[Top 5] Marvel's Avengers Best Way To Get Exotic Gear

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Exotic gears galore.

Grinding for exotic can be tedious, but here's how some ways that will help you get them faster.

5. Hive Missions

Hive Missions video.

Hive missions one of the most difficult and longest in Marvel’s Avengers. Each floor contains powerful enemies that will no doubt blast you into pieces if you aren’t well equipped.

Completing Hive missions, and even playing through them, really, will drop the player incredibly powerful gear. Exotics can drop at random, but a very low chance. However, if you successfully completed the Hive mission chain, you will get a exotic gear for the Avenger you are using, guaranteed.


4. Priority Missions

Priority Missions video.

A quick way to getting exotics for any characters are Priority Missions. These missions are previous missions you have completed that have been given steroids to challenge the player on a more difficult level.

However, completing Priority Missions grant players an exotic with whatever Avenger they use. The Priority Mission only happens once a week, but sometimes the game will allow once a day when the developers announce a special event for Priority Missions.


3. Vault Missions

Vault Missions video.

If you’re looking to get more gear to get your main Avenger to gear level 150, then Vault missions are the best way to do so. These missions are specifically designed to challenge the player to find and fight for the vault full of gear before granting it.

The game has multiple ways to get Vault missions. Thanks to patch 2.3, Vault missions are now daily missions, which allows players to access Vault missions easily. The daily Vault missions also supply better rewards, including exotic gear.


2. Villain Sectors

Villain Sectors video.

Villain sectors are missions where you can fight bosses in-game. That’s right, you can fight Taskmaster, Abomination, the Scientist Supreme and other bosses for fun, while earning gear.

Villain Sectors drop exotic gears, but at a very low percentage, so it will take you some time to do so. I recommend running the Scientist Supreme Villain Sector once a week, as there is a missions chain every week that requires you to beat the mission. It will drop exotics, but at a very low chance.


1. Raid

Raid video.

Marvel’s Avengers have added their first raid, Discordant Sound, and has enticed players by promising gear that will increase the max gear level from 150 to 175.

Playing through the raid and completing it will guarantee you exotic gear. However, this is not a single player mission. You will need a team of 4 in order to access the raid and collect the exotic gear that lies inside the raid.


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