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Hitmonkey is the newest card that was featured in a Season Pass for the Animals Assemble season. He’s a really fun card that quickly found its place in a few decks and made them way better than they were before.

I think he’s one of the most balanced and interesting cards that were featured in the Season Pass and we should expect more cards like him from the future seasons because he wasn’t as broken and meta defining on release like Silver Surfer and Zabu, but he’s also seen a lot more play than Nimrod who was featured only in a few niche decks.

His effect makes him more powerful if you play him with a lot of other cards, so Hitmonkey made decks that existed before his release that were playing a lot of cards on the last turn, like any Sera decks, a lot more viable. Hitmonkey instantly made an impact on the meta upon his release and gave us more interesting options to play around.



This is a really simple deck that you can make as soon as you get into pool 3, since it doesn’t run that many pool 3 cards, and it will make your climbing easier in the easier ranks. The only pool 3 card that this deck has is Titania, and she’s not that important and it can be switched out easily.

If you got hooked on Marvel Snap during the Animals Assemble season and are looking for a good deck to climb in early pool 3, this deck can be a good choice for the early stages. It’s really easy to make and pilot since all of the cards except Titania and Hitmonkey are from pool 1 or 2. If you really like Hitmonkey and want to play him but don’t have all the cards for the other decks, you can go ahead and make a simple Kazoo deck like this one, which will be stronger than it previously was because of Hitmonkey’s addition to the game.

What This Deck Excels At:

  • You should set up your board before the 6th turn with Bishop, Kazar and Blue Marvel for maximum value at the end of the game once you play out all of your weaker cards. Bishop will become stronger for each card you play, while Kazar and Blue Marvel will buff all of your cards that you’ve played
  • Hitmonkey is great in this deck, because Kazoo decks require the board to be set up so that they can dump a lot of 1-cost cards at the end of the game, which is how you get Hitmonkey to become another good way to add a lot of power to your locations
  • Angela is a great card that gives you a lot of value especially in pool 1 and 2, since for only 2 mana you can get 6 power most of the time
  • You’ll want to prioritize making Bishop a big threat at the end of the game by playing as many cards as possible, and use the fact that your opponent can’t expect exactly how much power you will have at Bishop’s location

Card List:

  • Sunspot
  • Antman
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Nightcrawler
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Blade
  • Titania
  • Angela
  • Hitmonkey
  • Bishop
  • Kazar
  • Blue Marvel


2.Hitmonkey Bounce

Combining the Bounce archetype which previously existed but wasn’t very good with Hitmonkey gives it potential to be a competitive deck, while still not being close to tier 1.

The goal is to use Beast and Falcon in combination with the other cheap cards in your deck that have good On Reveal effects like Black Widow, Korg, The Hood, Bast and so on. It pairs perfectly with Hitmonkey, since he benefits from playing a lot of cards on the last turn, and that’s easily made possible if your cards are cheaper because of Beast’s effect. Bishop and Darkhawk are the big cards that will have a lot of power alongside Hitmonkey. 

What This Deck Excels At:

  • It’s a fun archetype that relies on playing and replaying cards on the field and this deck will probably get even stronger since they’ve released more support for it in the form of Kitty Pryde
  • Your last turn is usually Mysterio + Hitmonkey + all of the cheap cards in your hand that you can use to swarm the board and make Hitmonkey even stronger
  • Darkhawk is a really powerful card that’s amazing in all Thanos Matchups, and can pop off in other games as well if you’ve played Korg a few times and added a few rocks into your opponent’s deck
  • Bishop is a card that was good before, but in this deck he’s able to consistently grow to over 10 power for only 3 energy in most games that you manage to play him on curve

Card List:

  • Hood
  • Bast
  • Iceman
  • Korg
  • Angela
  • Hitmonkey
  • Black Widow
  • Beast
  • Falcon
  • Mysterio
  • Bishop
  • Darkhawk


1.Sera Control

Sera Control is a really fun and cheap deck to make since it’s all pool 3 cards with the addition of Hitmonkey and Zabu who was a Season Pass card before and a lot of people have him. Nonetheless, this deck is extremely interesting to pilot and it’s the most fun deck with Sera I’ve seen.

The goal with this deck is to remain in control of the game and respond to everything that your opponent will throw at you on turn 6. You have Zabu and Sera, which will make all of your cards significantly cheaper on turn 6 if you’ve played them both. You want to go into turn 6 without priority and then respond to everything that your opponent has. Shang-Chi easily clears up strong cards that your opponent has set up before, Killmonger makes quick work of Thanos’ Infinity Stones, and Enchantress is great at countering Cerebro, Patriot and other decks that rely on Ongoing effects. This deck makes you think in advance and play an intriguing and interactive game against each opponent.

What This Deck Excels At:

  • Sera and Zabu let you have a lot of cheap cards ready for the 6th turn, so that you can set up your board however you would like, while you already know what your opponent’s strategy will be
  • Shang-Chi, Killmonger and Enchantress are great tech cards that can completely stop your opponent if you know what they’re going to be playing. Not many decks can afford to run Enchantress since she’s a 4-cost with only 4 power, but because of this deck’s cost reduction, you’re able to viably play her
  • Hitmonkey and Bishop benefit greatly from whenever you play Mysterio. He adds a nice +3 power to Bishop while making Hitmonkey stronger by 6 if they’re played on the same turn
  • Nova and Killmonger are a nice combo, especially if you’re playing against a Thanos deck that likes having a lot of Infinity Stones on the board, since with just Killmonger you can clear out their field and also destroy Nova for a nice buff to all of your cards

Card List:

  • Nova
  • Hitmonkey
  • Goose
  • Zabu
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Mysterio
  • Lizard
  • Bishop
  • Killmonger
  • Shang-Chi
  • Enchantress
  • Sera


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