[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Ammo Types And How To Get Them

7 Days To Die Best Ammo
Out of gas??

There are obviously many ways to kill zombies in 7 days to die. Sometimes, a good gun or bow can be a great way to keep your enemies at a distance. Knowing what ammo to use is essential. Each gun and crossbow has a few options to choose from. Check out 5 of the best ones in the game.

5. 7.62 Bullet (Armor Piercing)

Ferals are no match for my AK!!

This is one of the three types of 7.62mm ammo found in the game. It can be used in the Hunting and Marksman rifles, AK-47, tactical, and machine gun. This gives you more options as the where you can use the rounds. The ammo also grants you more damage against armored enemies.

 Why you need 7.62mm AP Rounds:

·         Can be used in 5 different guns.

·         Armor modifier of +100%

·         Can be crafted at Workbench with bullet tip, gun powder, and bullet casing

7.62mm AP Round details: 7.62mm

4. Shotgun Slug

Never leave home without your trusty shotgun

If you love the up close and personal feel of a shotgun, make sure to grab some slugs to use for your weapon. Shotgun slugs are one of three shotgun ammo available. Slugs grant decent entity and block damage, making it the ideal choice for your shotgun.

Why Shotgun Slugs are Awesome:

·         Use only one projectile for more centralized damage

·         96 entity damage

·         80 block damage

Shotgun Slug details: Shotgun Slug

3. .44 Magnum Bullet

Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

The .44 magnum is just a fun weapon. Luckily it is also a powerful one. If you find ammo for this gun, make sure you hang on to it as it can be rare.

Why .44 magnum ammo is your best friend:

·         Does 70 entity damage

·         Can be crafted without a schematic or perk required

·         Craft at a workbench with bullet tip, bullet casing, and gun powder  

Ammo Name details: .44 magnum

2. Exploding Crossbow Bolt

Sneak attack!

If you are old-fashioned and prefer to use a crossbow, the exploding blot is a necessity. Find the exploding crossbow bolt schematic, and you can make these whenever you feel the need to blow up some zombies.

Why you should invest in Exploding Crossbow Bolts:

·         250 entity damage

·         four-block exploding range

·         Craft at a workbench with steel arrowhead, wood, feather, gun powder, and duct tape


More info on Exploding Crossbow Bolts found here: Exploding Bolt

1. Rocket Frag

Boom, Boom, Boom!!

So you can’t resist the call of the obnoxious, oversized weapon? Then rocket frags are what you should keep handy. It is the better of the two options you have for rocket launcher ammo. After finding the Rocket Launcher Schematic or reaching level 4 of the Demolitions Expert perk, you can craft these yourself.

Why Rockets Frags are a must:

·         650 entity damage

·         6-block explosion range

·         Can be crafted with buckshot, gun powder, duct tape, gas can, and rocket casing

Rocket Frag details: Rocket Frag


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