[Top 5] Marvel's Avengers Best XP Farm Methods

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Squad up and farm for some XP.

Need more help to level up your character? Here's a few more tips.

1. Champion XP Farm

Champion XP Farm video.

Grinding for Champion XP is one of the most boring and repetitive things to do in Marvel’s Avengers. Unlike the normal XP, Champion XP is used to upgrade selected stats that the player wants to increase, and it can only be increased after reaching level 50 on a hero.

However, Champion XP takes so long to level up, it completely destroys a player’s motivation. Luckily, some have found an easier way to level up Champion XP.

In the mission, Up From the Depth, there is an Adaptoid in the beginning of the level that drops an insane amount of XP than normal Adaptoids. As such, it has become a gold mine for Champion XP. Use whatever XP booster you have to do this and within one hour, you will have gained 180,000 Champion XP or more, depending on how fast you beat him.


2. XP Boosters

XP Boosters video.

XP Boosters are normal in today’s age of gaming. However, Marvel’s Avengers XP Boosters are easily acquirable compared to other games. XP Boosters are offered every week in the marketplace and can be claimed free of charge. Not only that, but XP Boosters are available in Shipments, and can range from 3 days to 2 hours depending on what you get.

XP Boosters are helpful when you plan on maxing out all of your characters, so it’s best to take advantage of it.


3. Thor Level Up

Thor Level Up video.

This is for all the Thor mains. If you’re thinking of leveling up your Thor to max level, use this method to do it quick.

In the final battle against MODOK, there is a segment where Thor needs to charge up his Bifrost Heroic in order to bypass MODOK’s shield. Instead of doing that, pay attention to the enemies around you. They spawn in after each wave is defeated. There is a glitch in the game where enemies that are in the middle of spawning in can die in one hit, no matter what health they have.

Taking advantage of this, use your Support and Assault Heroic to inflict lightning damage just as enemies spawn in, allowing you to kill them in one hit. To make it faster, I advise using an XP Booster.


2. Heart of the Monster

Heart of the Monster video.

There is a mission called Heart of the Monster that spawns you near high XP enemies. This mission is only acquirable by progressing Hulk’s Iconic Missions chain. Once you unlock the mission, start the mission and select any character you want to level up.

When the mission starts, you’ll find two Quad Mechs near the police station. Quad Mechs drop a lot of XP, so defeating two will grant you a huge amount. Once you defeat the two Quad Mechs, simply reload checkpoint and fly to where they are and kill them again.

To fasten the process, use an XP Booster, since most of them are free and easily earnable in Shipments with Units.


1. Spider-Man XP Farm

Spider-Man XP farm video.

For PlayStation players only, since Spider-Man is only available on that platform sadly. With the release of Spider-Man, you’ll obviously want to get the web-head to his max level in both gear and XP. Lucky for you, that’s easy to do.

For gear, you can do that by running Vault missions, which drops a lot of high-quality gear. It’s also a good place to farm XP, but that’s not the main XP farm for Spidey.

For XP, simply play Up From the Depths with XP Boosters on and defeat the first Adaptoid you see. It drops a lot of XP, and with the XP Booster, it’ll drop even more.

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