Spider-Man Vs. Captain America: Here's Who Would Win

SpiderMan Vs. Captain America, Spider-Man Vs. Captain America who would win
The Web-Slinger vs. The First Avenger

The Web-Head versus The First Avengers...who would win in a straight-up Fist Fight???

Spider-Man Powers and Abilities

The Web-Slinger at his Finest

Spider-Man Overview

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker went from a High School Outcast to one of America’s most iconic Superheroes.  Fueled by the death of his Uncle Ben, Spider-Man would swing valiantly through the sky, scale the tallest building, and utilize his Spidey Sense to seek out and stop crime.  From teen nerd to an icon, Spider-Man is a symbol for everyone.

Spider-Man List of Powers and Abilities

  • The Ultimate sense of a Spider
  • Amazing Web-Slinging Ability
  • Amazing Wall-Crawling Ability
  • The Ability to Lift well over 10 Tons
  • Insane Agility and Speed

Captain America Powers and Abilities

The Leader of The Avengers, Ready for Battle

Captain America Overview

Injected with the super-soldier serum during World War II, Steve Rogers evolved into Captain America.  Once a bullied youth, Steve Rogers became the symbol of America and the eventual leader of The Avengers.  Utilizing his superhuman abilities, he fights for good as well as America and the rest of the World. 

Captain America List of Powers and Abilities

  • The Ability to Heal at a Superhuman Rate
  • Pristine Reflexes
  • Immaculate Strength
  • Durable AF
  • An All-Around Gentlemen

How the Battle Would Go Down

Spider-Man and Captain America square off in 2006's Civil War

Spider-Man vs. Captain America.  The Web-Slinger vs. The Star-Spangled Avenger.  The fight has been covered on numerous occasions throughout the massive history of both characters.  Most notably in 2006’s comic book Civil War and in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War (Team Cap and Team Iron Man running towards one another is still one of my favorite MCU moments!).  In both fights, each hero held back their punches due to the tremendous amount of respect for one another and in both encounters, Cap took the win but Spidey gave him a run for his money.

In Civil War the two met while having different beliefs on the Superhero Registration Act.  Iron Man was for it and Cap wasn't, Spider-Man was caught in the middle.  The fight between the two is from Spidey’s perspective, and it’s clear that he can’t take what Cap’s dishing out to him.  Spider-Man’s Spidey sense isn’t enough and Cap’s just too experienced.  In the comic Spider-Man compare’s Cap’s fighting style to a “ballet”.  He acknowledges the fact that he had spent years studying Cap’s moves but during their fight, there are no “moves” it’s just one consistent and punishing move.  Spidey eventually draws enough distance between himself and Cap to utilize his webbing to incapacitate Cap’s shield, but that still isn’t enough.  It isn’t until Spidey uses his Iron Spider suit to its advantage that he draws first blood.  The fight ends in a stalemate with Captain America going to save others, but it’s very clear that Cap took the win here.

The same can be said for the result in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.”  Here the two meet while on the same opposing sides but under much more epic circumstances.  Spider-Man and Captain America square off during the hangar sequence.  It’s a brief moment but extremely memorable (probably the most memorable of all the encounters in the hangar sequence).  Spidey uses his webbing and speed to throw off Cap in the beginning but that’s about it.  Cap can counter everything Spider-Man throws at him and it’s all through his experience.  It’s also very clear that Cap is holding his punches here, the fight feels more like a skirmish than anything else. 

Now.  I’ll be straight up honest.  I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, he’s my second favorite superhero to Batman and I have his logo tattooed on my forearm.  A huge part of me wants to be biased and give the win to Spider-Man…for the mere fact that I have his logo on my forearm, but it wouldn’t go down that way.  I don’t see a comic being penned where the two are fighting seriously, where they intend to kill the other.  It might happen but it would probably be a one-off, that may fall into obscurity, or it could be a hit (Old Man Logan was WILD).  But I don’t see the two fighting with the end result being death.  The fight would start with them disagreeing on something major and there would be respect between the heroes.  In every situation Cap would be the one with more experience, that’s unanimous on all fronts due to his overall age and how many encounters he’s had.  Spider-Man will always be the “kid” in the fight, and will always lack the experience. 

Spider-Man has a lot going for him.  For one he has superior strength to Captain America.  He’s proven this numerous times in both comics and film.  Allegedly, he can lift up to ten tons, but we’ve seen him do far more than that.  He’s stopped flying cars in their tracks, lifted everything from cargo containers to heavy buildings over his head, stopped moving trains, and held together a cruise ship that was split in two.  In terms of strength, the upper hand goes to the web-slinger all eight hands down.  His Spidey Sense works in mysterious ways, often helping him avoid things before he even realizes it which also a huge advantage for The Web-Head.  IF it were a fight to the death, I can see Spider-Man going berserk and knocking poor ol’ Caps head off with a handful of punches…but again, Spider-Man’s no killer.    

The main advantage that Captain America has over Spider-Man is his experience.  This is something that Spider-Man just doesn’t have.  I’m not saying Spidey will go in blind and stupid, he just doesn’t have the same level of expertise that The First Avenger does.  Cap has a much longer resume on dealing with foes that are potentially stronger and more deadly than Spider-Man.  Cap still has a tremendous amount of strength and durability as well, it may not be as much as Spider-Man but he’s no slouch.  But again…in the end, it all boils down to experience and Cap’s tactical expertise.

Spider-Man dodging Captain America's Shield

 As I mentioned earlier I can’t see this fight being one to the death.  It could start out that way but the amount of respect between the two would outweigh that level of hatred.  Neither of them are killers, never have and never will be, unless one or the other is under an altered mindset which wouldn’t make it a fair fight.  The fight would start with each of them doing a silent analysis of the other, quickly going over details about the other before they strike.  Spidey would use his agility and his Spidey sense as best (probably go for his legs) as he could and he’d probably get a good amount of hits on Cap, probably daze and even surprise him, maybe even bloody him.  But once Cap gets a firm understanding of what he’s dealing with, once he nails the Web-Slinger’s style, it’ll end in Cap’s favor.  He has the experience, the tactical advantage as well as the discipline to not let a fight like this get to his head.  Spidey has a tremendous amount of discipline too, but I can see it getting to his head before Cap.  Spider-Man would utilize the environment a bit more than Cap, using his webs and various items to his advantage.  He’d swing across the sky and opt-out for quick attacks to confuse and disorient Cap.  But sooner than later Cap would get a hold of him and get the upper hand.  Captain America also has the resilience to not give up, he’s displayed this in the comics and he’s certainly displayed it in the movies (I could do this all day).  The Web-Slinger would knock him down but The First Avenger would always get back up until he wins.  This fight wouldn’t end in a death, and it probably wouldn’t end with Spidey laid out for the count.  It would end in a stalemate, with both heroes leaving the battle with a newfound level of respect for the other.

And the Winner is…

Captain America would emerge Victorioius

Captain America all the way.  It truly pains me to admit that Spider-Man would lose this fight, but there is no other way this fight would go.  Sure, Spider-Man has the strength and the Spidey-Sense, but Captain America has the tactical advantage, the discipline, and the years of experience. 

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X Men's picture

X Men 2 years 1 month ago

How can you say you're a spiderman fan when you don't know he can lift well over a hundred tons? Spiderman is much stronger, faster and smarter. I don't really see Captain America winning against Spiderman, except if the plot requires it? I've seen Spiderman beating Ironman in the comics, even though everyone can admit Ironman is stronger than spiderman. Spiderman just has way too many advantages over Captain America, and for you to underestimate him like most others is funny for you claimed to be his fan.

KoreyVerga's picture

KoreyVerga 3 years 2 months ago

After awhile Spiderman has experience, there is only so many fights Cap can get in. there comes a time when the student surpasses the master.

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