[Top 5] Marvel's Avengers Best Way To Get Upgrade Modules

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Time to upgrade those gears, Avenger.

Need to upgrade your gear but you're running low on Upgrade Modules? Don't worry, follow this guide and you'll be stocked up in no time.

5. Chests

Chests video.

In Marvel’s Avengers, gear is important. It’s always a good idea to upgrade your gear to the highest level in order to keep up with other players, as some missions require a specific power level that can only be obtained by upgrading your gears. But how can you upgrade your gear?

Enter Upgrade Modules. This resource is very important once you reach power level 120, as higher-level gear starts becoming harder to obtain, thus forcing you to upgrade your gear.

In order get more Upgrade Modules, you simply have to open chests in every mission you play in. Chests contain gear, Units and other resources like Upgrade Modules. Finding chests aren’t hard, and the rarer the chest, the bigger the rewards.


4. Gear Dismantle

Gear Dismantle video.

When you have an abundance of gear that you don’t need or never plan to use, the best thing to do then is to dismantle the gear in order to get resources, like the Upgrade Modules.

Sure, you can save the gear and hoard it until you forget you have it, but it’s much better to just dismantle it and get it over with. Collect all the gear you don’t need and put them in your inventory vault, then dismantle all of them to make the process quicker.


3. Days of Anger Mission

Days of Anger Mission video.

In the mission Days of Anger, there is a chest in the beginning of the level that contains resources, like the Upgrade Modules. Simply load the mission, open the chest, and return to Quinjet and restart the process. It’s unknown if reloading checkpoint works, but you can try it out yourself and see.

However, this process was used with Double Resource event ongoing, so the process was completed faster. If you are doing the process without the event, it will no doubt take you longer, but the end result is still the same.


2. Shipments

Shipments video.

The Shipment system is one of Marvel’s Avengers greatest additions. Not only does it add a new way to earn cosmetics, but it also allows players to earn resources just by playing the game and earning Units.

Shipments cost 500 Units to open one, and depending on the contents of the Shipment, you will get Upgrade Modules easy. If you have a large abundance of Units available, I recommend you to splurge it all on Shipments so you can get cool new cosmetics and resources to help upgrade your gear.


1. DNA Chests

DNA Chests video.

DNA Chests are considered the best chests in the game, as opening them grants you powerful gear and other items, like Upgrade Modules. However, getting them to open is difficult, as you need DNA Keys, which can only be obtained when defeating Villain Sectors.

However, if you have a large amount of DNA Keys already, then you can open DNA Chests all day. Start any Vault mission and look for the DNA Chests. Follow the video to find all DNA Chests in the Snowy Tundra Vault.

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