Bard's Tale 4 Gameplay: 10 Great Things You'll Love

The Bard is back.

After many years since the previous main installment, The Bard's Tale is finally returning thanks to KickStarter and, most importantly, the people who backed it. As information is revealed by Brain Fargo and InExile, we learn more about the upcoming title. From what has been revealed so far, these are the 10 things to look forward to in The Bard's Tale 4.    

10. Deep and challenging gameplay


Ready yourself.

Keeping with the spirit of the original trilogy, The Bard’s Tale 4 is not going to be an easy game. As an example, one of the things you won’t be able to do is save your game whenever you wish. Instead you must make it to certain resting spots to save your progress – and making it to them in themselves also isn’t going to be easy. Right now the developers are working on when to place downtime moments so we’ll have to stay tuned to see how they handle break points.  

9. Party based tactics

The medieval choir group.

Considering the tough journey ahead, you won’t be playing as a single protagonist but a party – but working in a party also means having to strategize and plan ahead by learning the strengths and weakness of each character class.

Your party can hold up to a maximum of six members. Four slots are for the main characters, one is for a NPC joining during a temporary time, and the final slot is for creatures that are summoned by the main party.

8. Beautiful first-person perspective

This would make a good camping spot.

Although dangerous, the world presented in The Bard’s Tale 4 is also a beautiful one –which you explore in first-person. The Bard’s Tale 4 is developed using Unreal Engine 4 and the level of quality is amazing. Much of the environments are heavily inspired by Scottish lands – specifically the countryside and villages.

For those who live in Scotland and also have a keen eye, you might recognize some pieces of scenery being directly taken from real life Scottish objects and rendered into the game. It’s a truly amazing experience and the ambient music by Mark Morgan only enriches it. Depending on the way you prefer to play, the game’s HUD interface may be turned on or off.     

7. Interactive environments

It may not be a good idea to touch the walls.

Don’t like the way someone is looking at you? Well that won’t be a problem because in The Bard’s Tale 4 you can fire bomb him or her into oblivion at any point you wish! Of course not only can you interact with the characters but you can also mess with the environments scenery – which is going to be needed to solve various puzzles.

6. Crafting system

Is this a good spot to rest?

Sometimes making your own gear is the ideal way to survive while on a tough adventure; with the games crafting system you can make a tough game a little bit easier. You can also upgrade the weapons and armor of your party if you prefer. Remember, the crafting system is a great survival tool – so use it often if you wish to overcome any possible obstacle.  

5. In-depth character creation

Sir lord knight of slaying.

The Bard’s Tale 4 features a pretty in-depth character creation setup. Before you begin the adventure you can choose which type of party you wish to play – and each character type will have plenty of moments during the journey to have their time to shine.

Races will have a bit more of an impact than previous installments as characters in the world react differently depending on what type of race is in your party – but those reactions aren’t always good. Some options are also opened or closed based on race so be prepared for gameplay and narrative consequences for your parties’ race.    

4. More than 30 dungeon levels

Loot awaits us!

The world of Bard’s Tale 4 holds many secrets and dark places to explore. Be careful as the dungeons not only hold hostile enemies but also many hidden traps and puzzles. To successfully explore any dungeon you and your party need to be well prepared for the physical and mental challenges that lay ahead.

3. Over 100 different enemy types


In your adventure you will encounter various types of threats – and most of them won’t be easy to take down. Combat with them is done in a reactive turn-based format – which means when one party member affects an enemy the next member in line may change their previously assigned command. This creates a nice mixture of turn-based gameplay with real-time elements.

2. Create your own maps

I seem to be lost – would you mind telling me where I am?

Calling back to the original Bard’s Tales, you can create your own maps using supplemental graph paper. The game also includes an auto map feature so you won’t have to draw maps on the graph paper like in the first two games to keep track of where your party is.   

1. Over 25+ hours of gameplay

Sail off to adventure.

The adventure isn’t short, so be ready for a long and tireless journey filled with both hardship and wonder. During the adventure you will meet hundreds of characters and explore dozens of places – and by the end of it you will reflect over it to see how much you, and your party, have grown and changed. It won’t be an easy journey but it will be one worth remembering.    

Bard’s Tale veterans and new comers, what are you looking forward to and hoping for in the upcoming installment? Speak your wishes and they may come true.


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