[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Blunt Weapons And How To Get Them

7 Days To Die Best Blunt Weapons
Sledgehammer to tree!!

Blunt weapons are an excellent choice for smashing skulls in Navezgane. They can also be used as tools to make destroying blocks much more effortless. No matter how you choose to use them, they are fantastic to have at your disposal. Here are the best blunt weapons you can choose from.

5. Baseball Bat (Best for Early Game)

Baseball Bat Smash!!

The baseball bat is a great blunt weapon that can be procured early in the game. You can find, buy or craft the bat and it will work with plenty of mods. You can craft your own after learning level 1 of Pummel Pete or reading the schematic. Make sure you have forged iron, wood, leather, and duct tape on hand for the crafting.

Why the Baseball Bat is Great:

Can be modded

  • Entity damage - 17.4 - 34.8
  • Block Damage - 14.6 - 29.2
  • Each level of Pummel Pete will allow the crafting of a better bat.

Baseball Bat details: Baseball Bat

4. Stone Sledgehammer (Best for Early Game) 

Thats an ax, not a sledgehammer!!

If the need for a sledgehammer hits you early on in the game, the stone sledgehammer is the one for you. You don’t need a schematic or perks to craft a stone sledgehammer, making it ideal for early in the game. If you line up your shot perfectly, a stone sledgehammer can kill a basic zombie in one shot. A stone sledgehammer is an excellent tool for getting rid of blocks providing 61.2 block damage with a power attack.

Why the Stone Sledgehammer is Great:    

  • No schematics or perks needed to craft
  • Can be a good block destroying tool
  • Only one stone is needed to repair
  • Entity Damage: 17.5 - 39.4

Stone Sledgehammer details: Stone Sledgehammer

3. Steel Club (Best for Mid Game)

You are gonna need a steel club, not wood!!

The name Steel Club just sounds painful. Hitting zombies with the club will damage them a fair amount. The club can also work as a block-destroying tool but isn’t the most effective. The club is better for mid-game due to needing Steel CLub parts and the schematic to craft

Why Steel Club is Great:

  • Can be modded
  • A better quality club can be made with each level of Pummel Pete acquired
  • Entity Damage: 26.2 - 54.4

Steel Club details: Steel Club

2. Iron Sledgehammer (Best for Mid Game)

This is nothing to lose your head over! 

The iron sledgehammer is an excellent upgrade to the stone sledgehammer. The iron sledgehammer will provide more damage to zombies than the stone sledge, and it can be modded. It is also a great tool for breaking blocks providing 58.3 - 131.2 block damage. You will need to find the schematic or acquire level 1 of the Skull Crusher perk to craft this beauty. 

Why Iron Sledgehammer is Great:

  • Entity damage: 30.8 - 69.3
  • Block damage: 58.3 - 131.2
  • Can be modded
  • Great tool for smashing blocks   

Iron Sledgehammer details: Iron Sledgehammer 

1. Steel Sledgehammer (Best for Late Game)


The steel sledgehammer is the best sledgehammer available in the game. It is also an amazing tool for breaking blocks. It is a great head-smashing weapon as it will kill zombies in one headshot. It will use a lot of stamina per swing but buying perks to offset this make it a valuable resource.

Why Steel Sledgehammer is Great:

  • Amazing block damage 85 - 191.3
  • Great entity damage: 46.2 - 104
  • Can be modded

Steel Sledgehammer details: Steel Sledgehammer

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