[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Base Designs

Yeah, that will work.

Looking for a place to call home?

Having a strong and secure base is key when playing 7DTD. Not only will it protect you on horde night, but you will need somewhere to call home (well… as nice of a home you can have post-apocalypse). Plus, where else will you keep all the Sham that you have been hoarding. 

Here are some bases of varying building difficulty, that will help you out when the blood moon rises!!

Quick note, they have tested all these in Alpha 19.

10. Beginner Base

You have to start somewhere


So, you just started a new game and everything is going fine until it gets dark. Zombies are coming for you and you need some way to fight them off. 

This “base” is something you can build in a couple of minutes to get you by for a few days. 

  • Easy and fast to construct 
  • You can make it out of wood frames to start and upgrade later when you have the materials.
  • You can use melee attacks and guns to defend yourself.
  • Will keep you safe at night until you create your improved base.


9. Pillar Base

Rise above!

Looking for something with a little more real estate to work with? Got you covered. You can also build this base early on, with the bonus of upgrading it like crazy so you can use it all the way to day 700! (If you can survive that long)

  • Easy to defend
  • Great for using guns or ranged attacks
  • Enough room if you’re looking to store any items


8. Expansion Base


Protection from above!

This base starts out basic, but can be transformed into a strong mega base for later in the game. 

  • Protection from vultures
  • Funnels zombies so they are easy to pick off
  • Room for storage. You should always have supplies near you!


7. Killing Corridor

Come this way!

Funnel the zombies so you have more control over where they go to die! 

  • Uses only a few resources
  • Doesn't take long to build.
  • Zombies won't destroy it, only run along it
  • Can be used with melee or ranged attacks


6. Underwater Base

Down in the deep blue sea

You don’t need to be on dry land to protect yourself. Take a dip into a lake (it’s refreshing!) and a great place for a hidden base.

  • You should have no issue with defense 
  • Zombies move slower in the water, giving you more time to deal with them
  • Hard to find which is a plus for PvP


5. Underground Horde Base

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Deep underground base set up to bring the zombies to you. Gun them down or fight them with your fists, the choice is yours!

  • Large pit for zombies to fall into
  • Slots for gun turrets
  • Tunnels for repairs 
  • Electric fences to keep zombies at bay.


4. Underground Bunker

This is mine now!!

Too lazy to build something of your own? Why should you when there is an awesome bunker right outside? Check out this underground bunker located in a neighborhood.

  • Multiple exits. (Always a plus!)
  • Great location in a forest town.
  • Lots of loot!!


3. Floating Base


Looking to take a minimalist approach to your base? Check out this floating base made of ladders.

  • Quick to build
  • Uses few resources
  • Great for killing zombies with ranged weapons or projectiles


2. Coastal Zombie Sink Base

Can zombies swim??

Use the water to your advantage with this base. It will help slow down the zombies so you can pick them off faster. 

  • Using water allows you to build without flat terrain
  • Allows you to funnel zombies
  • Electric fences!!


1. Ultimate Horde Base

You'll never get me!!

This base is a BEAST!! You will always have the upper hand and no need to work about it getting beat up during a horde night. 

  • Dart traps, gun turrets, electric fences
  • Space for storage
  • The electricity helps stop zombies from destroying the base
  • Can use melee or ranged attacks to kill zombies who threaten your base.



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