[Top 10] Spider-Man Best Suit Mods Combo That Are Great

Best Spider-Man Suit Mod Combos
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Marvel’s Spider-Man is a critically acclaimed superhero video game starring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. Swinging from skyscrapers and throwing bad guys off buildings is an exhilarating experience, but if you want to be an efficient crime-fighter, you’ll need to know the ultimate suit mod combinations. 


10. First Aid, Battle Tech, and Life Support

Although, Spider-Man is very strong, he can often find himself struggling. (as pictured) 

Marvel’s Spider-Man will undoubtedly make you feel powerful. However, without a proper understanding of the game’s mechanics, you’ll likely spend more time fighting for your life than the people of NYC. If you find yourself struggling, then first aid, life support, and battle tech are the suit mods for you. First aid increases the amount you are healed from focus, allowing you to take more damage with fewer consequences. Meanwhile, battle tech gives your gadget attacks a massive upgrade by making them generate more focus. 

Essentially, battle tech gives your focus bar the boost it needs, allowing you to take advantage of the enhanced healing you gain from first aid. Finally, life support automatically consumes a focus bar to heal you when you are low on health. This mod gives you an added layer of security that the other two don’t, which is why it’s an essential part of this combo. It is necessary if you find yourself dying too often. This combination of suit mods is guaranteed to give any Spidey in trouble a spectacular boost in strength! 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Death is less likely due to upgraded healing and defense
  • Combat is much easier due to increased focus generation
  • It is beneficial for new players
  • It is useful for confused players


9. Silent Step, Long Range Scanner, Bio Scanner 

When he makes proper use of his agility and skill, Spider-Man can often catch enemies by surprise. 

The criminals that inhabit this concrete jungle gym are cold, cunning, and clever; as a result, they can be extremely dangerous when they find you thwarting their evil plans, so sometimes it’s best if they never find you. Silent step, long-range scanner, and bio scanner are the best suit modifications for Spider-Men who particularly enjoy the stealthy approach.. With silent step equipped, enemies will take longer to detect you in stealth. This will allow you to take more time to plan your attacks and takedowns.

The long-range scanner increases the range of the AR scanner, allowing it to mark items and enemies from farther away. When bio scanner is equipped, enemies will remain highlighted until combat starts. Additionally, this suit mod works very well with the sound of silence suit power, which players can unlock by getting the noir suit. This combination of suit mods will give any NYC crime fighter the ability to be as sneaky as a spider!

Mod Combo’s Strengths:

  • It gives you a major advantage in stealth challenges.
  • It allows you to take more time to plan with less risk of being spotted. 
  • It works well with the sound of silence suit power. 


8. Metabolic Converter, Scavenger, and Battle Tech

Spider-Man relies on his gadgets for traversal, stealth, and direct combat. 

As Spider-Man, you will have a wide arsenal of different tools and gadgets at your disposal. However, these gadgets are not infinite, and running out isn’t hard. If you never want to run out of gadgets, metabolic converter, scavenger, and battle tech are the suit mods for you. Metabolic converter gives you the chance to generate gadget refills whenever you take damage, and with scavenger equipped, you gain extra gadgets from finishers.

Both of these suit mods are even more useful when combined with battle tech, which makes gadget attacks generate focus. The focus bar is used to heal and perform finishers, which are both necessary actions when it comes to using the scavenger and metabolic converter mods. Additionally, this combination of suit mods works well with the resupply suit power, which players can unlock by getting the anti-ock suit. Gadgets will be in amazing supply for any Spider-Man using this combination of suit mods!

Mod Combo’s Strengths:

  • Extra gadgets 
  • Extra focus 
  • It goes well with resupply suit power


7. Gel Padding, Ballistic Inserts, and Blast Plates 

Enemies in Marvel's Spider-Man have many different dangerous weapons. 

There are many different enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Many of them have unique weapons, abilities, and attacks. If you have trouble with any specific attack, gel padding, ballistic inserts, and blast plates are the suit mods for you. Gel padding reduces melee damage and is very useful when fighting enemies with faster melee attacks. 

Ballistic inserts reduce bullet damage and are very useful against snipers. Blast plates reduce damage taken from explosions and, most importantly, rocket damage. Rocket launcher enemies are some of the most threatening to your health bar, so blast plates are a very significant part of this combination. This combination of suit mods will give any friendly neighborhood Spider-Man the ultimate defense! 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Extra Defense
  • It helps with specific enemies. 
  • It’s helpful to new players. 


6. Kinetic Power Cells, Combat Analyzer, Bio Mesh

Spider-Man has many different skills and abilities that help him protect NYC.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a game with many different mechanics, abilities, and enemies. So, for some, it may be easiest to specialize in a little bit of everything. If you’re interested in general advantages, kinetic power cells, combat analyzer, and bio mesh are for you. Kinetic power cells increase the overall rate of focus generation.

Combat analyzer increases the amount of XP gained from defeating enemies. With bio mesh equipped, damage taken won’t reset the combo counter. This combination of suit mods is for a Spider-Man who wants to be astonishing in all categories! 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Overall advantages
  • Extra focus
  • Extra XP


5. Discharge Power Cells, Threat Sensors, and Full Charge Capacitors 

Spider-Man's movements and attacks are both very precise and powerful. 

The more you play Marvel’s Spider-Man, the better you’ll get. This combination of mods is meant for only the most experienced web-swinging legends. Discharge power cells will temporarily increase your damage whenever you perform a perfect dodge. Perfect dodges are extremely difficult to pull off and require masterful timing.

With threat sensors equipped, time will be slowed down every time you perform a perfect dodge. With full charge capacitors, you’ll be able to do extra damage when your health is above 100, which requires extreme levels of accuracy and skill. These suit mods will make even the most spectacular Spider-Men feel superior! 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Rewards players for high health.
  • Rewards players for perfect dodges.
  • It is very beneficial to experienced players. 


4. Battle Tech, Long Range Scanner, Silent Step

One of the people closest to Peter is Aunt May (as pictured), and she often has to help him with money problems. 

Peter Parker is known for having money problems, so sometimes you can’t afford the best mod combos! If you’re a Spider-Man who’s looking for a cheap yet effective suit mod combo, then battle tech, long range scanner, and silent step are for you. 

Battle Tech only costs one crime token and gives your gadget attacks a massive upgrade by making them generate more focus. Long Range Scanner only costs one backpack token and one landmark token and increases the range of the AR scanner, allowing it to mark items and enemies from farther away. Silent Step only costs one backpack token and two landmark tokens. This combination of suit mods is guaranteed to lend a helping hand to any Spider-Man struggling to get by. 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Not expensive
  • Extra Focus
  • AR scanner has a longer range


3. Reactive Lenses, Proximity Sensor, Bio Scanner

Spider-Man is very aware of his surroundings and can easily keep track of multiple opponents. 

New York City is a wonderfully beautiful place. As Spider-Man, you already have the best view, but there is a way to make that view even better. If you are interested in visual awareness, then reactive lenses, proximity sensor, and bio scanner are for you. 

Reactive lenses reduce the long-lasting flickering effect of stun grenades and flash bangs. Proximity sensor reveals all the locations of the secret photo ops hidden around the city. When bio scanner is equipped, enemies will remain highlighted until combat starts. 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Resistance against stun grenades and flash bangs
  • Easier to find secret photo ops
  • Easier to keep track of enemies


2. Webbed Striker, Battle Tech, and Kinetic Power Cells

Spider-Man can use finishers to instantly take out an enemy (as pictured). 

Focus is arguably the most crucial mechanic in Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s used to both heal and perform finishers. If you want to refill your focus bar as fast as possible, then webbed striker, battle tech, and kinetic power cells are the suit mods for you. Webbed Striker makes all webbed-based attacks generate focus energy. 

With battle tech equipped, your gadget attacks generate focus. Kinetic power cells increase the overall rate of focus generation. Additionally, this suit mod works very well with the battle focus suit power, which players can unlock by getting the advanced suit. 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Extreme amount of focus
  • Extra healing
  • Extra Finishers
  • It works well with the battle focus suit power.  


1. Charged Outer Mesh, Stormbolt Discharger, Ferromagnetic Harness

Spider-Man has many enemies who use electricity against him (as pictured), but he also tends to use electricity against his enemies. 

Experimentation is encouraged when brawling with evildoers in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and tying electricity into your fighting style is a great way to experiment while you’re webbing up criminals. Charged outer mesh will electrify any enemy who hits you. This ability will need to recharge after each use, but is very helpful nonetheless. Stormbolt discharger gives you the ability to build electric energy with aerial attacks and then release that energy by attacking enemies on the ground. This is a highly damaging suit mod that electrifies your combos. 

With ferromagnetic harness equipped, the electrocution status will last for a much shorter period of time. This mod adds some resistance to electricity, adding defense to this wildly offensive mod combo. This combination of suit mods works very well with the electric punch suit power, which players can unlock by getting the electrically insulated suit. This mod combo will make your combat electrifying. 

Mod Combo’s Strengths: 

  • Very powerful
  • Resistance against Electricity
  • It works well with the electric punch suit power. 


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