Top 10 Hulk Powers and Abilities

Hulk Powers
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The big green goliath is known as one of the most powerful beings that has ever walked in the Marvel universe, both in the comics, and in the cinematic films as well. The Hulk AKA Bruce Banner has been a dangerous threat to the Marvel universe on multiple occasions, was even deemed so dangerous that Iron Man along with the Illuminati (the superhero version. Not the fake-conspiracy version) shipped the big guy into space, only to have him come back and declare war on the whole Marvel universe out of anger. With the list of powers and abilities, I will present to you why this big ball of green energy is the most dangerous creature in the Marvel Universe.

10. Immunity/Durability-  


The Hulk vs US soldiers in Incredible Hulk (2008)

It’s no surprise that the Incredible Hulk is immune to just about any form of earth-based. The Hulk is immune to bullets, grenade explosions, and missile fire. The Hulk can also be exposed to 3,000 degrees of fire without getting burned. The Hulk is basically indestructible. This is demonstrated in the comics anytime the Hulk is fighting the military and the bullets and shells just bounce off him. This can also be seen in the movies with Ang Lee’s Hulk film which primarily pitted the Hulk against the military, and in the Marvel Cinematic films where he is battling aliens and robots with the Avengers. In the films, and in the comics the Hulk has shown to be completely durable; he even survived a fight with the Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit.  

9. Super-Genius Intelligence-   

Cool book reference and all, but if that’s savage Hulk, he might need to start with Dr. Seuess.

Believe or not, the big green goliath known for saying “HULK SMASH!” is also one of the smartest individuals in the Marvel Universe. The Hulk’s other half Doctor David Bruce Banner is a genius in nuclear physics. Bruce Banner’s mind is so brilliant that it can not be measured by any known intelligence test. It’s Bruce Banner’s love for science that led him to the career that ultimately turned him into the Hulk. In the early comics, Bruce Banner has used his intelligence to create a gamma-ray machine, so he could become the Hulk whenever he needed to. In the 2012 Avengers film, Bruce Banner is recruited by S.H.E.L.E.D for his knowledge on physics to study the cosmic cube. Although Banner’s is more often displayed in…well…Banner himself, but in the comics the Hulk has displayed intelligence in the form in of “Professor” Hulk: this is a Hulk that still retains all his strength, but the intelligence and wit of Bruce Banner.  

8. Gamma Radiation Manipulation/Emission-   

This is just how Hulk farts.

Although this power isn’t exactly apparent in the comics, nor not as much in the comics, but it is implied that the Hulk can give off or change gamma energy. This could be used to suck out the gamma rays out of another gamma-powered enemies such as the abomination. In Ang Lee’s Hulk, this is displayed in Hulk’s fight with the absorbing man when he allows the creature to take all his energy; thus, making the absorbing man implode with gamma radiation.

7. Reactive Adaptation-  

Don’t ask me why Hulk is bold in this comic.

Being that the Hulk’s physiology is extremely powerful, it allows his body to adapt to the conditions to any environment. This is shown in the comics anytime the Hulk is underwater as he can change his biological structure to breath in the water. Again, this is mainly shown in Ang Lee Hulk film, the Hulk is shown breathing underwater as he fights the Absorbing Man. 

6. Superhuman speed-

The most epic game of leap-frog ever.

Again, due to his superhuman physical status, the Hulk can run with a great amount of speed. In the comics, the Hulk is often so fast that he can catch missiles and bullet shells at full-speed. In the 2012 Avengers film, the Hulk is shown on a jet and catching a pilot only seconds after they ejected their parashot. The Hulk has also out-ran incredibly fast figures in the Marvel universe such as Captain America, Spider-Man, the Silver Surfer, and even out-swimming Namor.  

5. Regenerative Healing  

Beat that Deadpool!

Much like Wolverine, the Hulk has an incredible and adaptive healing factor. It takes an enormous amount of power to harm the Hulk, but even when the Hulk is injured, he can heal with rapid speed. One time in the comics, Vector of the U-Foes (The evil Fantastic Four basically) burned all of Hulk’s skin only for it to come completely back within a few minutes. In Ang Lee’s Hulk (the one no-one likes) Hulk is often seen throughout the film healing from small cuts and scrapes.  


4. Astral Form Perception-   

Hulk would make a great Ghostbuster…Hulkbuster?...

A very little-known fact about the Hulk, he can also see ghosts! This ability is a part of Hulk’s extrasensory abilities and has often come in handy when meeting up with fellow Defender Dr. Strange. This ability has not been shown in the films yet, but with Dr. Strange and the Hulk being featured in Avengers: Infinity War, their might be a possibility of that abi

3. Limitless stamina 

The Hulk withstands heavy damage from Ironman’s Hulkbuster suit

With his great and massive physical form, the Hulk has an unlimited amount of ability to withstand physical activities for long periods of time. My favorite example of this being displayed in the World War Hulk storyline where the Hulk wipes almost the entirety of the Marvel with ease, and very little restraint. In the movies, it often implied through the Hulk brute strength that he can withstand fighting for extended periods of time.  


2. Superhuman Leaping-

The Hulk can leap to cover great distances

The Hulk is a trademark image that has been associated with the character since his early comics run with Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Hulk posses leg muscles that are so strong that can leap 3 miles in a single pounce. One time in the comics, the Hulk jumped from island to island while crossing the pacific. The Hulk’s leaping ability has been displayed beautifully in Ang Lee’s Hulk film and is often seen as a handy traveling method for the Hulk in the Marvel cinematic films.


1. Superhuman Strength

The Hulk stops a spaceship with one punch

There’s a big reason why the Hulk in the comics often shouts “HULK IS STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!!”…he is. The Incredible Hulk is one of the of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, and in the Marvel cinematic universe. The Hulk’s strength is what the character is widely known for, and it is his main weapons for defense and offense. His strength is the reason why he can jump and leap so high and far, why he can create thunder claps, why he’s bullet proof, and why he’s able to fight Thor, the Thing, the Abomination, Hulkbuster, Spider-man, the Silver Surfer, Thanos, and even Galactus. The Hulk’s strength has allowed him to even go toe to toe with powerful characters in the cinematic universe as well.


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