Spider-Man vs. Pennywise: Here's Who Would Win

Spider-Man vs. Pennywise Who Would Win
The Web-Head takes on The World's Scariest Clown

Web-Head against The World's Most Sinister Clown

Spider-Man Powers and Abilities

Spider-Man Overview
Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker went from a High School Outcast to one of America’s most iconic Superheroes.  Fueled by the death of his Uncle Ben, Spider-Man would swing valiantly through the sky, scale the tallest building, and utilize his Spidey Sense to seek out and stop crime.  From teen nerd to an icon, Spider-Man is a symbol for everyone.

Spider-Man List of Powers and Abilities
• The Ultimate sense of a Spider
• Amazing Web-Slinging Ability
• Amazing Wall-Crawling Ability
• The Ability to Lift well over 10 Tons
• Insane Agility and Speed
Pennywise Powers and Abilities
Pennywise Overview

Pennywise. A.K.A Bob Gray.  Stephen King’s most infamous creation is one who’s terrorized the town of Derry since 1715 and reappears every 27 years.  An eater of children and young teens, this heinous clown is notorious for embodying his victim’s fears and killing them in the most brutal fashions.    Its true form is that of a giant spider, which let's be real…is still horrifying AF.  There’s nothing funny about this guy.

Pennywise List of Powers and Abilities
• The Heinous Ability to turn into what you fear most or what you love the most
• Can respawn every 27 Years to reign terror on a new generation of kids
• Embodies the form of a Giant Spider
• Top Level Shapeshifter
• Insane Telepathy skills

How the Battle Would Go Down
This would be a very interesting encounter for both Spider-Man and Pennywise.  The Human Spider against a demonic clown who can turn into a spider.  Spider-Man’s dealt with some pretty crazy villains but never one as sinister as Pennywise.  And…Pennywise has never dealt with an outright superhero.  I think this fight would be great to see on the big screen even though it would never happen.  When it’s all said and done, I think the win goes to Spider-Man.  Let’s find out why.
I think the most interesting angle of this fight is how it comes to fruition.  Pennywise would have to sink his fangs into Peter when he was a kid, that’s just how he operates.  He would start to terrorize a young Peter by embodying what he fears most, so possibly his deceased parents or school bullies.  I don’t see Pennywise knocking Peter off like he’s done countless other kids, Pete’s just too smart.  I can see him being horrified but also trying to figure out how to solve the situation at hand.  He could either handle the situation solo or rally up his own Losers Club.  Regardless of how he does it, he’s probably coming out of his first encounter with Pennywise alive. 
The confrontation between the two in 27 years would be even more intriguing.  Pennywise isn’t dealing with an emotionally scarred adult, but a damn superhero.  The smart thing for Pennywise to do would be to just avoid the confrontation entirely.  Go off and target some dork who wasn’t bitten by a spider.  

If Pennywise were to ignore his gut instinct and go after The Web-Slinger, then I can see Peter freaking out over the fact that he’s dealing with the same villain he did twenty-seven-years ago.  I can see Pennywise taking on the form of his deceased parents again, or even a demonic Mary Jane or Aunt May.  Seeing Peter have to square off with not only his declining mental state and the people he loves would be very interesting, if not horrifying. 
I think Spider-Man would be chilled to his core over who he’s dealing with, but once he gets a hold of his mental state he can turn the tables on creepy ol Pennywise.  Pete would have to rely on his smarts and overall mental state more so than his superpowers.  Once he’s figured out how Pennywise truly works, he can dismantle him piece by piece.  Again, I think this would be a great fight to watch.  I would love to see Spider-Man go toe to toe with Pennywise while he’s in his Giant Spider Final Boss form.  I think that would be an awesome spectacle.  

Pete’s dealt with more dangerous foes than Pennywise.  It would be a cool fight to watch, but this is essentially an easy win for Spider-Man.  After all…a bunch of normal adults beat him into submission by making fun of him.  That’s pretty embarrassing, Pennywise wouldn’t last a day on Reddit or Xbox Live.  

And The Winner Is…
Spider-Man.  This is a pretty simple win for him.  Understand what he’s dealing with and conquer his fears.  Throw in a few verbal jabs here and there and he can go home to sleep in peace.

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