Captain America vs. US Agent: Here's Who Would Win

Captain America vs. US Agent
See The First Avenger battle Super Patriot!

Captain America Powers and Abilities

Captain America proves himself worthy of wielding Mjolnir against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

Captain America Overview

Steve Rogers grew up as an orphan and the constant punching bag for bullies. He wanted nothing more than to join the US Army during World War II and stand up for the little guy across the globe. During training, he proved his heroic nature by jumping on a grenade that ended up being a dud, and he was selected for Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier project. With enhanced strength, reflexes, and a heart of gold, Steve transformed the role of Captain America from stage monkey to a leader on the frontlines. After thawing out from a sacrificial mission that left him frozen in the Arctic for 70 years, Captain America inspired a new generation and even proved himself worthy of wielding the legendary Mjolnir against Thanos.

Captain America List of Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength (Can lift over 2 tons!)
  • Enhanced Durability, Reflexes, Agility, and Stamina
  • Unmatched Tactical Mind
  • Nearly Indestructible Vibranium Shield
  • An Unwavering belief in what he fights for

US Agent Powers and Abilities

US Agent bursts through an exploding car and continues his fight.

US Agent Overview

When John Walker’s military career didn’t live up to the heroism of his older brother’s during the Vietnam War, he sought out the Power Broker to join the ranks of Super Soldiers. With his new enhanced abilities, he wanted to gain the glory of Captain America. He went lengthy patriotism tours and eventually got his short run as Captain America, temporarily replacing Steve Rogers. Now, he serves as US Agent, America’s go-to costumed adventurer.

US Agent List of Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength (Can lift over 10 tons!)
  • Enhanced Durability, Reflexes, Agility, and Stamina
  • Nearly Indestructible Vibranium Shield
  • Feverish desire to be America’s #1 Super Soldier
  • Extensive Military Training

How the Battle Would Go Down

On paper, this would be an easy victory for US Agent. John Walker outclasses Steve Rogers in strength, stamina, and durability. Unfortunately for John, he is fighting the man whose shadow has covered most of his career. He gets jealous of the original Cap, and this destabilizes his fighting ability against one of the most consistent and stoic fighters in the Marvel Universe. When the shields and fists stop flying, Captain America would emerge victorious.

Here’s why…

Injured and alone, Steve Rogers will continue the fight for good, no matter what he is up against.

Battles between Captain America and US Agent are bursting with pride. US Agent has something to prove, and Cap is always willing to ‘even the playing field,’ even against foes who are stronger than him. Because of this, US Agent leaves his guns behind, and Cap refrains from borrowing God-like powers from Thor. They are both relying on their fists, shields, and egos.

US Agent starts this fight with a chip on his shoulder. He comes in swinging, and both fighters know that a full-force hit from US Agent could incapacitate Cap. Cap plays it defensively, using his Vibranium shield to absorb the impact of his foe’s blows and his arms to parry his punches. 

US Agent fails to put his rival down quickly despite his superior physical enhancements. His jealousy gets the best of him. He can’t understand why he is unable to defeat someone weaker than him. The Power Broker’s experiment not only increased his strength and reflexes, but also his impatience and imposter syndrome. 

Cap takes advantage of US Agent’s careless haymakers and gets several jabs in. This frustrates US Agent more. When US Agent retaliates, Cap ducks, weaves, and creates distance between the fighters. Before US Agent can close the distance, Cap ricochets his shield off his chest. The damage is insignificant, but it slows his charge to give him time to strategize.

With every strike that doesn’t land, US Agent overcompensates more. Still, he is an experienced combatant and connects several times. The hits are weakened by Cap’s deflections. 

US Agent gets more aggressive. Captain America doubles down on maintaining his composure. Infuriated, US Agent lets loose with a series of blows that knocks Steve to the ground... 

In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, John Walker loses his temporary status as Captain America after murdering a surrendered enemy.

...but Cap gets back up.

John Walker sees the man he wishes he could be refuse to give up. This drives him over the edge. He starts another charge, leading with flinging his shield at his rival.

Cap counters with a shield throw of his own, knocking both Vibranium discs out of reach. He braces himself.

US Agent strikes with an overextended right hook. Cap dodges. Cap knows his only chance to end the fight is to go for the head. He counters with an uppercut then a jab.

US Agent shouts about how he is the superior representation of America. Cap stays focused. He parries two more punches then ends the fight with a knee to his foe’s gut, an elbow to the back of the head, and a punch driving his skull into the ground. 

And the Winner Is…

Before fighting Hydra on the frontlines of World War II, Captain America sold war bonds to applauding crowds.

Captain America. Throughout the incredibly risky battle, it’s Captain America’s composure that wins him the day. He is confident, knows what’s at stake, and fights accordingly. US Agent can’t help but let his worst emotions take over, turning an excellent soldier into a predictable brawler. Steve Roger’s very existence feeds into US Agent’s insecurities, tipping the balance in favor of Captain America.

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