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Wolverine and Sabertooth
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Without a doubt, one of the most popular X-Men around, lovingly and perfectly portrayed by Hugh Jackman for 17 years, Wolverine has been a big screen staple for quite some time. But with Logan comes the end of a cinematic hero, and so let us look back fondly of Wolverine’s top 15 show stealing moments on the big screen.

15. Wolverine Weapon X Scene - X-Men Apocalypse

Love this scene

Although Wolverine’s appearance in the reboot series X-Men Apocalypse does appear ever so slightly tacked on, serving no other function than the deus ex machina towards the end of the story, he gives us a glorious appearance. Confused, half-naked, and extremely angry, Wolverine tears through the soldiers allowing us to bask in all his berserker glory.

14. Logan/Wolverine Cameo – X-Men: First Class

Classic Logan

The first movie to not star the headlining Wolverine, X-Men First Class does the next best thing. As Charles and Eric scour the country for mutants to recruit, the stumble into a smoky bar where they introduce themselves to a familiar character enjoying his favourite tipple. Everyone secretly hoped to see Wolverine in the reboot series, and Jackman doesn’t disappoint as he tells the pair to leave, in his usual short and colourful way.

13. Logan vs X-24 First Fight - Logan

Spoiler alert: Old Logan is not Hugh Jackman

We all thought Pierce was a rather repugnant villain in Logan, until Zander Rice introduced X-24. Not only is X-24 a younger, stronger and crazier clone of Wolverine, but he also kills Charles Xavier. When Logan meets X-24 for the first time, we share in his horror at what X-24 has done, and the realisation that Logan must defeat this dangerous foe.

12. Wolverine Saves Yashida - The Wolverine

Nuke? Nah, im good.

The Wolverine, opens with our hero interred in a Japanese POW camp, just as the atom bomb is dropped by US military forces. Wolverine saves Japanese soldier Yashida (to his detriment later). This scene just once demonstrates not only Logan’s indestructibleness, but also a more humane side to the mutant.

11. Wolverine Catches Stryker – X2

Don't be a bad guy, this won't end up good for you

The detestable villain, William Stryker, portrayed superbly by Brian Cox in X2, became an object of loathing for both Logan and the audience. In his final moments, we see Wolverine catch Stryker and leave him trapped to face his inevitable death. Our hero’s success is marred only slightly by Stryker’s revelation to Wolverine that he is the result of his own choices, but this scene remains nonetheless satisfying.

10. Fighting Through The Wars – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The war never changes

Although one of the least liked movies in Wolverine’s cinematic history, X-Men Origins Wolverine opens with a fantastic historical montage that shows not only Wolverine and Sabretooth’s longevity but also how the dynamic in their relationship alters over time. Couple that with the smooth transition shots and mood setting soundtrack, this is a worthy contender for epic Wolverine moments.

9. Wolverine’s Bone Claws – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bones are more frightening then sharp metallic claws

After Kitty Pryde sends Logan’s consciousness back to the 70’s in X-Men: Days of Future Past, our protagonist wakes up to find himself in bed with a lady. Shortly soon after, a small group of henchmen break in, looking to teach Logan a lesson. As Wolverine gears himself up for the fight, he unleashes his claws, only to realise that he’s in his pre-adamantium skeleton stage. The brief look of surprise on our hero’s face makes this a memorable and amusing moment.

8. Wolverine vs Bear Hunter – The Wolverine

Chuck Norris would be proud

In this clip we see Logan ready to destroy a bear hunter who failed to kill the bear, instead leaving behind a hurt and angry animal, that will readily kill. As Logan’s patience diminishes and anger grows, his deadliness becomes truly frightening in this tense bar scene.

7. Wolverine vs Mystique – X-Men

Love when he cuts her fake flaws

Here we see Wolverine take on the sly and mysterious Mystique in X-Men. Proving herself to be a worthy adversary, Wolverine struggles to keep abreast of the acrobatic foe. What makes this scene so great is that not only do we see Mystique bested, but Wolverine gets to demonstrate just how awesome his sense of smell is.

6. Wolverine vs Yakuza on a Train – The Wolverine

Brutal as usual. Such Wolverine, very Logan

Another awesome scene from a less-than-awesome movie, Wolverine finds himself taking on the Yakuza in the cramped, close quarters of a Japanese bullet train. The fight eventually winds up outside, upon the high-speed train. Battling against the train’s G force, whilst chasing the remaining yakuza, we get to see Wolverine deliver one of his most brutal kills yet.

5. Wolverine’s Berserker Rage - Logan

My hero

In the final send off to the Wolverine, we see Logan’s final Berserker moment as he decimates Zander Rice’s men. After overdosing himself on the temporary ability boosting green serum, Logan gives his last hurrah to protect the children. What makes this such an epic scene is that we know we are seeing Wolverine fight for the last time, making it a stirring and more than worthy goodbye.

4. Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike – X2

Definitely not his final fight

In X2, we see Logan face off against his first foe (in a long line of foes), that has been manipulated to emulate Wolverine’s healing and fighting abilities. Lady Deathstrike is set upon our hero in a battle that reveals her to be a match for the Wolverine. What makes this fight so awesome is that Wolverine must deliver the coup de grace using the one thing that could also kill him.

3. Wolverine Kills Jean Grey – X-Men: The Last Stand

The only one who could at least try to survive against the famous Phoenix

As much as we all hated The Last Stand, the final scene where Wolverine kills Jean Grey’s Phoenix, shows us the vulnerable and human side of the character. Knowing that he is the only one left who can defeat her (and knowing that the Jean Grey he loves is losing to the dark and powerful Phoenix), Wolverine delivers this final act of mercy knowing he is killing a piece of himself, too.

2. Wolverine vs Shingen Yashida – The Wolverine

Samurai againts the Wild Beast

Whilst trying to rid himself of Viper’s robotic parasite, Logan and Yukio are attacked by Ichiro Yashida’s son, Shingen. Dressed in full samurai regalia and wielding two samurai swords, Shingen launches into a brutal attack, delivering killing blow after killing blow. Not only do we see Wolverine’s healing powers return but he takes on an adversary who demonstrates superior sword-wielding skills to Wolverine’s fighting skills. It’s an awesome fight filled with pride and tension on both sides.

1. Wolverine & Sabretooth vs Deadpool - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Where the real Deadpool and his time-travel clock?

Fans of deadpool hated this version of deadpool, but you have to admit wolverine was badass in this fight.

Ok, let’s get it out of the way, this Deadpool sucked (really sucked), we know, but Wolverine is a serious badass in this fight. Perched high atop a cooling tower, Wolverine faces off against Stryker’s latest and deadliest creation. For a moment our hero seems bested until Sabretooth appears, doing justice to the old camaraderie between them. This fight brings the movie full circle as the pair find themselves fighting side by side one again. It’s an awesome battle which puts to bed that version of Deadpool.

In the first X-Men, fanboys were disappointed to not get to see Wolverine have his trademark, comic book Berserker moment. This was duly rectified in X2 when Stryker’s forces infiltrate Xavier’s mansion, bringing out the worst in the irate Wolverine. Not only is this the first time we see Wolverine go berserk but we get to see that protective side of him, as he struggles to save the children.

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