Captain America vs. Wolverine: Here's Who Would Win

Captain America vs. Wolverine
America's Golden Boy goes head-to-head with Canada's Heavyweight!

Captain America Powers and Abilities

Captain America's heroics have made him a symbol of hope for Americans and all citizens of Earth.

Captain America Overview

Facing constant rejection from the US Army, Steve Rogers finally got his chance to prove how a ‘Good Man’ could turn the tide of World War II. Fueled with Dr. Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum, Steve took the mantle of Captain America from the stage to the frontlines. To stop the Red Skull from bombing the Allies’ most populated cities, he crashed the plane into the Arctic Sea, giving up his life as he knew it. Seventy years later, Captain America thawed from the ice as a symbol of hope. He fought once again on the side of good, even facing down Thanos and his entire army-alone.

Captain America List of Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength and Stamina
  • Enhanced Agility and Reflexes
  • Superior Tactical Skills
  • Mastery of Martial Arts
  • Vibranium Shield

Wolverine Powers and Abilities

Wolverine's Adamantium-coated claws make for savage, life-ending attacks.

Wolverine Overview

Wolverine, a.k.a. Logan, has endured battle for his entire, long life. After killing the man that was secretly his father, his mutant powers became savage. He fought in every major conflict since World War I, drawing the attention of Canadian agents. Their ‘Weapon X’ program put his healing factor to the test as they coated his skeleton in indestructible Adamantium. The experiment was so painful that it wiped his memory, but he survived and continues to fight ever-stronger foes and ghosts from his past.

Wolverine List of Powers and Abilities

  • Adamantium-Coated Skeleton
  • Adamantium Claws that extend from knuckles
  • Incredible Healing Factor that heals most wounds in seconds
  • Superhuman Strength, Durability, and Reflexes
  • Mastery of Combat ranging from Brawler to Soldier and Samurai

How the Battle Would Go Down

A battle between two of the Marvel Universe’s most iconic brawlers would be a sight to see. Both Captain America and Wolverine have awesome combative skills and weapons made from nearly indestructible metals. 

In the comics, the two have had several bouts, with nearly all of them getting interrupted before a meaningful conclusion. Despite their similarities, their battle styles couldn’t be more different. Captain America stands for honor, even in the heat of battle, while Wolverine grows more savage with every punch taken or given. In a fight to the bitter end, I would bet on Wolverine.

Here’s what happens…

An excellent tool for defense and offense, Cap throws his Vibranium shield to deal damage while keeping his foes at a distance.

Captain America starts the battle in a stronger position. Wolverine charges rashly into battle, brandishing his claws. Cap takes a measured approach, analyzes his foe’s attack, and blocks the slashes with his shield. He counters with a punch to the face followed by a kick to the gut, knocking Wolverine on his back.

The cut around Wolverine’s eye quickly heals as the mutant rises, visibly angry. After another fury of his slashes gets blocked, Cap bashes his shield into his chest and busts his lip with a strong punch. Wolverine staggers back. His healing factor stops the bleeding, but the pain still pounds in his head. He sees red.

Taking advantage of his foe’s unsteady state, Captain America throws his shield. The first hit connects with Wolverine’s chest, knocks him back, then returns to Cap’s hand. On the second throw, aimed for the head, Wolverine deflects the shield with his sturdy claws.

Against a shield-less--but not defenseless--Captain America, Wolverine lets loose. Cap spends all of his energy parrying Wolverine’s claws with only his fists. One wrong move and it would all end. Wolverine thrusts his knee into Cap’s abdomen then sends him flying backward with a kick.

Wolverine's claws coated in indestructible Adamantium clash with Captain America's shield made from indestructible Vibranium!

Captain America fights off another whirlwind of Adamantium blades. He times his strikes perfectly and catches both of Wolverine’s wrists. Locked face-to-face, Wolverine headbutts Cap to the ground with his Adamantium skull…

...but Cap never stays down for long.

Captain America wipes the blood dripping down his face. He feigns meeting another of Wolverine’s charges head-on. He dodges the potentially dismembering blows and grabs his shield.

Wolverine turns and takes a smack from Cap’s shield, then tries to stabilize for the next attack.

He catches Cap’s shield. Cap tries to tear it free, but Wolverine holds on tight. Once again, they are locked face-to-face. Cap delivers a powerful kick to the mutant’s gut. As Wolverine flies backward, so does the shield…

...with Cap’s severed arm still strapped to it. Without his shield and a missing limb, The First Avenger would soon be finished off, no matter how valiantly he fights to the end.

And The Winner Is…

Battle after blood-soaked battle, Wolverine's savagery wins him the day!

Wolverine. After a brutal battle that tests the limits of each fighter’s skills and strength, Wolverine’s claws provide a quicker way for incapacitating Cap than the shield does for the mutant. Ultimately, Wolverine’s savagery allows him to take a more violent path in a battle between heroes, which is what it would take to break through either fighter’s impressive defenses. 

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