[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Ammo Types You Need

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Fire at will!

Yeah... That'll do...

Different weapons can greatly affect your survivability in 7 Days to Die, but the ammo you use with those different weapons can change things up a little bit more. So lock and load, and read on to find what kinds of ammo types will give you the biggest bang for your buck!


1. Exploding Crossbow Bolt Ammo

Stand back... You're in the splash zone.

At the top of the list stands the Exploding Crossbow Bolts. It’s like strapping an active grenade onto the tip of a crossbow bolt and deals roughly the same amount of damage. If you have a large group of zombies bearing down on you. Reach for a bundle of these and they will be a problem no more!

Found: Trader, Can be crafted after reading Ranger’s Guide to Archery Vol 2



2. Exploding Arrow Ammo

"What could be safer?"

The Exploding Arrows are a close second to the Exploding Crossbow Bolts. While there is a little less damage comparatively, and your compound bow takes up a good chunk of the screen when aiming, the reload speed is much faster, allowing you to fire off many more in a shorter period of time.

Found: Trader, Can be crafted after reading Ranger’s Guide to Archery Vol 2



3. AP 7.62 Ammo


The AP (Armor Piercing) 7.62 Ammo is incredibly useful when fending off hordes of the undead. With a +10 to damage from regular 7.62 ammunition. The Armor-Piercing variant also ignores 50% of armor - which is especially useful against armored zombies like Bikers, and Soldiers.

Found: Trader, Can be crafted after reading Sniper Vol. 6



4. Shotgun AP Slug

"One big slug flying straight for your fat, zombie face!"

The Shotgun has always been a staple weapon against the undead. With a wide spread of pellets being thrown at high speeds - It is a literal killing machine. With this ammo type, instead of a handful of pellets being shot out, you have one single slug that deals incredible damage - especially when it can also penetrate any zombie and armor. This ammo type will cut through a horde in no time!

Found: Trader, Can be crafted after reading Shotgun Messiah Vol 4



5. AP 9mm Ammo

"Just use all the ammo. You'll find more."

Finally, we have the AP (Armor Piercing) 9mm Ammo. This is especially effective when used with the SMG-5’s full-auto capabilities. Like with other AP ammo types - this ammo type will penetrate regular zombies and ignore 50% of armored enemies like the Soldier.

Found: Trader, Can be crafted after reading Pistol Pete Vol. 6


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