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Surviving the zombie apocalypse requires a varied set of skills, but which ones stand out as the best? 

In many survival crafting games, success can be achieved through skill, practice, or just plain luck. But in a game like “7 Days to Die”, there’s one more factor you can contribute – Attributes and Perks.

The Perk system is simple enough to understand: Experience is gained in all actions (whether that be in mining, crafting, completing quests, or beating zombies back to the grave where they belong.) Once you gain a level, you also gain a skill point that can be spent on Perks and their determining attributes. Be careful though, spending your points carelessly can put you at a disadvantage the game progresses.


1. Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Hey baby, let's mine all night long...

Every action takes up your precious stamina. Every step while running, every swing of a weapon or tool, even aiming drains your stamina. Without some training, you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage when you’re out of breath and zombies are bearing down on you. The Sexual Tyrannosaurus Perk gives you that little boost to keep swinging!



2. Living off the Land

Why don't farmers laugh at jokes? Because they're all too corny.

Nobody likes an empty belly. When you’re hungry, it affects every part of your life. Your stamina gets reduced with every level of hunger, and once you start starving, you start to steadily lose health over time. Now, you can always find canned food while looting, but that never really fills you up. Sounds like it’s time to put some farming skills to use and grow your food. With the Living off the Land Perk, you can learn how to craft seeds from vegetables found while looting and plant them in crafted farm plots.



3. Greasemonkey

Why, it could be greased lightnin'!

Cardio is good for the heart and all, but what you really want is a set of wheels. Trust us - eventually, you will have to cover long distances to scavenge more. What better than a sweet ride to get you from Point A to Point B? Not to mention, all vehicles have an on-board storage box. Now that’s convenient! Even better, you’ll be able to take to the skies once you max out this perk.



4. Advanced Engineering

All the things!

Building your base out of scrap wood, and clearing a building with a spare baseball bat that you found while looting is nice and all. But you won’t survive long without a serious upgrade. With this perk, you will learn how to make Forges that can break down raw materials and craft necessary items like Forged Iron, Workbenches that will open up the ability to craft anything your heart desires, and Cement Mixers to churn out concrete mix - perfect for reinforcing your walls.



5. Parkour


Sometimes raw firepower and brute strength just don’t cut it against waves of the undead. Eventually, you will have to decide to cut and run. This perk will make escaping a breeze by increasing how high you will be able to jump, how far you will be able to fall without taking damage, and best of all - eventually eliminating the chance of getting a sprain or broken bones.



6. Pummel Pete

Batter up!

When you wake in the middle of the wasteland you will have nothing on your person, save for some bare essentials. You will have to grab the first thing available to defend against shambling zombies all around you, which will be a wooden club. Chances are it will be your only weapon for a while. With the Pummel Pete Perk (say that three times fast) you will gain more power in your swings as you progress, and even learn to make stronger clubs, including a baseball bat.



7. Archery

Let fly!

Grab a bow and channel your inner Legolas. The Archery perk is a hidden gem in 7 Days to Die. With arrows that are extremely easy to craft or find, you will never run out of ammo. Better yet - the bow is completely silent and multiplies the damage output when sneaking up on a zombie. Perfect for those night missions where all the zombies are asleep.



8. Machine Gunner


With each level of this perk, you gain more and more skill with all Assault Rifles like the AK-47, Tactical Rifle, and M60. With more damage output and a quicker reload, not a thing will touch you during a Blood Moon Horde.



9. Motherlode

"Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay"

Survival and Looting are great and all, but your equipment and base will need some serious upgrades sooner or later. Eventually, those hordes will tear through your new home like tissue paper. That’s where the Motherlode perk comes in. Chop down some trees with an Axe or mine some iron or lead with your trusty Pickaxe. Every level of this perk will yield more gained from resources. This Perk is best accompanied with the Miner 69’er Perk.



10. Miner 69’er

"I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole..."

This Perk will give you the skills to craft better tools for gathering resources. Not only that, but with each level of this Perk, you will increase how much damage you deal on whatever you are beating up, making collecting that much quicker. Best used with the Motherlode Perk.


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