Spider-Man vs. Jason Voorhees: Here's Who Would Win

Spider-Man vs. Jason Voorhees
Spider-Man vs. Mr. Voorhees

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man vs. Everyone's Favorite MaMa's Boy

Spider-Man Powers and Abilities

Spider-Man Overview

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker went from a High School Outcast to one of America’s most iconic Superheroes.  Fueled by the death of his Uncle Ben, Spider-Man would swing valiantly through the sky, scale the tallest building, and utilize his Spidey Sense to seek out and stop crime.  From teen nerd to an icon, Spider-Man is a symbol for everyone.

Spider-Man List of Powers and Abilities

  • The Ultimate sense of a Spider
  • Amazing Web-Slinging Ability
  • Amazing Wall-Crawling Ability
  • The Ability to Lift well over 10 Tons
  • Insane Agility and Speed

Jason Voorhees Powers and Abilities

Jason Voorhees Overview

Easily the last person you want to call a MaMa’s boy…considering just what he would do to you as a repercussion.  Drowning as a young boy due to horny negligent camp counselors, Jason followed in his Mom’s footsteps in terms of killing horny negligent camp counselors.  Armed with a machete and an insane amount of durability, the notorious serial killer is damn near invincible and has traveled from Camp Crystal Lake to Manhattan and even Space. 

Jason Voorhees List of Powers and Abilities

  • Cold and Calculated Killing Tactics
  • Sheer Brute Strength
  • Immortal
  • Insanely Durable
  • Highly Intelligent 


How the Battle Would go Down

There are a couple of scenarios on how a fight between Spider-Man and Jason Voorhees would go down.  It would either go down on the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake or in The Big Apple (this could be swapped out for Manhattan…but there wouldn’t be much of a difference).  But despite the location, I think Spidey would take this one with relative ease.  I’ll be covering both scenarios and why The Web-Head would come out on top by unanimous decision.

Let’s cover Camp Crystal Lake first.  Yeah, it’s the stomping grounds of Jason Voorhees, but I think Spidey would take to the trees and make this a complicated fight for Voorhees.  Voorhees might have higher strength and durability, but it’s Spidey’s speed that gives him the upper hand here.  He can swing from tree to tree and land strike after strike before he sees an opening to web up the Killer of Crystal Lake.  Voorhees might improvise and throw a few boulders and maybe even a tree at him, but Spider-Man’s Spidey-Sense will cover him here.  I can see The Web-Slinger going as far as incapacitating Jason’s machete to make him weaponless.     

Now, I don’t think Jason would go down without a fight.  If anything, I think he would prove to be a much more admirable foe than any of the other serial killers out there because the dude is built like a damn prizefighter.  His durability is paramount here and it would allow him to withstand a tremendous amount of damage.  It could be argued that once Spidey is exhausted that that is when Jason would go in for the kill.  But,  you have Spider-Man’s Spidey-Sense to bail him out of this as well.  His Spidey-Sense has been known to bail him out of situations before he even realizes it, and it’s easily his greatest defense mechanism.  

The main issue for Voorhees is that he’s too slow and Spider-Man is just too fast.  Spidey wouldn’t end the fight with a kill either because that’s not his style.  He’d simply incapacitate him for capture or haul him off to Ryker’s Island.

If this fight were to take place on the streets of New York then The Web-Slinger takes the win easily.  Spidey would utilize his speed and strength to navigate through the tall buildings and narrow alleyways to get several quick attacks before Voorhees can effectively swing his machete.  Voorhees has a bit more to work with here in terms of using his environment, he could chuck a car at The Web-Head…but we’ve seen him catch flying cars before.  

Speed.  It’s the key aspect to this fight and it’s exactly why Spider-Man would walk away victorious.  He might take a few bumps and scratches here and there and he might take a stab wound, but nothing fatal.  The fact that Voorhees doesn’t have any true projectile attack, puts him at another massive disability.  This is a Web-Head win all the way.  


And the Winner is…

    Spider-Man hand’s down.  It may be a tough battle for him but Spidey has taken on much more dangerous foes.

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