[Top 3] Marvel Snap Best Doctor Doom Decks And Why They're Good

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Doctor Doom is one of the most well-known and most loved Marvel villains. In Marvel Snap his effect brings you a lot of power for energy cost, but the catch is that he spreads out that power across all three locations, so you need to have your field set up so that he can summon his DoomBots.

He fits into a lot of powerful decks because his DoomBots are able to get added to locations that you can’t play your cards to, and they can also be a nice way to diversify your power if you are restricted to playing only one card per turn as is the case with Sandman Control decks.

In Summary, Doctor Doom is a really powerful card that finds its place in a few popular decks and makes them way stronger. He’s consistently been used in meta decks for a while now because of his ability to bring in a hefty amount of power on all locations on the last turn, especially if you build a deck focused around getting the most out of his DoomBots like restricting your opponent’s playstyle.


3.Location Lockdown

This deck, as the name of it implies, is a fun control deck that aims to restrict your opponent’s ability to play cards, while you still have ways to play your cards to locations that your opponent can’t and even further screw with their strategy by using cards like Captain Marvel and Magneto.

I really like the idea of this deck, since most control decks (now especially after Hitmonkey was released) feature Sera and let you vomit out your hand on the last turn and counter all of your opponent’s plays. This deck doesn’t work like that, but it’s more of a tempo version of a control deck. You have to carefully place your cards and think way ahead of your opponent if you want to get the most out of this deck. You have tools to lockdown their locations like Storm and Spider-Man, while still being able to get power to those locations with Captain Marvel and Doctor Doom. Daredevil and Magneto are underrated cards that really make this deck come together, because Daredevil will always give you valuable information, especially if you have Spider-Man in hand on turn 5 and Magneto can screw up your opponent’s entire side of the board if they’re running a few 3 and 4 cost cards.

What This Deck Excels In:

  • This deck is a fun alternative for players that like playing control archetypes and want to try out something new
  • You have some cards that are great at countering your opponent’s plays like Shang-Chi that’s great against Shuri and Killmonger which can clear out all of Thanos’ Infinity Stones
  • Daredevil and Spider-Man are a deadly combo that can make sure that you go into the 6th turn with a location already secured
  • Doctor Doom is especially good in situations where you can’t play many cards on the last turn and need a little bit of power on all locations, this deck is good at creating those situations and Doctor Doom becomes an amazing tool for finishing the game

Card List:

  • Nova
  • Daredevil
  • Zabu
  • Lizard
  • Storm
  • Killmonger
  • Shang-Chi
  • Spider-Man
  • Drax
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Doom
  • Magneto



Patriot decks are quite fun and they focus on playing weak cards that don’t have any effects and don’t have good enough statlines to be played in other decks and heavily buffing them up so that you can overpower your opponent.

This deck’s main win condition is playing Ultron on turn 6 with your board already set up. In the higher ranks, this can be pretty easy to expect, so you should pick your battles carefully and not stay in matchups that can beat you, like if your opponent’s playing a control deck they might have Enchantress or if they’re playing a destroy deck, they probably have Killmonger. In this version of Patriot, You’re going to want to be buffing your cards as much as possible with Kazar, Blue Marvel, Patriot and Mystique and finish the game off with either Ultron, Doctor Doom or just playing out your cards without effects on the last turn.

What This Deck Excels At:

  • It’s a good deck that makes playing some of the first cards you get in Marvel Snap actually possible, so if you like characters like Misty Knight, Shocker, Cyclops and so on, this is basically the only deck you can play them in
  • Patriot and Mystique is a really powerful combo that will give you +4 on all of your cards without effects, which really adds up once you play out some of your more valuable cards like Ultron or Doctor Doom
  • Ultron and Doctor Doom are great ways to finish the game, Ultron will swarm your entire board with drones that cost 1 energy and have 1 power, but they don’t have any effects so they will be buffed by Patriot, while Doctor Doom can be used more as a safety option if you think your opponent is running Killmonger
  • Storm is a really useful card that can easily win you a location if you play her early, since both Doctor Doom and Ultron can still add their cards to the flooded location
  • Debrii is a great way to counter Galactus players and earn some easy cubes off of them, while also being good in all other matchups since your deck will buff rocks, while on opponent’s side they’re just flooding his locations with 0 power

Card List:

  • Wasp
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Misty Knight
  • Shcoker
  • Mystique
  • Patriot
  • Storm
  • Debrii
  • Kazar
  • Blue Marvel
  • Doctor Doom
  • Ultron


1.Sandman Ramp

This is the most popular deck that uses Doctor Doom and it’s the best choice from this list if you want to climb to Infinite. The deck is focused around playing Electro and Sandman as early as possible and then overpowering your opponent with powerful cards.

Sadman is a really good card now, after his buff, he can completely stop decks that rely on playing a lot of cards in their later turns like Thanos and Hitmonkey decks, while he’s also able to heavily impair the ability of combo decks to actually get their combo off properly. While you and your opponent can only play one card per turn, you can go ahead and get creative with how you want to overpower them. Playing Doctor Doom and then Odin is one of the best combos that can get you a lot of power and all locations in the later stages of the game. And virtually any card becomes good when in combination with Arnim Zola, since it will get you a lot of power on at least two locations, and even more if you play him in combination with Doctor Doom.

What This Deck Excels At:

  • Sandman by himself heavily restricts the plays that your opponent can make, and some decks can’t even compete after he’s played on the board
  • Doctor Doom is the star of this deck, since the goal is for both players to be able to play only one card per turn, which makes Doctor Doom one of the few cards that can get you a reliable amount of power on all locations, especially when you combine him with Odin and Arnim Zola
  • Electro and Wave make your combos possible since you have a lot of 6-cost cards in the deck and want to play as many as possible. Electro gives you 1 extra energy for each turn, while wave can help you set up Doctor Doom in advance and play Odin on that location later on to summon even more DoomBots
  • Aero has been week after her nerf, but this deck manages to use her perfectly, since if you’re winning 2 locations on turn 6, you can just play her on the location that you’re losing and move the only card that your opponent can play to that location and make sure you’re still winning the other two

Card List:

  • Sunspot
  • Goose
  • Electro
  • Wave
  • Shang-Chi
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Sandman
  • Aero
  • Arnim Zola
  • Doctor Doom
  • Odin
  • Magneto


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