[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Clothing And How To Get Them

7 Days To Die Best Clothing
Do you sell Leather Dusters?

While clothing is technically optional in the post-apocalyptic world of 7 Days to Die, it is something to consider. It can protect you from heat and cold. Some items can give a stat boost. Then there are items that just look cool (not that you have anyone to impress). Check out these 10 Clothing options for your trek around Navezgane.

10.  Ghillie Suit - Stealth

Hey, where did you go!?

If you’re looking to hunt or just hide from other players, make sure you grab Ghillie Suit. This will reduce your viability and noise level. It has three parts, jacket pants, and hood. 

Why Ghillie Suit is Great:

  • Pants, jacket, and hood reduce visibility by 7%
  • Pants and jacket reduce noise by 5%
  • Can be crafted with plant fiber and sewing kit after reading Sniper - Completion

Clothing Name details: Ghillie Suit


9. BDU Top and Bottoms – Heat and Cold Resistance

Great for any biome!

If you are looking for clothing that can be worn all the time, BDU is your best bet. They will provide you with some heat and cold resistance, so it is suitable for general wear. ( I know you stay in the forest anyway)

Why BDU Top and Bottoms are good to have:

  • BDU Top gives you 7 Cold resist, and 8 Heat resist
  • BDU Bottoms will provide you with 8 Cold resist and 6 Heat resist
  • Cloth fragment, military fiber, and sewing kit are all you need to craft; after reading Needle and Thread - Completion  

More info on BDU: BDU Top    BDU Bottoms


8. Hazmat Suit – Cold resistance

Stay back; I know you are infected!!

Looking fabulous in the post-apocalypse is very important, so why not strut around Navezgane in a Hazmat suit. Orange is a great color.  While this won’t protect you from radiation, it is an excellent option if you need to keep warm. 

Hazmat Suit benefits:

  • Great resistance for cold. Now you can build a snow base!
  • Purchase from the trader or find while scavenging. 

More info on the Hazmat Suit can be found here: Hazmat

7. High Performance Running Shoes - Stamina

You can’t stop me!!

So… you still don’t have a vehicle? Well, get ready to start walking or running. The High Performance running shoes are great for getting where you need to be. These will give you a stamina regeneration boost, and they look cool. Why you should get some:

  • It grants you 20% stamina regeneration while running
  • Will provide some cold and heat resistance
  • The color is customizable. 

High Performance running shoes details: High-Performance_Running_Shoes

6. Cowboy Hat - Heat and Cold Resistance

Hello there, Pilgrim!

No trip through the post-apocalyptic world of Arizona is complete without your trusty Cowboy hat. This hat gives you protection from Heat and Cold. It will work best to keep the sun off you in the desert. 

Give the cowboy hat a try because it:

  • It can be modified to change the color
  • Grants 11 heat resistance and four cold resistance
  • There is a mod to make any helmet look like a cowboy hat!

Cowboy Hat details: Cowboy  Hat

5. Leather Duster – Heat Resistance

Fine Corinthian Leather!  

The leather duster is classified as an overcoat to give you that added layer of protection from the heat and cold. Plus, who doesn’t love to wear leather! You can find this while looting or purchase it from the trader. Here why you should grab it:

  • Great for the desert with 21 heat resistance
  • It Will also give you some protection from the cold with 14 cold resistance
  • Can customize the color with dye
  • You can add the clothing pocket mod to this item  

Leather Duster info: Duster

4. Hooded Sweatshirt – Cold resistance

Don’t leave home without your favorite hoody!

The hooded sweatshirt is also a good option for the cold if you come across it. This would work well with the puffer coat for excellent cold protection. Here’s why you shouldn’t see it if you find one:

  • Great for the cold weather with 14 cold resistance
  • It can be dyed to match your eyes
  • Add the pocket mod for some extra space

More info found here: Hooded Sweatshirt

3. Cigar - Bartering

Hey, no smoking!!

It may not seem like clothing, but the cigar is classified as such due to it being attached to your character. I know smoking isn’t the healthiest habit (who cares now anyway), but it will make the trader like you better and boost barter. Here’s why you should take up smoking:

  • 10% increase to bartering
  • Get the strength of a manly man with + one strength
  • It just looks cool
  • It can be crafted with plant fibers, paper, and testosterone extract.

Cigar specs: Cigar

2. Lucky Goggles - Loot

You can’t have too much luck.

 Tired of getting sand in your eyes. Grab yourself some Lucky Googles. Not only will you look cool, but you will get a loot bonus while wearing them

  • +4 looting bonus
  • Will give protection based on which armor it is paired with 
  • Grab some from the trader or by looting    

Lucky Goggles info: Lucky Goggles

1. Puffer Coat – Cold Resistance

Its Gortex!

Looking for some extra protection from the cold. As an overcoat, the puffer coat will add cold resistance to your armor. Craft after reading the schematic, find while looing or pick one up from the trader. 

Why the Puffer Coat is Great:

  • Exceptional cold resistance with 24
  • If you have nothing else, it will give one heat resistance
  • It can be dyed and add a pocket mod for more space

More information on the puffer coat: Puffer Coat



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