[Top 12] Best Marvel Snap Cards With Ongoing Effects

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There are a lot of cards in Marvel Snap that have great Ongoing effects. You can build entire decks around Ongoing effects because they’re such a good archetype.

They’re a little less common than On Reveal effects, but adding a few good Ongoing cards to your deck can make a large difference. We’ll go over the best situational cards that can help you get the upper hand on your opponent and great cards that you’ll want to build a deck around.

12.Super Skrull


Super Skrull is a pool 5 card that can become a very big problem for your opponent if they’re relying on Ongoing effects. His effect lets him gain all Ongoing effects that your opponent has on board. He’s a great but situational finisher for games.

While not being useful in every game, his effect can become insane if your opponent is running a few Ongoing cards. If he’s able to copy the effects of cards like Onslaught, Iron Man, Devil Dinosaur and such, he can become a very big threat.



Onslaught has a great ability that makes other Ongoing effects even more potent! His effect doubles all Ongoing effects on his location. This can bring you a lot of power to multiple locations or get you an insane amount of power on a single location.

He’s a good late-game play on a lane that has Kazar or Blue Marvel or both! He will double their effects which will usually give you a lot of value but he also brings 7 power to the location he’s played at. 



Serra is a great card that lets you finish up games with a little more flexibility. Her effect lowers the cost of all cards in your hand by 1. This doesn’t sound like much since she costs 5 mana, but if you get her out early in the game or you’re running a deck that benefits from playing more cards on the last turn - Serra is a must have.

She’s mostly played in Silver Surfer decks since they like to play more 3-cost cards on turn 6. She lets you play more cards on the last turn when you have the best representation of the final score of the game which is incredibly useful.



Kazar is another card that you can use on early Collection Levels that scales very well into higher ranks. His effect will give +1 power to all 1-cost cards that you have on your field.

You usually build decks around Kazar, since it’s pointless to run him unless you have a lot of 1-cost cards. He combos very well with cards like Patriot and Ultron. This lets you have a lot of 1-cost cards that will be powered up enough to pose a threat.



Armor is a great card that can prevent your important cards from getting destroyed. Her effect prevents any cards from being destroyed on a single location. This effect can be used both defensively and offensively.

If you’re playing against a destroy deck, Armor is a great way to prevent your opponent from destroying their cards and if you time her right, you can even make your opponent waste a carnage or venom. You can also use her effect to protect your important cards if you think the opponent might play Shang-Chi or Killmonger.



Cerebro is also a card that you build your deck around! Cerebro’s effect will give +2 to your highest powered cards. Cerebro’s usually played with cards that all have the same power to get the most value out of Cerebro’s effect.

Cerebro, which boosts cards with 2 power, is the most consistent and popular deck. It combos well with Mystique and Blue Marvel since then all of your cards will be at 3 power and get +4 Cerbero and Mystique, which can become very overwhelming in some match-ups.



Patriot is a fun card that takes weak cards and turns them into a meta deck. His effect will constantly give +2 power to each of your cards that don’t have effects. He’s not very useful in other decks, but he’s a centerpiece of a very powerful combo deck.

With Patriot you’ll want to be running some cards without effects or cards like Ultron and Doctor Doom that swarm the board with cards that also don’t have effects. It’s a fun playstyle, but it’s quite predictable and your opponent will probably be able to calculate how much power you’re going to have and he can retreat earlier than you’d want him to.

5.Devil Dinosaur


Devil Dinosaur is a great card for beginner decks that can still be extremely strong in higher Collection Levels. His effect gives him +2 power for each card in your hand. Most of the time you’ll have to build a deck around him so that you have enough cards in your hand to get the most of his effect.

His best combo is with Moongirl. If you play her on turn 4, she will duplicate your hand, to give you a lot of cards so Devil Dinosaur becomes a big threat. You can play 2 Devil Dinos after that on turns 5 and 6 and both will have a lot of power.



Cosmo is a great counter for decks that rely heavily on On Reveal effects. Cosmo’s effect will negate all On Reveal effects on the location that he’s played on. He’s a good utility card that can help you pull out of tough situations if you have reveal priority.

A lot of decks can run Cosmo, but he’s most useful in combination with Silver Surfer since his effect will power Cosmo up. You’ll want to play Cosmo by anticipating what your opponent will play. If he plays Wong anywhere, it’s safe to say that Cosmo is a good response that can maybe even completely negate the opponent’s deck.

3.Professor X


Professor X is a great utility card that can easily win you a location if you play it correctly. His effect will prevent cards being added and removed from the location he’s played at.

You can run him in virtually any deck since he’s just there to ensure that you win a location. He works best if you’re also running Daredevil in your deck, since you’ll know if you can play him safely on turn 5 or not. His effect can be very bad for you if you play him without thinking and your opponent plays a card with a lot of power on that location. Daredevil negates that risk.



Zabu is the newest Season Pass card that quickly entered and reshaped the meta. His Ongoing effect that reduces the cost of all 4-cost cards by 2 generates a lot of value and makes some decks very deadly.

Most decks that run Zabu either run him in combination with Discard to make Dracula powerful and ensure that you get to play a large 6-cost card on turn 6 as well. He’s also played with Spider-Man and Absorbing Man to prevent your opponent from playing cards on turn 6, which is another great combo that can’t be possible without Zabu.



Wong has an ongoing effect that boosts the usefulness of On Reveal effects you’re going to play. His effect repeats all On Reveal effects that are played on his location. Wong has a place in many strong decks and he greatly increases the value you can bring to the board if he’s played.

Wong combos best with cards like Black Panther and Anim Zola, Hazmat and Odin and more! He’s very versatile and useful and if you can bring him out early enough, he’ll probably win you the game unless the opponent has Cosmo.

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