. Upgrade the gunship for more devastating damage and fortify bases and shelters for tougher defenses.

6. Sniper Fury (iOS, ANDROID)

 Sniper Fury Trailer

Travel the globe as you assassinate targets as an elite hitman in Sniper Fury. There are over a thousand story missions to enjoy, along with dozens of time limited events. Use snipers rifles, revolvers, assault rifles to claim the life of your target. Upgrade your arsenal as you progress through the large catalog of missions. Take your sniping skills to the online multiplayer for a true test in 10-player PvP modes. 

5. Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops (iOS)

  Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops Trailer

Build a squad of the Special Operations soldiers and plan every step carefully before infiltrating bases in this top-down tactical strategy game. Enemies are prepared and waiting so pick only the best operators, weapons and equipment for the mission. Choose from US Army Rangers, Green Berets, UK SAS and other real life special forces from around the world. Thousands of firearms to choose and customize for each operative as well as many perks, armor and tactics to use. With all preparations done, lead your squad into action with almost a hundred missions.

4. Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight (iOS, ANDROID, NINTENDO SWITCH)

 Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Launch Trailer

Experience the aerial combat of World War 2 on mobile devices like never before in Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight. Fly into battle with over 50 historic fighter planes to choose from. Customize each plane with paint, emblems, and powerful weapon upgrades. Manage your squadron by training pilots, building support structures, and buying planes. Jump right into the intense dogfights with easy, intuitive controls. 

3. Sniper 3D (iOS, ANDROID)

 Sniper 3D Gameplay Trailer

Play through the offline story missions in 21 cities around the world as you eliminate targets as a sniper assassin. Collect and configure over a hundred sniper rifles and other weapons as you rack up a body count and earn a notorious reputation. Compete against other players in fast-paced multiplayer arenas. Test your aim and master your skills in the Shooting Range Challenge. Return the undead back to the grave as you save the city in the Zombie Nightmare mode.

2. Code of War (iOS, ANDROID)

 Code of War Trailer

Battle other players online in classic shooter deathmatch modes in Code of War, a modern third person shooter. Enjoy top-quality, realistic graphics while engaging in thrilling gunfights. Superior game optimization allows for smooth gameplay for even outdated mobile devices. Try out the many types of guns, explosives and protective gear to create the ultimate loadout to rip through the enemy team.

1. World War Polygon (iOS, ANDROID)

 World War Polygon Trailer

World War Polygono is a WW2 first person shooter built on polygon graphics with loads of content. Storm the beaches of Normandy to push towards Berlin or persevere through the madness of Stalingrad and Eastern Europe as a Soviet soldier in the story mode. Fight in the online multiplayer with others in Team Deathmatch or classic Allies vs. Axis. Upgrade your characters and arsenal with tons of firearms, gear and consumables. Mow down a neverending wave of Nazi zombies in the daily missions for special rewards.

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