[Top 10] Spider-Man: Miles Morales Best Spider Suit Mods (And How to Get Them)

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In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the best Suit Mods in Spider-Man Miles Morales, one of the best-looking and most gorgeous PS5 games in the current gaming landscape.

Suit Mods, as the name suggests, are Suit Modifications and they make a return in this game just as they did in the previous Spider-Man game. They can boost your attack or defense power and can even provide stealth bonuses as well as power fill-ups!

You can get them or unlock them by leveling up or purchasing them separately or purchasing the Spider Suits which have separate Mods to them. 

So, let’s get on with the list and found out which of them would be the best fit for your gameplay no matter the playthrough style! 


10. Unbreakable

Well, Spider-Man is Unbreakable, though. Which explains this mod as well.

First off, we have the Unbreakable mod which, as explained in the photo above, decreases the damage that you’ve taken from melee attacks by 25%.

This is one of the first purchasable Suit Mods that you get at the start of the game that you can get with just 3 Activity Tokens.

Why it’s a Great Mod:

In early game, you’ll see a lot of enemies huge in size where they will deal with massive damage, so this mod would help you take reduced damage from these types of enemies and during combat in general!

What Unbreakable Mod Excels in:

  • The first Suit Mod that Miles gets which can help him early game.
  • Perfect for fighting against larger enemies.
  • An edge given to Miles in combat.

How to get Unbreakable Mod: Reach Level 1 and purchase the Suit Mod for 3 Activity Tokens


9. Untouchable

Totally not talking about Miles’s cellphone here.

Up next, we have the Untouchable Suit Mod where the attacks after a Perfect Dodge do 50% more damage for 5 seconds.

This … seems like another amazing mod to get which can easily enhance or boost Miles’s combat prowess.

Why it’s a great mod:

Part of the reason why it’s on the list is because since the attack damage towards enemies is increased to 50%, it’s great for crowd control ad eliminating enemies more quickly.

What Untouchable Mod Excels in:

  • Another Early Game Mod that will improve combat and gameplay.
  • Great for using against crowd control
  • An edge given to Miles in combat.

How to get Untouchable Mod: Reach Level 3 and purchase the suit mod for 8 Activity Tokens.


8. Induction Mesh

A still from Miles in one of his missions.

The Induction Mesh Mod is next on the list and it is also another Early Game Suit Mod that will, like the previous two mods before, will boost up your gameplay.

It’s considered Early Game since you only need Level 5 to unlock this ability but the perks of it are well worth using.

What’s great about this mod:

So here is the catch for using this mod, whenever you use the Venom Smash on enemies, Miles generates a small amount of health per hit on all the enemies that have been stunned from the Venom Smash, being able to turn the tide with this mod right here!

What Induction Mesh Mod Excels in:

  • Health recovery of Miles when using the mod to turn the tide of the battle.
  • Provides an edge in combat to Miles.
  • Another great mod to be used against crowd control.

How to get Induction Mesh mod: Reach Level 5 and purchase it for 10 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech part.


7. Hidden Fury

Well, this pic shows it.

Next up on the list is Hidden Fury Suit Mod and this one is the Mid Game Suit Mod that is a must-have.

See, Miles gets his camouflage ability mid-game and this one is sure to come in handy when fighting amongst the hordes of Roxxon and Underground forces!

What’s great about this mod:

Each melee attack delivered to anyone will generate bonus Camouflage Time per hit, meaning that you’ll have more time to remain hidden and be silent but deadly in your encounters. 

What Hidden Fury Mod excels in:

  • Increased Invisibility time.
  • An edge in combat for Miles.
  • Great for a stealthy approach.

How to get Hidden Fury Mod: Reach Level 10 and purchase it for 10 activity tokens and 2 Tech Parts.


6. Zap Slap

You’re in for a shocker.

Zap Slap is up next on the list with the Suit Mod now being accompanied with the Suit.

You can get this power by unlocking the Classic Suit which is done automatically when you complete the Time to Rally mission.

What’s great about this mod:

The thing about this mod is that it creates a Concussive force when Underground weapons are shattered, giving Miles an edge to strike back and hit hard against Underground enemies! You can say that it only works on them better than the rest.

What Crimson Cowl Suit excels in:

  • Better used against Underground Forces with various weapons.
  • An edge in combat for Miles
  • Great for gaining an advantage over enemies.

How to get Crimson Cowl Suit: Unlock the Classic Suit to get the Suit Mod.


5. Power Pitcher

Behold, the Suit that gives you the mod.

Power Pitcher is another mod in the list making it to our #5 spot where damage by using thrown objects increases!

Particularly useful when interacting with the environment against the enemies, this increased damage would do you good and save some time as well.

What’s great about this mod:

As said before, it increases the damage dealt by thrown objects, which are present within the environment.

What Power Pitcher Mod excels in:

  • Utilization of environmental objects.
  • Great for crowd-control against enemies
  • Gives an edge in Miles’s combat prowess.

How to get Power Pitcher Mod: Ability available once you unlock Homemade Suit.


4. Steady Focus

The suit which grants you this ability.

Here’s one of my favorite Suit Mods that can be used in-game and that’s the Steady Focus mod.

In this, your Camouflage draining rate is slowed down, making you invisible for a longer time, making you take the stealthier approach for a longer time.

What’s great about this mod:

As explained in the previous paragraph, your Camouflage draining rate is slowed down, making you the master spider in the stealthiest of all manners!

What Steady Focus mod excels in:

  • Great for stealth-based approach
  • More Takedowns while being Invisible.
  • Gives an edge in Miles’s combat prowess.

How to get Steady Focus mod: Unlock The End suit for the mod.


3. Stronger Webs

An example.

It’s #3 on the list which is the Stronger Webs Suit Mod, perfect for trapping enemies mid-combat and raking up those combos!

It can be used on all types of enemies, not just Roxxon or Underground, but petty criminals as well.

What’s great about this mod:

It should be obvious from the name that enemies take longer to get out or break out of webs since they are far stronger than they normally are.

What Stronger Webs Mod excels in:

  • Great for trapping enemies.
  • Increase in combat prowess.
  • Used on all types of enemies.

How to get Stronger Webs Mod: Ability available when Animated Suit is unlocked.


2. Power Transfer

Surprise from above.

On the #2 spot, we have the Power Transfer Suit Mod!

It’s a must-have since it conserves unutilized Camouflage energy into Venom Power.

What’s great about this mod:

What this Suit Mod does is that if the Camouflage is turned off early, a portion of the unused Camouflage is transferred into Venom Power.

This can be a total game-changer since using Venom Powers for different maneuvers can get you a clear advantage.

What Power Transfer Mod excels in:

  • Careful utilization of Camouflage and Venom Powers.
  • Gains an edge in Miles’s combat sessions.
  • Can be used against any or all types of enemies.

How to get Power Transfer Mod: Ability available when Spider-Training Suit is unlocked.


1. Venom Shield

That’s … an iconic pose.

One the #1 spot, we have the Venom Shield Suit Mod!

There is a good reason that this Mod is in the top spot and we’ll let you know why below.

What’s great about this mod:

This one here is a bit tricky but worth the benefits. Once you spend a full Venom Bar to heal yourself it triggers this ability for 5 seconds which blocks all damage and Venom Stuns all melee attackers, therefore, acting as a literal shield!

What Venom Shield Mod excels in:

  • Increased Defense of Miles during combat.
  • Venom Stunning enemies during this ability provide him a greater advantage as well.
  • Increase in combat prowess of Miles and great for crowd control as well!

How to get Venom Shield Mod: Start New Game+ and you’ll get this Mod available.


And that’s about it with the suit mod list! I really hope it helped. See ya next time.


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