[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Harvesting Tools

[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Harvesting Tools

Across the desolate lands of Navezgane, there are several things you will need to harvest. Plants, iron, stone, meat, wood, and oil shale, just to name a few. One thing to keep in mind, there is a best tool for every job. The best tool will give you the most resources and be the most efficient way to harvest.

Here are the top 5 best harvesting tools in 7 days to die! 

5. Fists - Best for Harvesting Plants and Crops

Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind!

When it comes to harvesting plants and crops, the best tools are the ones you are born with. Using your fists to gather crops and plants will save you wear and tear on your stone axe or tool of choice. You can also upgrade the “Living off the Land” perk to harvest more with each punch.

What Fists are good for:

  • Harvesting plants
  • Harvesting your crops
  • Punching Zombies

How To Get Fists:

  • Lucky you, they come with your character

4. Machete - Best for Harvesting Animals 

These chickens never stood a chance!

Bladed weapons can help kill zombies or harvesting materials. The machete is the best choice for getting that meat of the chicken you just nailed with a perfectly placed arrow. The bone knife and hunting knife are also good tools for this job; the machete will get it done faster. If you are looking to get more meat from the animal you nail, max out the Huntsman perk and read all the volumes of the Huntsmans Journal.

What Machete is good for:

  • Harvesting meat and resources from animals
  • Is an excellent bladed weapon
  • Add burning shaft mod for a flaming knife!

How To Get the Machete: 

Buy from Trader Joel or one of the other traders

  • Get lucky while looting
  • Craft on your own, at a workbench, and after reading the Machete schematic using:
  • 5x Machete Parts
  • 10x Forged Steel
  • 10x Wood
  • 3x Leather
  • 3x Duct Tape 

3. Chainsaw - Best for Harvesting Wood

Who needs a fire axe?

The Chainsaw is hands down the best tool for harvesting wood. While you do need to find or craft one, you will have as many forges as you need running 24/7. Just keep in mind you will need gas to run the Chainsaw, but it doesn’t cost any stamina to use. Just be careful; chainsaws tend to attract screamer zombies due to the high heat level. Watch your back!!

What the Chainsaw is good for:

  • Taking down trees like a boss
  • Can be used for melee attacks
  • Can be used to harvest meat, but it’s not the best tool for the job

How To Get the Chainsaw:

  • Buy from your local trader
  • Loot a Working Stiff Tools
  • Make your own at a workbench, and after reading the schematic using
  • 5x Motor Tool Parts
  • 1x Bicycle Handlebars
  • 1x Engine
  • 10x Forged Steel

2. Impact Driver - Best for Harvesting Crafting Components

I used to be a mechanic, but then the world ended.

Depending on what you decide to craft during your time in Navezgane, you will need to take apart cars and other electrical equipment. The best tool for this job is the Impact Driver. The Impact Driver will get you the max amount of resources in the shortest amount of time. You can also max out the Salvage Compontesnt perk to do 50% more damage, harvest 100% faster, and get 100% more resources. 

What the Impact Driver is good for:

  • Harvesting parts from mechanical and electrical items

How To Get the Impact Driver:

  • Find one at a Working Stiff Tools
  • Buy one from a trader
  • Craft your own at a workbench after having read the schematic with 
  • 5x Motor Tool Parts
  • 16x Forged Steel
  • 6x Mechanical Parts
  • 3x Spring
  • 3x Duct Tape

1. Auger - Best for Mining Resources

Watch for falling rocks!!

The Auger is by far the best tool in the game. Mining resources has never been easier than when you can finally get your hands on this bad boy! It makes mining stone, iron, oil shale, sand, coal, and nitrate powder faster than ever. To get the most from using the Auger, be sure to throw some points into Miner 69er and Mother Lode. Also, reading the Art of Ming books will help. 

What the Auger is good for:

  • Mining!!!!
  • You can use it as a weapon too

How To Get the Auger:

  • Get very lucky when scavenging
  • See if the trader can help
  • Craft one for yourself at a workbench using
  • 5x Motor Tool Parts
  • 1x Bicycle Handlebars
  • 1x Engine
  • 10x Forged Steel

If you have trouble finding one at the trader, throw some points into Better Barter. This can help increase the chances the trader will have one.


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