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Flame on!

It’s a brutal and unforgiving world out there. If you’re going to survive for the long term among hordes of the undead, you better bring some serious firepower. It will certainly help if you run around with a big club or a gun or two, but it may not be enough. That’s when you reach for one of the numerous mods available to slap on the weapon of your choosing. Found when looting buildings or crafted, you can use them to augment your weapons and gain useful attributes like improved accuracy, better handling, bleeding effects, and much more.

1. Full Auto Mod

Squeeze that trigger until everything is dead, or you run out of ammo.

Things can go from zero to one-hundred real quick in the world of 7 Days to Die, and single-shot weapons just won’t do the trick. Open up a can of whoop-ass with the Full Auto Mod! You can attach this mod to all machine guns, the Desert Eagle, Handgun, and Auto Shotgun to increase the firing speed and fill the undead full of lead! 



2. Drum Magazine Mod

Adding more gun to your gun

The Drum Magazine Mod doubles your weapons’ magazine capacity with the downside of slightly increasing the reloading time. However. The reload time is not too much of an issue when you have enough ammunition inside a single magazine to take down a dozen zombie freaks.



3. Burning Shaft Mod

This girl is on fire!

This mod is doubly useful. On one hand - you get a chance to light zombies on fire which damages them over time, on the other, you can turn any weapon that this mod is compatible with (which includes most clubs, axes, and picks) into a pretty good light source.



4. Barbed Wire Mod

Basic, but oh, so satisfying

Wrap a swath of barbed wire around the melee weapon of your choice and go to town on all incoming zombies! The Barbed Wire mod causes a bleeding effect that can really help out in tight situations where you might get cornered. Any little bit of extra damage helps, after all.



5. Shotgun Tube Extender Mod

Just like the Drum Magazine Mod, the Shotgun Tube Extender Mod increases your loaded ammo capacity, so you have that much more firepower to fight back the undead. This mod in particular increases the magazine capacity by 37.5% which means that you will have 2-3 more rounds added. But those extra rounds loaded could mean the difference between life and death.



6. Bipod Mod

Trust me. You need this.

This mod increases your stability while aiming down the sights while increasing the sway and spread of rounds when firing from the hip. To some, this trade-off might be too much, but the increase in accuracy when aiming down the sights is incredible. Especially when you are in a tight spot and need the increased accuracy to get those headshots in.



7. Reflex Sight

Snap-On to all the headshots

The reflex sight helps you quickly acquire targets or “snap-on” zombies, dogs, bears, etc., Which dramatically increases your ability to get those critical headshots when in a run and gun situation. This Mod works on nearly all ranged weapons. 



8. Scope 2x Mod

Boom. Headshot.

There are three different types of scopes in 7 Days to Die: A 2x Zoom, a 4x Zoom, and an 8x Zoom; and while there may be many out there who prefer to shoot things from a distance, I feel that most situations require you getting within close-range to mid-range with the undead. The 2x Scope will zoom just enough for you to get a good look at a zombie head before pulling the trigger, not to mention that the reticle helps with aiming.



9. Shotgun Choke Mod

Blow them away with a concentrated blast of lead heading straight for their fat zombie faces.

Increasing the spread of your shotgun may affect more zombies with little damage, but it should be in your best interest to eliminate threats as quickly as possible, shouldn’t it?

Throw a Choke Mod on your shotgun and tighten the spread of your pellets. This also makes your crosshair smaller and increases the damage dealt at short range.



10. Cripple Em’ Mod

Lieutenant Dan, you ain't got no legs

As you progress through the game, you will notice that not every zombie shambles around and slowly swings at you. Some Zombies (notably Feral Zombies) will always run and strike fast. Grabthe Cripple Em’ Mod and open fire. This mod gives you a 20% chance to cripple bipedal targets, so you can slow down any sprinter zombies coming your way.


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