[Top 10] Best Poptropica Islands To Play On

A screenshot from Poptropica's "Home Island", where it features Gentle Dolphin from Poptropica Help Blog, standing in between a shop and their clubhouse.
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10. Counterfeit Island

For tenth place, I have Counterfeit Island, which ironically is the tenth island on Poptropica, released in 2010. It is a crime scene investigation-inspired island, where you have been falsely accused of stealing the Mona Lisa and you must figure out who’s behind it all. But, you discover more secrets along the way. 

Counterfeit Island is genuinely an amazing concept, I’d wager that it had a big role in a lot of kids' lives and the development of their imagination. Every kid at some point has imagined being a detective or an FBI agent, or someone like Temperance Brennan from Bones, who’s not an FBI agent but frequently helps them out on cases due to her expertise in certain areas. 

What’s so great about Counterfeit Island, you may ask?  

  • The dialogue is fantastic, it’s witty and sarcastic!
  • It requires you to actually think, very stimulating
  • It’s one of the only islands that requires you to go to another island to complete the quest. 
  • It’s got fun little easter eggs


9. Steamworks Island

Steamworks Island is honestly kind of underrated, but if people were to give it a chance, they’d see that it’s one of the best Poptropica islands. It is an island filled with hard-to-solve puzzles that make it intellectually stimulating. It’s a steampunk yet post-apocalyptic-themed island where you have to figure out what the heck happened to everybody. 

The reason that I put Steamworks on this list is simply because it’s one of the most difficult islands. When I was a kid, the more difficult the island was, the more I was determined to figure it out. Plus, who doesn’t love steampunk as a literary genre? 

I put Steamworks on the list for these reasons:

  • The Steampunk elements. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that focuses on advancing steam technology in the Victorian Era.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing. The illustrators did an amazing job at portraying a barren island, where it’s obvious that something happened but that something is too obscure to recognize.
  • It’s a mystery and solving mysteries is fun.


8. Spy Island

At number eight we have Spy Island, who doesn’t love spies? On Spy Island, you get roped into fighting against an evil organization called B.A.D (Bald and Dangerous) who created a ray gun to make people’s hair disappear. I guess they were jealous. 

The plot of this island was so original and comedic. Whoever thought of this plot deserves all the medallions in the world. It also has interesting and unique gameplay. 

Spy Island is such a great island because:

  • The plot twist is insane! I can’t spoil it for you, you just have to see for yourself.
  • This Island requires both fast reflexes and intelligence! So it makes for a well rounded game.
  • It’s full of James Bond references, which is great because James Bond is only the greatest spy franchise of all time. 


7. Mystery Train 

Next on this list is Mystery Train, the twenty-first island on Poptropica! On Mystery Train Island, it is 1893 and you climb aboard a train and get dragged into solving a mystery and saving the chicago fair. But what did you expect? You are an adventurer after all.

Mystery Train is a phenomenal Poptropica island and I know that’s a strong word to use for an early 2000s kids game but my point still stands. You get to meet several famous historical figures, such as Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. You’re trying to solve a mystery before the train stops for the Chicago fair. What seems like a simple issue quickly unfolds into a Big Problem. 

Mystery train is at number 7 because:

  • It’s full of historical Easter Eggs that are fun to look for, such as Starry Night, Henry Ford's Automobile, and several different statues.
  • Again with the sarcastic and witty dialogue. It makes me laugh every time
  • The concept of this island is so creative and I feel like this concept isn’t something we see often.


6. Super Power Island

At number six we have Super Power Island, the fifth island on Poptropica. On Super Power Island, a meteor crashes down near the local prison, giving criminals an escape and brand new superpowers. It’s up to you to stop them. 

This Poptropica island is fun! It allows your character to receive superpowers in order to stop the powered-up petty criminals. You get to fight different villains and their wildly fitting superpowers, like Sir Rebral, who has the power to move things with his mind, or Copycat who’s able  to clone many versions of herself. 

What’s so great about this Island?

  • It’s a creative concept and it appeals to a younger audience because a lot of kids love superheroes fighting bad guys.
  • It’s got many references to several different heroes or villains!
  • It’s also a very silly island, one of the criminals is in jail for crushing bugs

5. Mythology Island 

Mythology Island is hands-down one of the best Islands on Poptropica. On this island, Zeus chooses you to be his hero and go on a quest searching for sacred items. You come across other gods, mythological creatures, and ancient Greek architecture!

A lot of people, when asked, will say that Mythology Island is their favorite island. I think the devs did a really good job at portraying each of the different deities and creatures from the Greek Pantheon!

The reason I put Mythology at number five is because:

  • It’s educational! The quest teaches you about the different Greek gods, goddesses and legends!
  • It’s complex, you have to complete a series of quests and then mini-quests for those quests and like I stated in the previous point. There’s so much learning. Lots of words.
  • The plot twist is obvious, if you know Greek mythology, but it’s still fun to pretend to be surprised!


4. Cryptids Island

If you say you didn’t like Cryptids as an island, you’re wrong. I’m just kidding, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, regardless if you’re wrong or not. On Cryptids Island, you join the hunt for Cryptids for a reward of one million dollars. You are required to show proof of each of the most popular Cryptids, like BigFoot and the Chupacabra, for example. 

In my personal opinion, Cryptids is probably one the most interesting Islands because it educates the players about different cultures and folklore.

Cryptids Island is on this list because:

  • I have a deep love for all the world's Cryptids, especially the Kraken.
  • This may be a hot take but, Cryptids Island is SCARY. It should be classified as horror. It scared me as a kid and it still scares me as an adult. Play it, you’ll know what I mean.
  • I wish it were real because I would find every single cryptid if one million dollars were on the line.

3. Escape From Pelican Rock

In third place, we have Escape From Pelican Rock, yet another island where you’re falsely accused of a crime and thrown in jail. Why does this keep happening? A criminal called the booted bandit who just so happens to look just like you manages to frame you for a crime they committed. 

When I first played Pelican Rock, I thought it was an interesting concept. High-Security prisons aren’t a new thing on Poptropica, they’re mentioned on Superhero Island and Supervillain Island as well, but the player has never really had to escape prison before and I think that’s what makes it so unique. Pelican Rock is a tough prison with even tougher inmates and it’s up to you to escape and prove your innocence. 

I put Pelican Rock at number three because:

  • It’s a creative and fun game, full of strategic puzzles and learning patience
  • Pelican Rock is based on Alcatraz prison, judging by the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, which is a classic Poptropica thing to do.
  • Perfect way to get the prison experience without going to actual prison

2. Shark Tooth Island 

Shark Tooth Island brings me a lot of nostalgia, it being one of the first Islands on Poptropica and all. If I could, I’d replay it often! I don’t particularly like shark-themed movies or games but if I were to pick a favorite, it’d be Shark tooth island!! 

The reason that Shark Tooth is second on this list is:

  • It gets so many points just for nostalgia alone. I remember being a little kid, playing it on the family computer and it makes my heart feel all fuzzy.
  • It has great references, proving that Poptropica can’t be JUST for kids, a lot of kids know nothing about Wilson from Cast Away or The Cay by Theodore Taylor.
  • The shark mascot guy is too funny. I’m sure every young adult retail worker relates to him.

1. Time Tangled Island

In first place, we have Time Tangled Island, AKA only the best Poptropica Island ever! On this island, a time machine malfunctions, mixing up a bunch of ancient relics/artifacts and it’s up to the player to travel to different time periods to get everything back to normal

This island is so unique and educational, that the player can travel to time periods such as ancient Rome and the Viking period. We also get to see ancient China and the Aztec empire! We get to see parts of history from around the world!

This Island tops the rest  because:

  • It’s one of the only islands updated every year since the time machine has to reflect the current year.
  • The player gets to meet their future self, which is kind of mind-blowing if you think about it. What would you do if you met your future self?
  • It’s also the first Poptropica Island to feature sound. I just think that’s kinda cool.
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