[Top 5] Marvel's Avengers Best Way To Farm Units

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Let's get those Units.

Need Units for that sweet Shipments skin? Here's how.

5. Vault Missions

Vault Missions video.

With the arrival of Shipments, Units have become a much valuable resource in the game. It allows players to purchase cosmetic items in the store, or be used in Shipments to get random items ranging from cosmetics to XP Boosters.

The biggest thing about Shipments, however, is the monthly Shipment skin. The exclusive Shipment skins that have been released so far have included 2 MCU skins, a legendary skin, and two epic skins. As such, people now have something to look forward to at the end of every month to find out what the next shipment skin will be.

Grinding Units can be a hassle, but people have now started finding ways to farm Units to prepare for the next Shipment skin, including this guide.

The Snowy Tundra Vault is a mission in Marvel’s Avengers that contains lots of chests with Units inside. Simply play through the mission and follow the chest points on the map to claim your Units. You can play through other Vault missions to get the same result, but Snowy Tundra Vault has more chests available.


4. Priority Missions

Priority Missions video.

Priority missions are a great way to farm not only gear, but also Units. While you can get exotics at the end of the missions, you can also get Units from multiple chests in the area. The difference between Units in Priority missions and regular missions is that you earn more in Priority missions.

Priority missions are available weekly, and can be repeatedly be replayed once completed.


3. Hive Missions

Hive Missions video.

Playing through Hive missions is very rewarding, especially the Heroic Gauntlet missions. Not only do you get a lot of great gear, even the occasional exotic here and there, but you can also earn a lot of Units just by going through the floors and opening chests.

I advise doing the Heroic Gauntlet missions, as you can earn an exotic at the end once you complete the mission chain, as well as going through floors with chests in them.


2. OLT Mission

OLT Missions video.

Omega Level Threats are missions in Marvel’s Avengers that offer challenging combat with satisfying rewards. Currently, there is only the Family Reunion mission for Omega Level Threats, but the mission can be run through to get a large number of Units.

Run through the mission as usual and open any chest you see on the way in order to get the Units. However, you will need a squad of 4 to start this mission, so be sure to invite any other friends or players with you to make it easier.


1. Raid

Raid video.

The Discordant Sound raid is Marvel’s Avengers hardest content yet. Of course, with challenging content comes with great rewards. Playing through the raid not only grants you gear and exotics to choose from with each checkpoint, you will also receive Unit as well.

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