Captain America vs. Hulk: Here's Who Would Win

Captain America vs. Hulk
Get ready to see The Star Spangled Man with a Plan take on The Incredible Hulk!

Captain America Powers and Abilities

Captain America has battled sinister foes such as Hydra since he was injected with the Super Soldier serum during World War II.

Captain America Overview

Underweight Steve Rogers wanted nothing more than to join the US Army during World War II and combat bullies--no matter where they were from. He got his chance when Dr. Erskine noticed his strong will and loyalty, selecting him for his Super Soldier Serum experiment. The Serum succeeded, giving Rogers the physical strength to serve as Captain America on the frontlines. After turning the tide of the war, a sacrificial mission ended with Cap lost and frozen in the Arctic Ocean. He thawed out 70 years later and returned as a symbol of hope, continuing to fight enemies such as the Red Skull and Hydra.

Captain America List of Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability
  • Enhanced Senses and Reflexes
  • Superior Tactical Mind
  • Impact-Absorbing Vibranium Shield
  • The indomitable will to keep fighting 

Hulk Powers and Abilities

Despite his rampaging nature, Hulk often fights for good alongside the Avengers.

Hulk Overview

The mild-mannered physicist Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma radiation when he saved a teenager from his Gamma bomb test. Since the accident, anger and fear cause Banner to transform into Hulk-a towering green monster with immense strength and rage. Banner’s personal life crumbled when he couldn’t control his transformations into the Hulk or his actions as the monster. Since going on the run, Hulk has fought alongside the Avengers and has faced threats as powerful as Thanos. His strength ranges from being able to level an elephant with a punch to being able to shatter planets.

Hulk List of Powers and Abilities

  • Limitless physical strength that grows with rage
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Regeneration
  • Super-Durability--Even against nuclear bombs!
  • Powerful Thunderclap

How the Battle Would Go Down

A battle between Captain America and The Incredible Hulk would have audiences on the edge of their seats as they wait to see if Steve Rogers can survive--and possibly emerge victorious from--one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. Cap has several tricks up his sleeve to use during this daunting encounter. His vast knowledge of martial arts helps him find pressure points that slow Hulk down, while his Vibranium shield can absorb the impact of even the most violent of Hulk’s attacks. 

Unfortunately for Cap, Hulk has answers to all of these tricks. His regeneration quickly heals injuries to pressure points, and the Vibranium shield can only block so many hits before Hulk eventually makes direct contact. For these reasons, Hulk would be the champion.

Let’s see the battle...

Hulk has one solution to his problems: SMASH!

In this battle, Bruce Banner has already transformed into the Hulk and is barrelling towards Captain America. Cap knows that Banner is still inside. He tries and fails to get Hulk to recognize him as an ally. He knows he has to put an end to the monster’s rampage. 

Cap throws his shield at Hulk’s knee, hits a pressure point, then catches his shield. With Hulk slowed slightly, he moves in close. He takes advantage of his small size and agility. He dodges Hulk’s haymakers and sweeps out his legs, dropping Hulk on his back. 

Cap understands the gravity of the situation. The more hits Hulk takes, the angrier and stronger he becomes. He has to end this fight and incapacitate the raging beast quickly. Cap goes for Hulk’s neck, hoping for a knockout. While the first two hits connect, Hulk’s flailing arms hit the shield and fling Cap through the air.

Hulk has his chance to attack again and wastes no time. He charges forward. Cap goes once again to throw his shield into Hulk’s knees, but a rage-fueled thunderclap knocks the shield off course and sends Cap flying. 

Being smaller than his foe has never kept Steve Rogers down, with or without the Super Soldier serum coursing through his veins.

If there’s one thing Captain America is unparalleled at, it’s getting up no matter how outmatched he is. He stands up to fight, fists raised in the air. “I can do this all day,” says Cap... 

...He can’t. Without his shield to absorb the incredible impact of Hulk’s punches, Cap counts on his agility alone. He weaves through several punches and gets a few hits in, but they aren’t nearly strong enough to stop his foe. A knee to the gut from Hulk lays Cap out flat and leaves him at the green monster’s mercy.

And The Winner Is…

If battles last long enough, Hulk's rage will build until he is strong enough to shatter planets.

Hulk. Captain America’s Vibranium shield and strategy could only protect him for so long against a raging monster that could hurl a battleship without breaking a sweat. Cap’s only hope would be to distract Hulk until lots and lots of help arrived, but in a one-on-one fight, Hulk’s incredible strength comes out on top. 

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