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In 7 Days to Die, you can mod everything from your Weapons to Tools, to Vehicles, even your Armor. Armor mods give you that extra little edge for survival, and not just from zombie attacks. Many of these mods give you little creature comforts to help you in the long run, whether that be improving your ability to move around, see at night, endure freezing temperatures or blistering heat.


1. Triple Pocket Mod

"It's called a satchel and Indiana Jones has one."

The Triple Pocket Mod is easily one of the most useful mods around as it allows you to increase your carrying capacity by three before you start dealing with encumbrance. These will likely be found mid to late game, but when you find them, no doubt you will equip them as soon as possible.



2. Bandolier Mod

Just call me the Gunslinger

The Bandolier Mod is another extremely useful mod to have equipped on any chest or leg armor because it helps you reload faster. This is especially useful on slow-reload weapons like pipe firearms. These should be relatively easy to find early in the game.



3. Impact Bracing Mod

You won't know true frustration until you're miles away from base, with a full pack, and have two broken legs.

Speaking as someone who used to have the worst habit of falling off of tall buildings, or building bases high up - the Impact Bracing Mod is something I always should have equipped. It would have saved me a lot of time hobbling around on broken legs. As the name implies, this mod not only decreases fall damage, but also increases the distance at which you can fall before you sprain or break your legs. Extremely useful, and can be found early on.



4. Customized Fittings Mod

Much better!

As you progress through the game, you will find and craft various kinds of armor - which is vital to your survival. However, while your armor rating may go up with each piece of armor (whether it be Leather, Iron or Steel,) your mobility and stamina will decrease. This means that you will move slower and lose stamina quicker while running, jumping, or using melee weapons/tools.. Each kind of armor has a different effect on your armor rating and movement. Heavy armor is the worst culprit. Negate all of the stamina and mobility reduction from armor with the Customized Fittings Mod.



5. Banded Armor Mod

I've got armor on my armor so I can defend while I defend.

Become an absolute tank with Banded Armor Plating Mods on all of your armor pieces. With the increase to your armor rating by 2, it would take quite a lot of punishment to put you down.. These can be found mid to late game while looting most POI’s but especially at places like the Shotgun Messiah Depot or Savage Country.



6.  Advanced Muffled Connectors

Sneaky, Sneaky

If sneaking is more your forte, and you prefer to silently move around and take out zombies from a distance, then the Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod will be your go-to. These can be equipped on all armor pieces and will reduce your noise by 8% each. Prepare to be a ghost when going out to your next scavenger job.



7. Cooling Mesh Mod

Chill out

Being too hot can really affect you more than you think! When you are sitting under the scorching sun with too much clothing and armor on, you will get the ‘Too Hot’ debuff and eventually the ‘Sweltering’ debuff. This reduces your hydration at a much quicker rate, and you’ll start to get dehydrated, which leads to unpleasant things like loss of stamina and death. That's where you reach for the Cooling Mesh Mod. This little beauty will keep you cool even on the hottest of days in the desert.



8. Insulated Liner Mod

Now you just need a fireplace and some hot cocoa

When wandering through  snow, no doubt at some point you will get a little chilly. When you start to go into hypothermia though, is where things can get a little dicey. You move slower, your health is reduced, and you get hungry faster. Just like with the Cooling Mesh Mod, equip the Insulated Liner to make things a little more bearable.



9. Helmet Light Mod

Never leave home without one

Nobody wants to wander around in the dark without light because while you might not see the zombies and wild animals, they can certainly see and smell you. Shed some light on the situation by equipping the Helmet Light Mod to any head armor piece.



10. Water Purifier Mod

Maybe you shouldn't be drinking straight from mud puddles

You may find yourself in a situation where you’re dying of thirst while looting a building. But bad news! You’re finding water, but it’s all murky, and cloudy, and I’m pretty sure you just saw a chunk of hair floating in the jar. Gross! Fortunately, with this mod, you can purify all water from any source as you drink it. Things are bad enough in the wasteland. No need to add Dysentery to the list.


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