[Top 25] Best Norse Mythology Movies You Need To Watch

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This will not be a tiered list - just a general list of good movies. Some of which I hope to add what little knowledge I’ve gained of Norse mythos!


25. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


This movie leans on the Norse story of Ragnarok (or the story of the end of the world). Thor and his brother, Loki, have to go find their father Odin who has vanished. He admits he is dying and that the end of Asgard (Ragnarok) is coming. Once Odin has passed, his eldest child, Hela, is set free from her prison to bring destruction to Asgard. Thor and Loki try to defeat her but end up getting lost in space. Thor is captured and taken to the planet Sakaar where he finds Loki schmoozing with the planet’s leader, the Grandmaster, and is made to fight in a gladiator battle against his friend, Hulk. With the help of Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie, (the last of the mighty warriors of Asgard) Thor tries to escape Sakaar to save Asgard and stop Ragnarok.

Thoughts: So I know I said I wouldn’t tier these, but I had to put Ragnarok at the top. I already loved Thor, but this was certainly my favorite! Don’t get me wrong, Marvel is not exactly the best place to go for accurate Norse mythos, especially Ragnarok, but I still love where they take it! It features many key features of the original myth like Heimdall, Hela, Fenrir, and Surtr, but I do want to point out at least 1 key difference between the original story and the MCU.

Hela and Fenrir…are Loki’s children.

So in this Thor movie, we find out the MCU gives Loki an Oedipus Complex!

In all seriousness, though none of these movies are what I would call “accurate”, it’s fun and colorful and interesting! Plus, who could resist Jeff Goldblum and his beautiful face?


24. The Ritual (2017)


A group of friends named Rob, Luke, Dom, Hutch, and Phil try to create a trip for the five of them to take. That night, though, Luke and Rob get caught in the middle of a robbery that gets Rob killed. The now 4 friends honor Rob’s memory by taking the trip he had wanted - a hiking trip in Sweden. The trip is long and tough and the farther the friends go into the forest, the more twisted it becomes with nightmares, strange markings on trees, and the feeling of being followed. Their fears would become found as they try to escape the forest with their lives from a cult, their traumas, and a child of Loki.

    Thoughts: This is another movie I love very much! I’m very particular about horror movies and this one does it right! There’s a lot of suspense and moments that feel very “Blair Witch” if any of you are old enough to remember that. The atmosphere is great, it’s not super dark but it still reflects the feelings of the characters through the atmosphere and I love that it doesn’t show the monster until the end and you still don’t quite know what you’re looking at! I don’t want to say too much because it’s a great movie you should see for yourself! I will say, though, if you know anything about Norse mythos, this child of Loki probably isn’t even as “monstrous” as some of his other kids


23. Valhalla: The Legend of Thor (2019)


Viking siblings Tjalfe and Røskva are forced to journey with the gods' Thor and Loki to Asgard (mistakenly referred to as Valhalla) as slaves. While the children dwell on their horrible treatment, they soon find out that the gods are having their problems. Ragnarok is fast approaching. Despite threats from Jotuns, the wolf Fenrir and the ACTUAL END OF THE WORLD, the gods are acting like a bunch of babies fighting between themselves. But an unexpected hero comes in little Røskva who steps up to try and unite Valhalla (Asgard).

Thoughts: So apparently this movie had a very small budget. I don’t think you’d notice though because it looks gorgeous! I love that it’s in Danish too. I think it gives it a more authentic feel. Sometimes I get tired of British accents being used in countries where people definitely wouldn’t have a British accent. I also like that the small heroine is a little girl. To me, it seems more fun than some of the generic “strong female lead” these kinds of movies usually have. (Not that I don’t love me a good strong lady that can snap my neck - I just find movies like these don’t do them justice) Like I said in the description, the movie does call Asgard “Valhalla” which I think I’ll be turning into a drinking game.


22. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)


Thor is trying to adjust to his new life after the events of Endgame. He’s found himself taking on new adventures throughout the galaxy and when he learns that the gods of the universe are being slaughtered, he immediately goes to New Asgard to protect his people. It’s here that he’s reunited with an unexpected face - Dr. Jane Foster. Now he, Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg must work together to stop the evil that is killing the gods while also healing their traumas.

Thoughts: So I think I’ve made it clear that I love Thor. I love that this movie keeps with the humorous Thor we got in Ragnarok (though I will still argue that Thor was always one of the funniest Avengers) but also some of that old MCU kick-ass style. I love that they bring in Jane as Lady Thor (which, yes, is comic accurate), I love that they involve other gods, I love that they bring in the goat chariot and I love the 80s theme even more. Though I know the 80s kinda sucked, in terms of rock music, interesting fashion, and pop culture, it was iconic. Rock and roll, buckaroos, time for more Thor!


21. Thor (2011)


Thor, son of Odin, is all set and ready to be crowned king of Asgard. But after some shenanigans with the Frost Giants, Thor is cast down to Earth without his powers or his beloved and faithful Mjolnir. While on Earth, he’s made to interact with humans and learns to appreciate them. Meanwhile, Loki is making mischief on Asgard that will end with Thor having to become Earth’s newest protector.

    Thoughts: Okay, okay, I know this is my 3rd movie talking about the MCU but I promise this list won’t all be about Chris Hemsworth’s cut abs & how Natalie Portman & Tom Hiddleston both have very pretty faces I like to stare at. This is one of those movies where I point out that Thor has always been hilarious. To this day, after 11 years, I still say, “I like this drink. ANOTHER!” Although if I threw a mug down I’d probably get yelled at. His mannerisms in the movie just really add to his goofiness. I will note that when he goes to get a horse, I wish he had asked for a goat-chariot instead because, as I noted before when discussing Love and Thunder, actual Thor has a chariot pulled by a pair of goats.


20. The Mask (1994)


A boring and shy man named Stanley Ipkiss accidentally discovers an ancient mask. This ancient mask contains the spirit of the god Loki. When Stanley puts on the mask, he becomes suave, confident, chaotic, and mischievous. He uses his new confidence to try and win the heart of a nightclub singer, but sadly the mask has some troubling consequences for him. The mask gets him in a spot of trouble with a local crime gang after robbing a bank and now Stanley has to figure out how to get out of such a mess.

Thoughts: When you clicked on an article about Norse Mythology movies, I bet you weren’t expecting this, right? I know, I wasn’t either! It had been so long since I saw this, I had to double-check for myself - but yes, the mask does center around Loki’s spirit possessing the very mask of the movie. It’s not my favorite movie, but it does have Jim Carrey which I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with him that I didn’t like. He’s just such a goofy character that I think if any actor encapsulated the goofy mischief side of Loki, it would be Jimmy boy.


19. Beowulf and Grendel (2005)


This movie is based on the epic poem of Beowulf. It focuses on Beowulf coming to help a king with a problem against a troll (Grendel) who witnessed, as a child,  his father being murdered by the Vikings. Now as an adult, Grendel has the strength to fight back and is wreaking havoc. It is up to Beowulf to stop him.

Thoughts: So I have quite a few thoughts. It’s been a few years since I read Beowulf, but Grendel was described more as a horrific monster than a troll. (a troll that looks more like your garden variety giant) Also in the poem, Grendel isn’t fighting to defend his father, he just doesn’t like that the Vikings' party so much. I mean, no party like a Viking party, but even monsters have to sleep! They have a long day of pillaging villages, guys! The movie leans much more into the Beowulf vs Grendel part of the story which is only a small portion, but hey, nothing like a cool warrior beating the shit out of some bad guys, a sympathetic antagonist, and Gerard Butler’s sultry voice.


18. Midsommar (2019)


Midsommar is about a strained couple, Dani and Christian, being invited by their friend Pelle to attend a midsummer celebration in Sweden. Grieving the loss of her sister and her strained relationship, Dani isn’t exactly stoked to be there. Dani and the others begin to find that Pelle’s little village is much creepier and darker than they may think. Caught in a web of pagan rituals, drugging, and human sacrifice, Dani is forced to try and survive this terrible season of Midsummer.

Thoughts: I admit I have a bias towards A24 movies. I find their horror to be particularly fantastic. This movie is filled with bright colors and a sunny landscape as a sharp contrast to the creepiness of what’s happening around everyone. And considering this is a movie around paganism (albeit a more inaccurate depiction of it) I thought it appropriate to include it. The creators of the movie consulted Swedish natives on accuracy and authenticity. The runes (which are still heavily used in Norse Paganism) are accurate and used correctly. They don’t have Thor flashing through the sky or show a bunch of Vikings drinking mead, but it’s still an amazing movie! Just don’t let it be your basis on how we pagans celebrate Midsummer.


17. The 13th Warrior (1999)


Muslim trader, Ahmad ibn Fadlan, is banished from his home for lusting after the king’s wife. On his journey, he ends up enjoying the company of a group of Vikings. Though they didn’t get along at first, he soon grew to appreciate his new companions. Although, not all is peaceful and pleasant for Ahmad. Due to a prophecy, Ahmad is forced to join an army of Vikings as their 13th soldier and train to defend a village being plagued by a dark force. Now, Ahmad has to protect the innocent and survive with his new Viking brethren.

Thoughts: I will admit, this movie is different for me. These are two vastly different cultures colliding and feeding on the 90s love of the very handsome Antonio Banderas. It’s not exactly what I would call the best Viking film out there, but it is a GREAT shut-your-brain-off-and-watch-cool-fighting kind of movie which helps considering it’s directed by the same guy that directed Die Hard, and let’s be real, no one watches Die Hard for the plot. We want to watch Bruce Willis be a badass. Now, you can get Die Hard but with Vikings and Antonio Banderas.


16. Trollhunter (2011)


Thoughts: If you want something that is part Blair Witch style, part goofy Bigfoot hunting movie, this is it for you! I’ll take this over some of the more dark and broody Viking stuff we get any day! Let me enjoy my silly troll-hunting movie


15. The Northman (2022)


The young boy witnesses his uncle slaughter his father. His mother is kidnapped and he is forced to run. He goes on in life vowing to kill his uncle, save his mother, and reclaim his throne.

Thoughts: This is Viking Hamlet. I love it though because I feel like I haven’t seen some sort of Hamlet rendition since the Lion King remake. It’s a gorgeous movie with a super cool cast - the fantastic Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and the FREAKING MOUNTAIN FROM GAME OF THRONES!


14. Norsemen (2016-)


A silly comedy series about a village of Vikings living their lives

Thoughts: If you want something a little mindless and just want some silliness, this is a perfect choice!


13. Berserker (1987)


A group of campers gathers at a cabin site for a vacation. Their fun is interrupted, though, when a legendary undead Viking is on the attack.

Thoughts: What was it with the 80s & really weird camping-based horror movies?


12. Mortal (2020)


A young man, Eric, wakes up from a terrible nightmare in the Norwegian wilderness, finding that he has burnt his body and the land around him. He goes to heal his wounds and tries to limp back to safety. He leaves a path of fire and ash in his wake, though. When he’s arrested for this, he meets a psychologist who will be the one to help him find the answers he needs.

Thoughts: A super cool take on the idea of demigods, in my opinion! We get super cool powers of Thor, the new life of the Norse gods, and our main character brings about a cult! Forget the Percy Jackson movie, this guy could kick film Percy’s ass!


11. The Last King (2016)


Two men are tasked with guarding an infant child. This infant is the illegitimate son of their king who was murdered. This makes the child the next heir and many are coming for him to kill him. It’s up to his guards to ensure his safety and save their kingdom.

Thoughts: It’s a pretty classic trope for a movie - people raising/protecting an orphaned baby. Though, I believe that just because it’s a common trope doesn’t always mean it’s bad. Especially when you have Tormund from Game of Thrones acting in your movie!


10. Vikings: Valhalla (2022-)


Go on a journey with the famous Vikings of history exploring the world and the historical changes of ancient Europe.

Thoughts: In university, I studied history and English so I’ve always had a particular love for historical dramas! This show just ends up feeding my addiction! If you love history, here’s another one to add to your list!


9. Outlaw King (2018)


The story of the legendary warrior-king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, and his battle to reclaim his throne.

Thoughts: Continuing to feed my love of drama and history, but add the beautiful face of Chris Pine? Um YES PLEASE!


8. Valhalla Rising (2009)


A Viking warrior (One-Eye) is captured into slavery, but he does not go quietly. After staging an uprising, our warrior hero ends up uniting with a group of Christian warriors intending to spread the word of God. One-Eye and his new companions go on great adventures but must deal with the struggles of fighting amongst themselves and other brutality along the way.

Thoughts: Admittedly, I feel a little odd about movies like this one. With my studies, I have found it very hard to get a lot of accurate historical information about Vikings and Celts pre-Christianization. It makes me feel a little iffy, but this is still a good badass movie for shutting off your brain to watch some cool fighting!


7. Ragnarok (2020)


A Norwegian village begins to experience harsh environmental changes that threaten the beginning of a second Ragnarok. It is the duty of young people within the village - two brothers that are the reincarnation of Thor and Loki - to save the village and stop Ragnarok.

Thoughts: And here, folks, we have ANOTHER show that is Percy Jackson but with Norse Mythology. It’s badass and in a gorgeous location! I stated this before, but I also love that the actors are Norwegian and speak the language. It makes it feel more real!


6. Loki (series (2021-)


After the events of Endgame and Loki stealing the tesseract, one of his time variants is captured by the TVA - an organization that works to fix space and time anomalies. They order Loki to fix the timeline and a greater threat or be erased. The result is Loki traveling throughout time and finding more variants along the way.

Thoughts: So I LOVE Loki and when I first found out about the series, I was ECSTATIC! The memes were endless, and it was giving me life! Don’t get me wrong - I have quite a few issues with the show. (How dare they promise to give us genderfluid Loki then just make a romance between him and a female variant instead) But, it’s still one of my FAVORITE characters and I love croc-Loki so I’m still gonna watch it!


5. Vikings (2013)


A poor farmer, Ragnar, has trouble with the Earl of his village who sends their men to Russia to conquer the poor peasants there. Ragnar answers by going to explore the world and find new civilizations. Over the years, Ragnar and the Earl of his village begin to prepare for their final battle for power.

Thoughts: An interesting show by the History channel! Of course, it will have dramatization, but considering it’s coming from the history channel, it certainly gives it more historical credibility! Not to mention the cool adage of the main character risking becoming like his enemy!


4. Frozen II (2019)


Taking place after the events of the first movie, Anna and Elsa are falling into their roles as queen and princess of Arendale. But, Elsa is still troubled by her feelings of restlessness, particularly after she begins to hear a mysterious voice calling her into the wilderness. When Elsa’s magic awakens terrific magical spirits, forcing the people of Arendale out of the kingdom, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf decide to go into the magical forest to tame the four spirits disturbed by the magic and save their kingdom.

Thoughts: Most of my friends and family know I couldn’t stand the first Frozen movie, but I eventually gave in to the second one which I certainly don’t regret. I can safely say it has quickly become one of my favorite movies. I love that the movie made more references to the Sámi people and traditional Norse mythology. They mention runes, giants, trolls, and even their water spirit is a reference to the water horse known as a Nokk that was said to drown people that wandered into their waters! Aside from the mythos, I just love the movie in general! I enjoyed the music much more and I could go on all day about the incredible animation details! Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch!


3. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)


Young teenage Viking, Hiccup, finds himself having a hard time connecting with his fellow Vikings in Berk. In particular, he struggles with their culture of killing dragons, especially because he’s too weak to kill one on his own. But, when he accidentally takes part of the tail off a Night Fury, he decides to find a way to help his new friend, Toothless, fly again. This helps him get to know dragons better and find he doesn’t want to kill them, but how is he going to explain that to his village and his father, the Chief and best dragon killer they have?

Thoughts: Oh my gods, I can’t believe I had almost forgotten to add this movie to the list! I know it doesn’t mention Norse mythos specifically, but it does mention a VERY big part of Norse culture - dragons. Dragons are an essential part of the mythology and are mentioned in everything from Beowulf to the literal guardian creature of the Underworld. The movies also include different types of dragons like regular dragons, drakes, lindwurms, wyverns, wyrms, and amphipteres! Not to mention, the music is gorgeous! I’m not ashamed to admit that “Test Drive” still makes me teary-eyed! Then, of course, there’s one of my favorite things - the animation! The way you can see the grain in the wood, the shift of colors on Toothless’s eyes, his scales, the claw marks in the dragon pit! It’s beautifully done! I mean if you haven't seen these movies by now, then what are you waiting for?


2. The Last Kingdom (2015-2022)


Mighty warrior Uhtred has not had an easy life. As a child, he witnessed the death of his father by invaders. He was then taken in and raised by the leader of those very invaders. He would grow to love his surrogate family as his own. When he was witness to their murder in adulthood, he vows to avenge them but is now caught between two parts of himself - his birth country, and the people who raised him as their own.

Thoughts: I enjoy this premise! I don’t feel like I see “torn between two parts of yourself” like this in Viking shows or movies! I don’t personally care for the “love interest that I grew up with” kind of thing, but that’s just my personal feeling!


1. Beowulf (2007)


In a retelling of the epic tale - the mighty warrior Beowulf is called by his ally, king Hrothgar, to defend his people. Defeat the monster Grendel killing their people and his mother. But, can Beowulf overcome all of the tricks Grendel’s mother has for him?

Thoughts: So I know some may not enjoy this movie as much because of its animation style. Some would call it “uncanny valley”, but I personally just register it as “video game animation in movie form”. That could just mean I play too many games, though. (Lies - there are never too many video games!) Though this isn’t what I would consider my first thought for a movie about the Norse, it is one I see often on other lists, so I knew I had to add it.

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