What Does Thanos Want in Avengers: Infinity War?

Infinity Gauntlet: The Titan of Accessories

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Thanos, a being from within our own solar system, aggressively seeks power. So much so that depending on the stories you might read and believe, he was cast out by his kin and took the opportunity to let his anger, lust, and greed grow. On April 27, 2018 the Marvel Cinematic Universe will see Thanos’ wrath come to a head in Avengers: Infinity War

What could Thanos possibly want out here near Earth? One thing is absolutely going to happen – destruction. Looking to the comic books, Thanos is the cause of so many deaths. From Captain America’s death-by-backhand, to Loki’s maybe-sacrifice to save his brother, Thor, or maybe-joining in with the bad guys, there is no doubt the Marvel Universe will be changed. 

Destruction and death is a side quest for Thanos, however. His main goal continues to be POWER! So, what is the most powerful artifact in the universe? At this point, that would be the infinity gauntlet, assuming all of the stones can be found. There are six stones, one for each finger and another for the hand.

Avid MCU fans will recognize many of them already. The blue Space Stone from Captain America: The First Avenger, otherwise known as the Tesseract, which is supposedly hidden in Odin’s treasure room in Asgard. The red Reality stone, Aether, given to The Collector in Thor: The Dark World. The violet Power Stone, that helps the Guardians of the Galaxy become a true team, safely nestled on Xandar. The yellow Mind Stone, which is essentially what makes Vision what he is. The green Time Stone, used and protected by Doctor Strange. Lastly, that leaves the Soul Stone, according to the comics.

The soul stone’s powers and location are purely speculations at this point. While the comic’s Doctor Stephen Strange might think the Universe is (relatively) safe as long as the stones are never put together, with Thanos on their tail, this is an unlikely conclusion. So, where is the soul stone? One theory suggests it is right here on Earth, which places it just a (ahem) stone’s throw from the Time Stone, and blows Doctor Strange’s assurances straight out of Midgard.

While the Black Panther movie does not mention the soul stone even once, there are some hints that Wakanda holds the stone - the meteor full of Vibranium, the near-indestructible mineral used to create Cap’s shield and Vision’s body, was shown to light up with a strange orange glow. Black Panther’s director Coogler doesn’t seem to think Wakanda needed a stone but Thanos is definitely on his way to Wakanda, and soon. Let the battle commence!

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