[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Mods For More Fun!

7 Days To Die Best Mods

7 Days to Die is already a fun game, but what if it could be better? Mods can create a whole new gameplay experience by altering some aspects of the game. Make sure you check the compatibility of the mods if you use more than one. 

How to install mods in 7 Days to Die:

  • Download the mods of your choice.
  • Open Steam and navigate to your Library.
  • Find 7 Days to Die and right-click, then choose Properties.
  • Choose Local Files, then select Browse Local Files.
  • Find the Mods folder. If there is no Mods folder, you can create one. 
  • Extract the files and put the ModInfo.xml ending files into the Mods folder.
  • Start the game, and your mods will be installed.

10. Sorcery Mod


The Sorcery mod will allow you to jump into the shoes of a sorcerer in the post-apocalypse. This mod is lots of fun and makes the game feel like a whole new experience. Cast spells, craft new items, and vanquish new enemies, all with the sorcery mod!

Why Sorcery is fun:

  • New loot items
  • New attributes including fire, ice, and lightning
  • Cast spells to leave zombies helpless
  • Cool new armor sets
  • Use runes for your gear

Get the mod here: Sorcery Mod

9. Undead Legacy Mod

The Undead Legacy mod is designed to improve the gameplay overall. This mod will add new blocks, recipes, prefabs, and items inspired by games like Fallout 4, Conan Exiles, Sheltered and more. One of the coolest features of this mod is the new UI. The inventory layout and the HUD make it easier to find what you need and see your stats.

Why Undead Legacy is fun:

  • New awesome UI
  • Speedometer when using vehicles.
  • New markers for the map
  • Expanded crafting 
  • New vehicles
  • New item interactions

Get the mod here: Subquake's Undead Legacy

8. Darkness Falls

The Darkness Falls mod is designed to make the game more of a challenge early on. Items like iron and steel will take longer to get as well as some of the recipes. It also adds a new custom UI, bigger backpack, more crops, and much much more. This mod is great if you feel like you need to make the game a bit tougher and change things up slightly.

Darkness Falls is fun:

  • Nighttime is more dangerous
  • New food items and recipes
  • Increased zombie spawn rate
  • New workstations including the Advanced Forge


Get the mod here: Darkness Falls 

7. Starvation Mod

The Starvation mod is another mod made to up the difficulty of the game. Many new cool features can be added with this mod including training survivors to work for you, food spoilage, and even pets. The Starvation adds a lot to the game that you probably never even considered. 

Why Starvation Mod is fun:

  • Seasonal weather
  • Settlements with NPCs
  • FIshing and traps
  • Advanced farming
  • Addiction to cigars and cannabis
  • New workstations


Get the mod here: Starvation Mod 

6. War of the Walkers


War of the Walkers is a mod that includes other really cool mods and more game features than before. Check out things like Specialized traders, New health items, new buffs, and some crazy new zombies. This mod will also include NPCs and bandits. With so many new options give this mod a shot. 

Why War of the Walkers is fun:

  • New tools
  • New guns like the Baretta shotgun and desert eagle
  • Armor crafting station
  • Include elements of mods like SMX, CCTV, and carious creature packs

Get the mod here: War of the Walkers Mod


5. More Skill Points


This mod will make the easy earlier to a degree. Whenever you struggle to level up them only get one skill point it can make it feel like it wasn’t worth the time. With the More Skill Points mod, you can get between two and ten skill points per level. This can help you get those perks you have been dying for even faster.

Why More Skill Points is fun:

  • Makes the games easier without changing zombies
  • This mod is customizable choose to add between 2 and 10 skill points per level

Get the mod here: More Skill Points Per Level 

4.  Server Side Zombies

Looking for some new crazy zombies with their own special skill to dominate? Server Side Zombies can help. This mod adds 15 new zombies to the 7 days. The new zombies have a lot of HP and will give you extra XP when you kill them. It also adds a cool research camera option to give you more damage for each new picture you take of a zombie. 

Why Server Side Zombies is fun:

  • 15 new zombies including Bomber, Geist, Scarecrow, and Siren
  • Each zombie will have a 100% chance of dropping Boss Loot
  • Research camera allows you to build up extra damage with each picture taken, up to a 25% max.

Get the mod here: Server Side Zombies


3. PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest

Need more space for all that loot you found? Well, PhDGaming has the answer for you. The Ph.D. Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest mod will increase the size of your backpack and your storge chests significantly. You can never have enough storage and backpack space with all the loot available in Navezgane.


Why PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest is fun:

  • Increase backpack size to 120 slots
  • INcrease your Secure Storage Chests capacity to 143 slots
  • Applies to all new chests crafted.
  • Have fewer storage containers in your base.


Get the mod here: PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest

2. SMX Mod


The SMX mod is one of the most highly regarded mods available for 7 Days. It offers a complete redo of all the menus including the main menu, the UI,  inventory, and skills menus. This is one of the biggest issues people have with 7DTD is the UI can be a bit awkward. That is a thing of the past with SMX mod.

Why SMX Mod is fun:

  • New menu design help you see and find what you need quicker
  • HUD looks awesome and is easier to see
  • Easier inventory navigation.
  • Improved Trader window


Get the mod here: SMX 

1. Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles


One issue a lot of people have with 7 Days is the lack of vehicles. The minibike will help you get around but what if you could use a BLIMP! This mod will give you way more options including jet pack, parachute, battle bus, and an armored car. If you like exploring the map as fast as possible, install this mod today!

Why Snufkin’s Community Pack Server Side Vehicles is fun:

  • Adds new vehicles to the game
  • Ride around in a jet pack, bath blimp, hell car, and many more!!


Get the mod here: Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles


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