Captain America vs. Batman: Here's Who Would Win

Captain America vs. Batman
Watch as The Star Spangled Man with a Plan goes toe-to-toe with Gotham's Dark Knight!

Captain America Powers and Abilities

Captain America throws his shield with deadly precision, even with the battlefield exploding around him.

Captain America Overview

Even as a weakling orphan, Steve Rogers has always stood up for those in need. After going through the US Army’s Super Soldier program,  his leadership on the frontlines turned the tide of the war. He sacrificed himself to prevent the Red Skull from blowing up the East Coast. Frozen in the Arctic Sea, Captain America remained a symbol of hope until he thawed out 70 years later, emerging to continue the fight for good against threats such as Ultron and Thanos.  

Captain America List of Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength, Durability, and Reflexes
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Master Combat Strategist
  • Impact-Absorbing Vibranium Shield
  • An undeterrable will to keep fighting

Batman Powers and Abilities

When the Bat Signal shines, Batman swings through Gotham to strike fear in the hearts of criminals.

Batman Overview

Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered in front of him by a thief when he was a child. He swore vengeance on criminals and trained himself physically and intellectually to fight crime. His global travels included studying martial arts under Ra’s al Ghul. When he returned to Gotham City, he crafted a bat persona to strike fear into criminals as he pursued them through the night with his military-grade gadgets. His vigilante antics have brought him victories against the likes of The Joker, Bane, and even Superman. 

Batman List of Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Peak-Human Strength, Conditioning, and Reflexes
  • Martial Arts Master bolstered by Mech Suit
  • Gadgets and Weapons Belt prepared for any situation
  • Unstoppable Determination

How the Battle Would Go Down

A battle between America’s Golden Boy and the Caped Crusader would bring the most brilliant tactical minds from the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe toe-to-toe. Both combatants have mastered every known form of martial arts, both have incredibly level-headed fighting styles, and both have a strict sense of honor. To emerge victorious, each fighter would have to outsmart and overpower the other. When the dust settles, Batman would be the winner.

Let’s see the battle...

The only thing tougher than Cap's Vibranium shield is his will to keep fighting.

As the fight begins, Captain America and Batman keep their distance. They size each other up. They are familiar with each other’s abilities, but they want to be extra sure that there are no surprises. 

Captain America is the more combative of the two. He strikes first. As he closes the gap, Batman reaches for his utility belt: smoke bombs.

With his enhanced senses, Cap continues his charge only slightly slowed down. Batman uses this time to set more traps. Cap can’t let Batman keep altering the battlefield. He launches his shield at the Dark Knight...

Batman's tool belt is full of gadgets that prepare him for any situation. He uses his batarangs to keep his foes at a distance.

...Batman ducks below the shield and knocks it off its trajectory. It falls to the ground instead of returning to its thrower. Batman flings his batarangs.

Cap dodges them all, proving his excellent agility and reflexes. But that only plays into Batman’s plans. The Dark Knight moves in close and straps a metal bracelet on Cap’s wrist. It costs him a powerful kick to the ribs. Rolling on the ground, Batman activates the bracelet which magnetically holds Cap’s arm to a nearby wall…

...but Captain America uses all his strength to pull free!

Batman throws more batarangs, each one slashing into Cap’s skin. Then he unleashes sleeping gas to dull Cap’s reflexes. He uses more magnetic bracelets to pin Cap to a wall then attacks with punches and kicks aided by his mech suit.

Cap is unable to both protect himself and break free from the magnetic bracelets. With the aid of his additional gadgets to subdue Captain America’s senses and strength, Batman maintains the upper hand. 

And The Winner Is…

Batman surveys his target and the surrounding area before leaping into battle. His preparation and strategy gain him the advantage over nearly any enemy. 

Batman. Although Captain America can pack a heftier punch, Batman would overcome him by preparing for each of the Super Soldier’s weaknesses. The Dark Knight was able to, after all, defeat Superman. As valiant and clever as Captain America is, he would just be overwhelmed by Batman’s gadgets and brilliant mind. 

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