Spider-Man vs. Batman: Here's Who Would Win

Spider-Man vs. Batman
The World's Greatest Detective vs. The Web-Head : A Fight for the Ages

A Fight for the Ages.  Batman vs. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Powers and Abilities

Spider-Man Overview

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker went from a High School Outcast to one of America’s most iconic Superheroes.  Fueled by the death of his Uncle Ben, Spider-Man would swing valiantly through the sky, scale the tallest building, and utilize his Spidey Sense to seek out and stop crime.  From teen nerd to an icon, Spider-Man is a symbol for everyone.

Spider-Man List of Powers and Abilities

  • The Ultimate sense of a Spider
  • Amazing Web-Slinging Ability
  • Amazing Wall-Crawling Ability
  • The Ability to Lift well over 10 Tons
  • Insane Agility and Speed

Batman Powers and Abilities

Batman Overview

Hand’s down one of the most iconic Superheroes of all time.  Prospering from the death of his parents, Playboy Billionaire Bruce Wayne grew up with the vow to stop crime as the true symbol of fear.  A hero who has no powers, but has a tremendous amount of money and the smarts to back it up.  Equipped with the best gadgets in the world, this detective uses his intelligence and the notion of fear to strike terror in the hearts of enemies.  Batman is the best of the best, and it’s all due to the fact that he’s nothing more than a man.

List of Powers and Abilities

  • Unparalleled Intelligence
  • Gadgets and Equipment that allow him to withstand any Superhero or Supervillain
  • The Ability to Install Fear into ANYONE
  • Incredible Stealth Ability
  • Super Strength…the man’s bested Superman

How the Battle would go Down

Now here is a Battle for the Ages.  The World’s Greatest Detective and The Web-Slinger.  Playboy Billionaire vs. Highschool Super Nerd.  Each are the masters of their class, and both individuals are arguably the most intelligent within their respective brand.  Bat vs. Spider, it’s a damn close match and it would be a sight to behold.  I think this fight goes to the Bat…but let’s dig down a little deeper and see why that’s the case.

Batman and Spider-Man are my top two superheroes, and when I say that I don’t mean one is better than the other, if anything one is considered “Number 1” while the other is considered “Number 1A”.  Who takes what place changes depending on which high I’m on (As of right now I might have to give it to Spidey, but as I write this I’m watching Dark Knight Rises and it’s swaying).  Batman and Spider-Man have two very significant traits in common.  These two traits are their intelligence and their stealth mastery, and they will play a critical role in who will be the victor.  

Both of these heroes have maxed out their stealth and intelligence brackets.  Peter Parker was blessed with intelligence before he was bitten by a spider.  Bruce Wayne utilized his financial assets to learn just about anything and everything, whether it be high leveled intel on a hero/foe, a brand new fighting style, or knowledge on a specific gadget, Mr. Wayne knows it all.  

Stealth mastery is the other trait that these two have mastered spectacularly.  Spider-Man can infiltrate giant enemy strongholds by taking to the ceiling and webbing up his enemies in pure silence.  Batman uses the darkness as his ally, installing fear and terror into his enemy's hearts.  

While I think these two are equal in terms of stealth, I think intelligence will play a more crucial role in who will be the winner.  And although it's arguable, I think Batman bests Spider-Man in terms of intelligence, even if it’s by a hair.  As great as most of Batman’s movies are, they’ve generally neglected how intelligent he is.  You see him sitting there in front of a massive computer layout, but we haven’t seen Batman take a win through the use of his phenomenal detective skills. In the comic’s Batman’s utilized his detective skills a tremendous amount of times, and each time it’s more satisfying than a victory through an all-out brawl.  

The comics display Batman’s Detective skills majestically, and it’s a true joy to read through some of those instances.  We’ve seen Batman be notably absent throughout an incident that involved the Justice League, only for him to show up at the end, figure out who the mystery baddy was and disappear back into the night.  The Dark Knight has defeated The Son of Krypton by studying his tactics and outsmarting him.  That’s no easy task and that’s a massive win for Batman.  We’ve also seen him create an altered mindset for himself in case he went rogue on The Justice League.  The Caped Crusader has thought of it all, and it’s truly mesmerizing. 


Spider-Man has a tremendous amount of attributes going for him as well.  For starters, his strength and durability dwarf those of Batman.  If Spider-Man can get a few good hits as well as absorb some of Batman’s blows, then Spider-Man can be the winner.  But the issue here is that Batman’s intelligence surpasses Spider-Man’s and that’s how he’ll prevail as the winner.  

Let's assume we live in a world where DC and Marvel are well aware of the other’s existence.  It’s possible, it’s been done before.  Both companies are very adamant about their uses of “Multiverses”, so let's live in a world where they know of each other’s existence.  If this were the case then much like Batman’s encounter with Superman, he would know everything there was to know about Spider-Man, and he would have the appropriate gadgets to suppress Spider-Man’s webs, the adequate outfit to withstand his attacks, and probably a gadget that can extinguish Spider-Man’s Spidey-.  

This would be a crazy fight, it would be pretty close with both fighters using their minds more than their fists.  But Batman surpasses Spider-Man in the intelligence department, and that’s what would make him the winner.

And the Winner is…

    The Caped Crusader hands down.  Batman has the intelligence and he has the gadgets to take down Spider-Man with no problem.  It would be a glorious battle and one that I hope to see in the near future.  

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