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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


James Howlett (aka Wolverine) was born in Canada in the late 19th century. His first appearance in comics was Incredible Hulk 181, though he only appeared in the last panel. Since then Wolverine has become an X-Man, Alpha Flight member, and permanent addition to the Avengers. Fans across the globe connect with Logan’s no-nonsense attitude and claws, but there is more to Wolverine than meets the eye. Here are Wolverine’s top 10 powers.

10. Samural

Logan has been traveling in search of his purpose for over two hundred years. One of his happiest times occurred in Japan, where Mariko’s father saw in him a great ability. Logan began to train and learn the ways of the Bushido, a Japanese warrior code. His training with the samurai pushed him beyond his roots as a brawler and soldier. He learned to fight for things that he believes in as well as a code to live by.

9. Rage

If you've been to any kids sporting event, you've heard a parent say "get mad at the ball!" Anger can make you focus, give you strength, and get you out of a dangerous situation. Logan's rage is used in extreme instances when his back is against the wall. His anger drives him into a frenzied state that makes him immune to pain and fatigue.

8. Knowledge

One misconception about the Wolverine is that he is a mindless killing beast. An immense part of Logan's story arc centers on his belief that he is an animal. In his long life, Logan has acquired knowledge that most men pursue for a lifetime. His advanced aging has allowed him the ability to travel; he knows more than five languages fluently. It also has given him wisdom that makes him an invaluable teacher at Xavier's school.

7. Friendship

Over his long lifespan, Logan has made many friends and values them dearly. A common thread amongst the Wolverine series of comics is his unabashed devotion to someone who has befriended him. In his debut, he is there in part because he knows the wife of the man who is possessed by the Wendigo. His relationship with Sabretooth is an excellent example of how much he values someone who was once a friend. He refuses to kill the savage Sabretooth, at significant risk to his team.

6. Psychic Resistance

Spending a majority of his time around telepaths has conditioned Logan's mind to keep out low-level psychics and fight mind control. His healing factor and the amount of damage done to his brain make him a hard read for any psychic. When you add to a dominant level of psychic shields put in place by Dr. Xavier, Logan becomes one tough egg to crack.

5. Tracking

When it comes to tracking people, animals, or robots, Wolverine is the best. Growing up in Canada he learned to hunt game from his father. When he left home, he was forced to rely on his tracking ability for food. In the worst parts of Logan’s life, when he has returned to his feral state, he returns to the woods to track and hunt like a beast. This allows him a path to inch toward rejoining the rest of man and mutantkind.

4. Heightened Senses

Going hand in hand with his tracking abilities, Logan can smell, hear, and feel enemies before they can become a threat. Several times during the Chris Claremont X-Men series, Wolverine is called upon to use his nose to sniff out Sentinels or asked to listen for warnings that cannot be psychically detected.

3. Adamantium skeleton

Created by accident in a lab, adamantium is the most durable known metal in the Marvel Universe. Its creator tested the durability of the metal by allowing Iron Man and Thor to assault it with full powers. They didn't make a dent. When warmed to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, adamantium turns to liquid form and can be applied to create any mold or form. The Weapon X program melded adamantium to Logan's skeleton. The metal bonded to his claws and introduced a sickness in his blood. He’s immune to breaking bones, which gives him increased punching and kicking power.

2. Healing Factor

Every power that Logan has stemmed from his healing ability. The mutant power allows him to age at a slower rate and repairs some wounds instantly. Adamantium bonding is a painful process and would not have been possible if not for Logan's healing ability. As a fighter, soldier, and teacher he must be able to defend on a moment’s notice. The factor also keeps him from tiring as quickly as a normal. Meaning, that he can work harder and faster than any man. This is a definite advantage when you consider how much hand to hand combat Logan uses.

1. Claws


SNIKT! Has become a sound that places fear in the hearts of his enemies and joy in the hearts of Wolverines fans. When fans are asked what they love most about Wolvie, it’s hand’s down going to be the claws. Logan wasn’t the first hero or villain to have claws, but he was the first to use them with such ferocity and flair that readers lost their minds. Another of Logan's natural mutant abilities are his claws were first made of bone, before undergoing the dip in adamantium. Razor sharp blades, used by a trainer soldier and samurai are deadly weapons. When you combine them with Wolverine's arsenal of powers, you begin to understand why he is the best there is at what he does. 


Over the years Logan has undergone a series of changes and personal problems. What remains a constant with the brooding hairball is his devotion to his friends. The protection of his mutant family and friends. Zen and wisdom with the problems of everyday life and the ability to go crazy and cut down a hundred Hand ninjas, all before breakfast. The current Old Man Logan phase is coming to an end with the new Search for Weapon X series debuting in May of 2018.

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Awesome! Hugh Jackman's wolverine is awesome, there's no doubt about it, but it's easy to forget how timeless the character really is. Thanks for the reminder :D

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