[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Staff Weapons Revealed

[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Staff Weapons Revealed
Staffs are great for those well versed in Sorcery

One of the most fun weapons to use are the staffs in Elden Ring. Staffs or Staves allow you to cast INT spells. Each of them grants various different buffs to different types of Sorceries, making it quite a varied list. Elden Ring has an abundance of wonderful weapons, and Staffs are no exception to that rule. While they don’t pose any physical threat (they do have funny Ashes of War sometimes), they are quite necessary for anyone playing a Sorcerer.

The following are the 10 best Staff weapons in this game. Some of these are pretty hard to acquire so make sure to check the location guide to find them. They also have an absurd amount of stats to go through but don’t worry we’re here to make your life easier. Enjoy the following list.


10. Demi-Human Queen’s Staff

An early and interesting staff

The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff seems relatively normal and that’s because it is. Compared to most of the staffs in this list, there’s no real redeemable unique aspect of this staff. And that’s where most people tend to make their first mistake. This is THE best Staff for early casters. Suppose you’re someone who doesn’t want to invest that much into INT, say you want to be from 10-40, then this is the staff for you. At later levels, other Staffs easily outscale it.

But at lower INT score, this is easily better than other Staffs. But why would anyone want to keep their INT stat low on purpose? It depends on you, but the most common reasons are if you’re not a pure INT build then you might consider spreading out (for example, an INT/FTH build or an INT/DEX build).

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff Stats:

  • STR - 6 (D)
  • INT - 10 (C)

What Demi-Human Queen’s Staff excels in: 

  • Works with any build
  • Excellent low scaling
  • Can be found very early game

How to get Demi-Human Queen’s Staff:


9. Prince of Death’s Staff

One of the most deadly, yet wonderful areas in the game

Prince of Death’s Staff is a very cool-looking staff, found in one of the coolest areas in the game, housing one of my favorite bosses. This staff is one of the best staff weapons in Elden Ring. It boosts the very niche Death Sorceries and scales off of FTH as well making it perfect for anyone hoping to go into INT/FTH builds.

This staff has a really combo that almost no one will ever get to experience because it’s an extremely min-maxed NG+ build. Basically, with the proper talismans and having both INT and FTH at 99 (highest score), this staff has the potential to become THE best Staff in the game, even outscaling Lusat’s Staff without the drawbacks.

Prince of Death’s Staff Stats:

  • STR - 6 (E)
  • INT - 18 (D)
  • FTH - 18 (D)

What Prince of Death’s Staff excels in: 

  • Strong end-game potential
  • Can be infused with Ashes of War
  • Boosts Death Sorceries

How to get Prince of Death’s Staff:


8. Staff of Loss

Great for Invisibility builds 

Invisibility Sorceries are one of the most niche Sorceries in the game but are they very powerful. See, some bosses in Elden Ring can track your projectiles which is bad because that means that they’ll dodge your normal spells casually. Bosses like Malenia and Godskin Apostle, two of the hardest bosses in the game, exploit this all the time. 

To challenge that problem, there’s a thing called Invisibility Sorceries. These Sorceries are very few but they are perfect as the enemies can’t scan your hit and dodge beforehand. With this weapon, you boost the damage dealt by those sorceries. Going into high scaling with those spells means you have the potential for very high damage if you scale it right.

Staff of Loss Stats:

  • STR - 6 (E)
  • DEX - 12 (E)
  • INT - 14 (C)

What Staff of Loss excels in: 

  • Boosts invisibility sorceries
  • Is very strong when held in both hands with high stats
  • Really good end-game weapon

How to get Staff of Loss:


7. Gelmir Glintstone Staff

To maximize fire sorcery

Gelmir Glinstone Staff is one of the unique INT/FTH staffs in the game. They are great for anyone in NG+ further who can invest in both of these stats casually to hurl magical tidal waves after their foes. The Gelmir Glintstone Staff also boosts Magma Sorceries which are some of my favorite spells to use. They are so funny and hit for a lot.

There’s a lot of potential for hybrid builds with this weapon that I would like to emphasize. Rather than switching between Prince of Death’s Staff, using both of these weapons together is the real power move. Allowing you to dish out a lot of damage with a wide variety of interesting spells that both scale off of INT and FTH.

Gelmir Glinstone Staff Stats:

  • STR - 6 (E)
  • INT - 14 (D)
  • FTH - 14 (D)

What Gelmir Glinstone Staff excels in: 

  • Boosts Magma Sorcery
  • Has one of the highest scalings for INT/FTH Staffs 
  • Perfect for anyone with 99 in both stats

How to get Gelmir Glinstone Staff:


6. Azur’s Glintstone Staff

High-risk, high-reward

Azur’s Glintstone Staff is one of the two Staffs that belonged to the legendary Sorcerers in Elden Ring. The other is Lusat’s Glintstone Staff which is further down the list. Azur’s Glintstone Staff is perfect for anyone who wants to cast their spells faster, but the downside is more FP consumption. 

This is a tricky one because there’s a bit of risk and a bit of reward at the same time. In PvP this is devastating as being able to hit earlier is often a very huge advantage, while in PvE it can also be really good because it lets you be agile, swarming your enemies with spells. Despite being Azur’s staff, I really do not recommend using it in conjunction with Azur Comet. The higher FP drain would absolutely demolish you unless you’re using that one Cracked Tear.

Azur’s Glintstone Staff Stats:

  • STR - 10 (D)
  • INT - 52 (B)

What Azur’s Glintstone Staff excels in: 

  • Has one of the highest INT scalings
  • More FP for faster spell casting
  • Faster than Radagon’s Icon

How to get Azur’s Glintstone Staff: 


5. Carian Glintblade Staff

One of the best staffs is the earliest one

Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity and that is what this weapon delivers. It’s an excellent early-game weapon that you can obtain from Liurnia that boosts Glintblade Sorceries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t boost related Carian spells which are instead boosted by the Carian Glintstone Staff.

The spells that this staff boosts are great for defensive capabilities. When you’re fighting against a melee character you almost always want them to be there to help you, especially if the enemy comes closer. This staff helps boost them making you a far more formidable enemy to fight.

Carian Glintblade Staff Stats:

  • STR - 6 (E)
  • INT - 22 (C)
  • DEX - 12 (E)

What Carian Glintblade Staff excels in: 

  • Boosts Glintblade Sorceries by 15%
  • Early weapon
  • Perfect for a lot of builds

How to get Carian Glintblade Staff: 


4. Academy Glintstone Staff

Rip a true homie

Academy Glintstone Staff doesn’t seem like anything special at first, and you’d be correct. There’s no special Sorcery that it boosts, nor is it the best Staff for most occasions. But there is a weird middle ground where when your INT is from 40-70 you should be using this Staff. At that point, it’s somehow the highest-damaging Staff in the game.

I know it’s weird, but that’s what the maths and scaling shows. But it gets better, this Staff has the potential to be among the top-tier Staffs but it requires a little bit of thinking on your part. With the proper build and investment, the Academy Glintstone Staff remains one of the best staff weapons in Elden Ring.

Academy Glintstone Staff Stats:

  • STR - 6 (E)
  • INT - 28 (B)

What Academy Glintstone Staff excels in: 

  • Easy and fast
  • Great at mid-game
  • Honoring an amazing NPC

How to get Academy Glintstone Staff:


3. Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

One of the coolest staffs in the game

Have you ever seen those one-shot builds using Comet Azur to melt the enemy? This is the staff they use. Lusat’s Glintstone Staff is the most iconic min-maxing Staff out there. It has a massive increase to all Sorceries, while at the same time taking maximum FP away from you. This means while your spells will definitely be hard-hitting, they’ll have this drawback to them that you’ll have to be careful about.

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff is perhaps my second favorite Staff in the game. It’s just too good to pass up, and something that everyone should claim at least once. It has a huge drawback but the boost to damage isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff Stats:

  • STR - 10 (D)
  • INT - 52 (B)

What Lusat’s Glintstone Staff excels in: 

  • One of the consistently strongest staffs in the game
  • Immensely huge damage boost
  • One of the coolest staffs in the game

How to get Lusat’s Glintstone Staff:


2. Meteorite Staff

Boosts gravity spells 

Meteorite Staff is amazing. It’s a Staff you can get within the first 10 minutes of the game and you absolutely should. And that’s because you can’t upgrade this weapon. Meaning from the start till the end, you have the maximum benefit possible from this Staff. This is AMAZING for the early-mid game (after which later Staffs end up outscaling it), making it an absolute menace to anything out there.

It also boosts Gravity Spells which are some of the best spells in the game. The classic Rock Sling was so broken they had to nerf it multiple times, and it still remains one of the best spells in the game. Boost it with something to make you able to cast spells faster and you’re a beast to go through.

Meteorite Staff Stats:

  • STR - 34 (D)
  • DEX - 12 (D)
  • INT - 20 (E)

What Meteorite Staff excels in: 

  • Boost to Gravity Spells
  • Can’t be upgraded meaning it’s always at full performance
  • Perfect for early to mid-game

How to get Meteorite Staff:


1. Carian Regal Scepter

The final goal of any INT build

Carian Regal Scepter is the best staff in Elden Ring without a doubt. It’s a monumental challenge to get to, and even harder to properly utilize as you need 60 INT just to be able to use it. You also get a buff to Moon Sorceries which are the hardest spells to use. But all of it is worth it because once you get access to it, you are unstoppable. After Lusat’s Glinstone Staff, it has the highest damaging spells but it lacks weakness, unlike that staff.

The Moon spells are some of the most powerful spells in the game. Using this Staff in conjunction with the Snow set and Ranni’s Dark Moon and you’re an unstoppable beast. In my INT playthrough, I used this Staff alongside the Dark Moon Greatsword and enjoyed destroying everything in my path.

Carian Regal Scepter Stats:

  • STR - 8 (E)
  • DEX - 10 (E)
  • INT - 60 (B)

What Carian Regal Scepter excels in: 

  • Boosts Moon Sorceries
  • THE highest scaling in the game
  • The best staff by a mile

How to get Carian Regal Scepter: 


And these are the 10 best Staff weapons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide helps you figure out which one you want to go for. Ultimately, Elden Ring has an immense amount of weapons. Find one that works best for you and lets you have fun!

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