Top 15 Best Fantasy Comics of All Time

 Best Fantasy Comics
Seven to Eternity is stunning to look at

Fantasy comics can take you to all sorts of enthralling worlds


The medium of comics has seen a huge resurgence in popularity since the runaway success of the Marvel cinematic universe and DC’s recent forays into movies. With so many titles to choose from it’s important to remember that as great as these studios are, there are also some incredibly entertaining stories outside of the superhero genre. This list doesn’t include graphic novel adaptations of fantasy literature or spin-offs of those works.

So settle in as we go through the best fantasy comics and graphic novels on the market at the moment.

15. Sacred Creatures

Sacred Creatures Issue 1 cover

Josh Miller, a college graduate and expectant father, finds himself caught in a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the foundations of humanity when the supernatural forces that maintain balance begin to unravel. Josh soon finds himself in a battle against an enemy as old as time itself.

Volume one introduces us to some intriguing heroes and villains in this title from Image. While it may not do anything groundbreaking, and the art may feel a little lacklustre at times, overall Sacred Creatures is a really interesting read.

14. The Stuff of Legend

The Stuff of Legend Omnibus 1 Cover

Set in Brooklyn, 1944, a band of toys must venture into the Dark Realm to rescue a young boy, their owner, from The Bogeyman. As they journey through The Dark they must fight the forces of The Bogeyman, mostly embittered toys that the boy no longer plays with.

There’s an original and imaginative tale to be told throughout the pages of this one. The characters are interesting and they’re all beautifully illustrated page after page. It took me far too long to begin reading this, don’t make the same mistake!

Optioned for a TV adaptation which sadly doesn’t seem to be coming, enjoy this wonderful story in the medium it was intended.

13. Mouse Guard

Big influences from the Redwall novels in this one

In a Medieval world of sentient animals, a brotherhood of mice called the Mouse Guard have sworn an oath to look after their fellow rodents in their time of need by making way for them in the wilderness and protecting them from predators.

Now I’m a little biased when it comes to this one because I grew up reading the Redwall books and loved every single one of them, and you can easily see that influence here. This is a tale of mice protecting those in need from predators such as weasels and owls and it got me right in the feels, whether it be through nostalgia or just pure enjoyment but it is a highly recommended read.

Fox announced a movie adaptation was in the works but the project was sadly cancelled when they were acquired by Disney.

12. The Rat Queens

Rat Queens Issue 1 Cover

The Rat Queens, a drunken, hilarious, violent group of female adventurers made up of all different species and backgrounds. This comic follows their various misadventures as they deal with monsters galore.

This one is a lot of fun to read. It reminds me of a lot of fantasy literature I would read anyway, but seeing it play out on the page is great. In a mostly male-dominated market, it’s really refreshing to see a group of women who are written as women and not designed as over-sexualised plot points. To see a comic this excellent also using itself as a platform to discuss gender fluidity, coming out and transitioning is also just great to see and a great use of the medium.

11. Isola

Isola Volume Two Cover

In one of the most beautifully illustrated comics I have seen in recent years, a Queen is turned into a tiger by her traitorous brother. In an act of swift vengeance, the Captain of the Guard takes his life, unaware that he is the only one who can reverse the curse. The two women - guard and tiger - must travel halfway across the globe to seek the gates to the underworld in the hope that the Prince's spirit will return his sister to human form.

Ok so this comic isn’t for everyone as it’s more of a thoughtful journey than edge of your seat action-adventure, but just look at that artwork. The characters are also really well rounded out even if the plot is a little slower to feel like it’s progressing at times, but this beautiful, contemplative tale is worth taking a look at.

10. Locke & Key

Now a major Netflix series

Following a home invasion that resulted in the murder of their father, the Locke siblings return to their father’s small-town childhood home, Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. A mysterious key, too many locked doors and a new friend living in an empty well soon leads to the Locke family dealing with all manner of horrors.

From the mind of Joe Hill, this is a compelling tale of family and grief as much as it is magic or good and evil. The artwork is stunning throughout and the story never fails to capture the imagination. The series has won four awards and been nominated for many more, cementing itself as one of the best fantasy series out there.

Its success has led to a Netflix adaptation which, after its positive reception, has also been renewed for a second season.

9. Preacher

Preacher Book One Cover

Jesse Custer is a small town Texas preacher who finds himself inhabited by Genesis, the unnatural love child of angel and demon, making him potentially the most powerful being in the universe. Upon realising the power he has, Jesse sets off on a journey to literally find God accompanied by his ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy, an Irish vampire with a love of hard alcohol. Expect angels, demons, cults, Saints and one of the most insane stories in comics history.

Preacher has one of the most eclectic but instantly recognisable cast of characters in any comics series outside of Marvel and DC. Admittedly the hugely enjoyable TV adaptation helped with that but with iconic characters such as Arseface within its pages, Preacher isn’t a title that readers are going to forget any time soon. 

8. Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is nothing if not fun

Scott Pilgrim is a slacker and part-time musician from Toronto who falls in love with Ramona Flowers, an American delivery girl but to date her he must defeat her seven evil exes.

Scott Pilgrim, while not technically fantasy, definitely has fantasy elements in the way that everyone has what is essentially superpowers! Because it isn’t fantasy as such it hasn’t been rated higher on this list but Scott Pilgrim was a breath of fresh air throughout its publication. Its success led to a movie adaptation, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World which is also a lot of fun and Michael Cera does a great job of portraying Scott on screen.

7. Saga

One of the greatest comic stories ever told - and it's not even finished

A fantasy/sci-fi space opera, Saga is the tale of Alana and Marko who come from different sides of a galactic war. Alana comes from a technologically advanced planet whilst Marko comes from one of its satellites whose inhabitants use magic. The two meet with Marko in prison and they end up on the run from intergalactic authorities in order to raise their daughter Hazel who is born at the beginning of the series.

Often compared to both Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, Saga is one of the most critically acclaimed comic series out there and is the winner of multiple awards. Although the series has been on hiatus for the last three years after reaching its midpoint, its much-anticipated return will be worth the wait.

6. Monstress

As epic as any fantasy novel you could pick up

Set in a matriarchal world inspired by early 20th century Asia, Monstress tells the story of Maika Halfwolf, a girl who shares a mysterious link with a powerful monster. Set against the background of war between the Arcaics and the Cumaea, this ongoing epic fantasy has superb world-building and high fantasy concepts. 

Winner of multiple awards and previously described as being as ambitious as the works of George. R. R. Martin or J. R. R. Tolkien, the story told in this comic is easily something you’d expect to see in a fully-fledged fantasy novel but so much better suited to this visual medium. I cannot wait to see how this story continues to progress.

5. Seven To Eternity

Seven to Eternity Volume One

In a beautifully illustrated fantasy world that has been drained of its spirit by The God of Whispers, a rebellion of magic users must enlist the help of Adam Osidis, a dying knight in order to begin their fight against The God of Whispers.

Another release from Image Comics, this is arguably one of their strongest titles which is saying something when you consider their roster includes Saga and The Walking Dead. The world created for this title is stunning to look at and the characters are well fleshed out. And that’s before we even get onto the plot, which you’ll find yourself invested in without trouble.

4. Kill Six Billion Demons

The internet sensation has come to print

Allison Ruth is a young woman who comes into possession of an extremely powerful magical artefact when her boyfriend is kidnapped. She soon discovers a world of supernatural beings that are ruled by seven powerful entities, which must be defeated all whilst trying to rescue her boyfriend.

Kill Six Billion Demons is BIG. Everything about it feels massive, from the varied and interesting landscapes to the many different characters and species on show, even if we never see them say anything. And the violence is on a massive scale. As the name suggests, this is a violent affair to a hit list along the lines of Kill Bill. 

What started as a webcomic has become a sci-fi/fantasy comic powerhouse. The art and textures get steadily better over time and it is an absolute thrill to read.

3. Coda

D&D meets Mad Max in this beautifully mad title

In a fantasy world that has been devastated by an apocalypse of sorts, magic has been all but ripped from the world. Hum, a bard of few words, needs to find as much magic as he can to return his wife to his side. With nothing but a bad-tempered mutant unicorn for company, he’ll do whatever he must to succeed. 

This is one of the most original takes on fantasy comics on the market right now. Running at just twelve issues, this is a beautifully realised fantasy world that is The Lord of the Rings meets Mad Max with a splash of D&D just for good measure. The story may not be for everyone but it is entertaining and humorous throughout. 

2. The Sandman

This classic title is making its way to Netflix

There’s no way this list would have been complete without Sandman making an appearance. From the mind of Neil Gaiman, The Sandman follows Dream, also known as Morpheus, who is one of the seven Endless. It is a story, in a nutshell, about how Morpheus is captured and learns that some change is inevitable.

As Vertigo’s multi-award winning flagship title, The Sandman has had many different reprints and editions throughout its run. It has gained widespread critical acclaim, creating a pop culture legacy that will live on for generations, with Netflix currently developing a live-action adaptation that is sure to spark interest for new and old fans alike.

1. Fables

This best-seller became an instant classic

Obviously, Fables was going to sit in the number one spot on this list. Following the lives of numerous fairy tale and folklore characters, Fables is about the community these characters have made for themselves in New York after having been displaced when their homeland was conquered by The Adversary.

Fables was a critical and commercial success, having won many Eisner awards and multiple Hugo nominations. The story is interesting and exciting, the art and textures are beautiful and the concept is just so appealing. Seeing the characters we’ve known and loved from childhood thrown into this different and dangerous world is just too much fun to pass up. Many different editions have been printed for new readers to pick up as well as numerous spin-offs. TV and movie adaptations were both in the works at various points but were, unfortunately, cancelled.


Hopefully, after reading this list you’ve found yourself a new title to start reading! There’s a lot to love here and a lot of exceptional artwork to immerse yourself in. Enjoy!


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