[Top 10] Sailor Moon Best Moments

Sailor Moon Best Moments
A meeting long forgotten

Hello, my fellow moonies, I am back again with another count down to the Top Best moments of Sailor Moon. Whether these scenes are a little dark or just outright out of place, we will come to understand how they made it to the spot they did. When you run out of cookies, you may have a back-up stash of cookies, but when you run out of episodes in a season, well, that is it. What makes this almost ideal is that our writers and artists have found ways to provide more information, or they are a distraction for us till we can get back to the main story.

When these moments are created, they are connected to the story in very few ways; it leaves room for so much more imagination and pure distraction. Using the manga version as our template because I want to stay as accurate to the story as possible and indulge in the parts we have come to know as Sailor Moon(There are some off the wall moments ). When it comes to different arcs or even the translation to another language, there have always been changes.  

10. Mamoru meeting Fiore

 If you watch enough anime, then you will understand the purpose of "filler." Now, if you're someone like me who loves a good story and getting down and dirty into a character's psyche and background, devoting three or even as many as ten or more episodes to a role. When an event or maybe even something completely unrelated occurs, it can be quite enjoyable. Unless you are like most people who hit the action button during a video game short, these portions of a series can be confusing, enriching, or just dull are used by writers to keep writing while entertaining the audience. That is what's so great about Fiore meeting Mamoru, even if you didn't know about the alien race in the first arc, you get a peek of their likeness from Fiore. A sense of what creatures they are, the Xenian blossom using Fiore as her host showing the secure connection with plants this race seems to have, maybe. 

What makes Mamoru meeting Fiore a top moment

  • We get to see Usagi give Mamoru a rose which was given to Fiore as a token of their friendship before Fiore left. 

  • Since Fiore only shares a few qualities with our previous characters, Ali and An, he is an excellent addition to the filler episode, especially if you didn't know that.

  • Filler or not, it did give us more context for our characters Usagi and Mamoru, even if our other characters were not that present, we still got full-on some power worth teamwork.

9. Sailor Venus: Minako's Tragic Love.

These three episodes I found were events that were unaired for a few reasons, and they weren't filler episodes. Before Sailor Venus, became part of a team, she was Sailor V complete with her own action figure, only this was all so she could be a team member and find the Princess or be the Princess. During this time she befriends a cop who knows her identity, she then introduces this lady to her older boy crush, and when things get cooking during a mission, her friend uses that moment to move in. The friend returns to find Sailor V unharmed, and she may be working for the wrong side. This love triangle, older guys, and hand grenades just may have been too touchy of a subject to have.

What makes Minako's tragic love a top moment

  • Even though the 90s are after the 80s, which was still pushing free love, Sailor Moon pushed the envelope, with Minako being a younger girl fighting crime by herself, falling for older men, she was just like a regular comic book hero just trying to live. Her maturity to be a leader and also a teenage girl just looking for love.

  • We may miss some vital information about Sailor Venus's character because she was involved in things; not young teenage girls would be doing, again we bypass her maturity level.

  • It is a double edge sword when you want real-life emotion and events in a show when not everyone may be on the same page.

8. Act 39 Dream 1 – Eclipse Dream

In this scene, we meet a trio of characters called the Amazon Trio, sent by the Amazoness Quartet to destroy the Sailor Guardians. The Quartet used animals as their concubines, and in this case, a fish Summed by PallaPalla, the fish sits and waits for our girl Ami because, of course, he looks like a fish from an old memory. While vulnerable and missing her dad, he turns into a human trying to convince her to be with him, and that he will make her happy always,  But our girl is smarter than that.

What makes Act 39 Dream 1 a top moment

  • What I have always liked about anime stories is that they seemed so accepting of gender bender roles, Fisheye was rewritten as a woman when created for the anime. in Reality, she was a man who liked dressing in women's clothing.`

  • We get to witness Ami take down an opponent by herself, mostly. But it does show that Ami is more than just brains, and it happens more than once.

7. Meeting the Starlights

Entering our fifth season or fifth arc to the story, we meet the Sailor Starlights, women disguised as male pop-stars, the Three Lights. They traveled to earth in search of their Princess Kakyuu when their planet was destroyed by an evil Sailor Galaxia.  What is disheartening is not only is this the final arc,  we meet new characters we haven't thoroughly met.  Also, most of these episodes were changed drastically or entirely cut out, so you didn't get the full end of the series if you watched the English translation. All around, it was hacked up, or too short and too many questions.

What makes meeting the Starlights a top moment

  • In the manga, they were women disguised as male pop-stars to be less conspicuous, but in the anime, their season was chopped and screwed. They became physical men during the day and turned into women to fight crime (ouch). 

  • In the musical, they elaborated on the relationship between Usagi and Saiya, who had fallen for Usagi. Chibi- Chibi carried the Princess inside the incense burner she had.

6. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers death

If you made it to the end of the first arc, you might have realized some weird things happening in the scenes. Maybe characters saying questionable things that sound like they are gone forever? Or perhaps they just disappear altogether. As a child, you probably didn't catch it, but if you watch it now, you will notice that the Sailor Soldiers die, more than once actually. Considering this was a series geared towards young girls, sacrificing themselves for young love or even their friends must've still been a very touchy subject. It's more like a Batman count out; they are out so much to the point you question they are alive.  This made it higher on the list coupled with emotional tragedy and learning they have died multiple times, this moment they recount things they had not done yet as young teenage girls, something we may take for granted now. That alone is enough for a character progression.

What makes the Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi death important

  • In the anime, the characters appear to disappear on the screen, but speak to Usagi and give her uplifting hope and encouragement, that she carries with her time and time again.

  • After this second reincarnation (Queen Serenity sent them to Earth when Queen Beryl destroyed the moon kingdom), Usagi was the only one who retained her memories.

  • Originally this was the ending, but since it was loved so much, that is when we got filler movies and episodes to keep the story going for the next seasons.

5. Mamoru being captured by Queen Nehelenia

To keep this story all about the girl power, Mamoru Chiba had to take one for the team and be our damsel in distress. During the Dark kingdom arc or the first arc, Mamoru is kidnapped by Queen Nellenia, who is essentially the dark opposite of  Queen Serenity; different times and such but still a princess of the moon. At one point she was sealed inside a mirror for a very long time, she cast a spell on the moon kingdom and later broke out of the mirror. She set her eyes on Mamoru after a slow brainwashing(nothing our stud can't handle) before Sailor moon, and the Sailor Soldiers could defeat her and save Mamoru.

What makes Mamoru being captured a top moment

  • He is very supportive of his girlfriend/future wife when it came to saving the world and standing by her side. He shows no hard feelings about being saved by his lady.

  • It showed that not only men could be the hero, but a woman also could. Even if that woman has a supersonic cry amplified by her dumpling bun jewelry, even a cry baby can.

4.Meeting Sailor Pluto

Meeting Sailor Pluto in the Second and Third arc of the story is a severe pivotal moment. When we first meet Sailor Pluto, she is watching the door to Space-Time; ever since she was a child, that has been her duty as an outer rim Sailor Soldier. During this time, the Princess and Prince of the 30th century are/was in a fierce battle that has rendered them almost entirely helpless; they are like knocked out but in a crystal sleeping chamber together? Convenient. Having Sailor Chibi Chibi go back into time to save her time would have been perfect, if Sailor Pluto hadn't given her life to save Sailor Chibi Chibi. Sailor Pluto;  according to the writer, it was challenging to make a "darker-skinned" person in the manga due to pictures lighting issues, she was reimaged in the same skin tone as the other girls.

What makes Meeting Sailor pluto a top moment 

  • What makes a moment like this so exciting is because, like having same-sex couples, it was just way ahead of its time, women superheroes, dark-skinned characters, and problems with girls being tom-boys,  90s problems.

  • It is one of those characteristics that you wouldn't think is very important, but again it is those small details that really make a character who they are.

3.. The cockroach scene

What I love most about this scene is you almost have the whole gang out and about doing something other than fighting crime. Japenese anime tend to have what is called "slice of life," anime it is a type of storyline genre the story follows. Mostly these girls lived in a magical world with no ties to even do homework, according to Usagi. In this scene, you see the Sailor Guardians of the inner circle trying to cook for the Sailor Starfighters when a cockroach appears. What makes this scene so funny is the fact that Sailor Chibi Chibi is in the other room the whole time more interested in the TV.  She isn't afraid of cockroaches.

What makes the Cockroach scene a top moment 

  • It gives off the slice of life routine, and for a moment we remember these girls are in high school and have died multiple times already, they just want to have fun.

  • If you get to watch this far into the series, then you also get a little more background on the Sailor Starfighters since they were short-lived and semi-important characters by the time we get to meet them.

2. Usagi's Sacrifice

We are going to use the same moment but now from Usagi's perspective. There is still another time when Usagi lays her life on the line to save others, but this will the "first time" she gets to do that. The first time she will defend her friends completely and show them she won't let them die in vain. While the girls have "sacrificed" themselves to fend off the other enemies, Usagi was able to defeat Queen e end because they did. With her final blow, Usagi also wished for things to return to normal, which resets our chapter for the upcoming arc.

What makes Usagi's sacrifice a top moment 

  • You get to see the kinship between Rei and Usagi; even if they fight and bicker, it is all good love.

  • Usagi actually brings everyone back to life with her final wish reincarnating everyone back on earth, a total tear-jerker.

1.The first arc, team sacrifice

The purpose of the Sailor Soldiers is to protect the Queen and the Kingdom in the manga Usagi was not to be a Scout, but you know how that is, t; WonderWoman. In this scene, we get to see the girls really drive home: they are the protects of their Princess and remember their duty, but also, we get to see high school girls lay down their lives for a friend. In the ending of the first arc, Queen Beryl uses Prince Endymion's reincarnated foot-soldiers to lure the Sailor Soldiers to them. The Soldiers chase them to the Moon Kingdom, where they discover the previous war had destroyed their home. I placed the girls at the top because how can you have such amazing friends that when you couldn't save the world, you can wake them up to help with no fuss. Even as young as they were, they understood their duty to their Princess, and even in death, they still told her to keep fighting. 

What makes the team's sacrifice a top moment 

  • The girls, of course, have a new found love of love when you don't get to kiss the boy you wanted to or do the things you wanted to do before you pass on.

  • They show no matter how annoying or childish your friend may be, the bonds will be everlasting. This stand-down was all about girl power and self-resilience; they never give up.


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