Top 15 Superheroes And How They Look In Comics vs The Movies

The Evolution of Wolverine

Superhero costumes are always evolving, whether it’s through new versions of their comics, or in movies. Join me for a look at some of our favourite superheroes’ costumes, and how the comic version compares to the film. Where possible, I’ve tried to get the earliest version of the costume I could find, to really drive home how far the costumes have come from their first appearances.

1. Batman

The caped crusader in all his vintage glory

The newest version of Batman – Batffleck

Batman’s costume has certainly come a long way! He was once quite dorky-looking, and followed the unfortunate trend of wearing underwear outside his tights. Now, his bat suit is full of gadgets and technical advancements, and is a much more menacing black and grey. Batman is definitely a lot more intimidating now!

2. Superman

A bonus Batman for you guys, as he fights Superman

I’m sensing a theme here, with the dark and broody looks

Superman, like Batman, has learned to wear his underwear underneath his suit. Apart from that, there isn’t as drastic a change in Superman’s costume between then and now. The colours are darker, and his suit is a lot fancier, but he still has the iconic red cape and ‘S’ on his chest that are his trademarks.

3. Wonder Woman

What a transformation!

Wonder Woman shows the men how it’s done

The new costume represents the fierce warrior that Wonder Woman is. She has kept her iconic colours, but has added a bit more coverage to the bottom half of her outfit. She still has her famous accessories, like her bullet-deflecting arm bands, and is still easily recognisable as Wonder Woman.

4. Deadpool

Call me maybe

I couldn’t resist using this picture

Deadpool’s costume hasn’t changed much between the original version and the version seen in the movie. It’s still red and black, super functional, and screams Deadpool. A few extra holsters as accessories, and he’s ready for a night in town. Or to kill people, either way.

5. Wolverine

It’s easy to forget that Wolverine once looked this colourful

You’re welcome, ladies

Wolverine ditched the yellow and blue suit for all the films he appeared in, but when you have those claws and that hair, people still know who you are. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is as muscle-bound as his comic counterpart, thanks to some amazing dedication on Hugh’s part. Wolverine’s look now definitely portrays him as the intimidating and strong hero we all know.

6. Iron Man

Iron Man vs Iron Man? I’d love to see that match

Iron Man as he appears in the MCU

The original Iron Man’s costume looked so big and bulky! And had less features than the sleek, streamlined suit we know today. I definitely prefer Iron Man’s look now; he looks a lot more intimidating.

7. Hulk

Hulk’s first appearance

Hulk smells something delicious

As with pretty much all the entries on this list, the newer version of the costume is better. He’s not wearing purple cut-offs anymore, for one. That’s about all the costume Hulk wears, so there’s not much to compare.

8. Spider-Man

Some vintage Spider-Man for you to enjoy

Spider-Man in his latest outing: “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Spider-Man’s costume is similar to his early comic one, although luckily he’s lost the webbed underarms. Not a good look. The movie Spidey suit also includes his web-shooters on his wrist, which is a cool feature. The main thing that differs between the suits is all the awesome new technology, courtesy of Tony Stark.

9. Aquaman

Aquaman looks like he’s dancing, and I love it so much

Aquaman is now large and in charge

Aquaman is another hero whose new costume makes him look a lot less wimpy than his original comic outfit. The new suit is more like armour, and has darker colours, like most superheroes’ costumes these days. However, it’s exactly how a superhero costume should look; strong and intimidating.

10. Captain America

I love his little wings. So cute

Cap in Civil War, with his buddy Bucky Barnes

Again with the darker colours! The movie version stays pretty true to the comic outfit otherwise, with some minor adjustments. It definitely looks cooler in the movies than in the comics; a lot less cheesy. I wish he’d kept the long red gloves though, to make his look a little more fabulous.

11. The Flash

I can’t even deal with this. He looks so silly

There, that’s better

More muted colours! The Flash’s new costume has armour, so it’s a lot more practical than the original comics, where he just wears a long sleeve shirt and pants. No one’s scared of a hero dressed normally; I’d be much more intimidated by The Flash’s new costume. I can’t wait to see it in action in the new “Justice League” movie.

12. Thor

I’m digging the boots, Thor

Smashy smashy!

I kind of wish they’d kept Thor’s helmet for the movies, it’s got that retro charm. Otherwise, once again, the costume now is pretty similar to the original, just updated. I do appreciate that they try and keep the essence of the original costume intact; it’s a nice little nod to the history of the character.

13. Ant-Man

I can’t take him seriously with that head-gear

Ant-Man embraces technology in his movie suit

Vintage Ant-Man’s suit pales in comparison to the movie suit, with the latter’s improved technology and better looks. Putting underwear back underneath your costume is always a good move. For “Ant-Man” they also put the darker ‘emo’ filter over the colours, which is pretty much a rule now for when you’re designing a superhero’s costume for a movie.

14. Black Widow

I’d love to see this version of Black Widow on screen

A basic outfit, that gets the job done

I know there’s probably a lot of fanboys out there that wish Black Widow still wore her original costume in the films, but they had to make her outfit a little more practical. Natasha’s sleek suit allows her to move freely, which is what she needs as she pulls off all those awesome moves.

15. Green Lantern

Nice Dracula collar, Green Lantern

Green Lantern’s updated look

It took me awhile to stop giggling at Green Lantern’s old costume. It’s just so amazingly camp; a perfect example of what superheroes’ costumes used to look like. Green Lantern is now clad in a skin-tight green and black suit which is a lot less silly-looking. It’s easier to take him seriously now.

So there you have it! I think you’d agree with me that the movie costumes of our favourite heroes look a lot better than their comic versions, thanks to much better designs. The outfits in the movies are more practical too, to allow the heroes to actually fight crime properly, and look much more bad ass while doing it. But still, I’d kill to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the retro costume from the comics!

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