[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Defense Tips

7 Days To Die Best Defense Tips
I need a better strategy!

10. Land Mines


Land mines are an excellent way to keep you and your base safe. There are a few varieties, so there will be at least one to meet your needs. These include Cooking Pot Mine, Hub Cap Land Mine, Tin Land Mine, and the Air Filter Land Mine.

  • Cooking Pot Mines can be crafted with: Scrap Iron x10, Gun Powder x10, Cooking Pot x1, and Duct Tape x2
  • Hub Cap Land Mines can be crafted with: Forged Iron x1, Gun Powder x8, Nails x1, and Duct Tape x1
  • Air Filter Land Mines can be crafted with Scarp Iron x25, Gun Powder x20, Car Air Filter x1, Duct Tape x1, and Spring x1.
  • Tin Land Mines can be crafted with Scrap Iron x10, Gun Powder x8, Candy Tin Can x1, and Duct Tape x1

How to Use Land Mines:

  • Mines can be crafted at a workbench. 
  • Make sure you invest in the Demolitions Expert Perk to unlock all the schematics.
  • Once crafted, place them in your toolbar and place them where you can do the most damage. 
  • Keep in mind they can damage blocks too!

9. Spike Pits

No one is getting out of there alive!

Building yourself a spike pit is a tremendous defense tactic. These can be placed anywhere for you to lure zombies to their demise. These can be fashioned in a few ways, including placing traps of your choice at the bottom. The idea is the make it as strong as possible, so you don’t need to repair too much after a horde night. 

How to Make a Spike Pit:

  • Dig out an area of your choosing to start the build.
  • Preferably near your base, or if you want to lure zombies away from your base, you can place it further away and lure them to it during a horde night. 
  • Place wood spikes or any trap of your choosing at the bottom.
  • Build up the sides and close in only about half of the top. You will need to have an opening to allow zombies to fall in.
  • After a horde night, repair the damage and repeat. 

8. Steel Blocks

It’s so shiny!

I’m sure you know by now you need to have a fantastic base to guard you against the zombies. What you make the base out of is just as important as the design. You can choose from wood, iron, or concrete for your blocks. These will protect you, but why not use the best available. Steel blocks will give you the best protection, and they look nice!

How to Make Steel Blocks:

  • Start by making concrete blocks with crushed sand, small stone, and cement at a cement mixer.
  • Place the blocks where ever you need them.
  • Now you will need to upgrade them, use a construction tool and x10 concrete mix to upgrade the block. It will become a Poured Reinforced concrete Block.
  • Allow about 20 minutes for it to dry. It will now be a Reinforced Concrete Block.
  • This block will then upgraded to a Steel Block using x10 Forged Steel.

7. Spikes or Barbed Wire

Oww, that’s sharp!

Spikes and barbed wire are great for protecting your base or anything else you want to keep zombies away from. They are easy to craft and can be placed just about anywhere. These are great tools to always have on hand.

How to Create Spikes and Barbed Wire:

  • Wood Spikes are very simple to craft which makes them ideal for early game defense. 20 wood is all you need to craft these from your inventory. 
  • Barbed Wire is easy to make as well. 15 Iron will get the job done.
  • Once they have finished crafting, place them around your bases for added protection.

6. Gun Turrets

Time to bring in the big guns!

Gun turrets are a great way to defend your base and yourself. The  Robotic Turret can be used in manual and sentry mode. You can also fit several mods on the turrets to improve functionality. No matter how many turrets you have, only one will be active at a time. The one closest to you will activate first until it runs out of ammo. The exception is the level 5 RObotics Inventor perk. This will allow you to have two turrets active at once. 

How to Create Gun Turrets:

  • Robotic Turret - This turret can be crafted using x4 Robotics Parts, x40 Forged Steel, x10 Duct Tape, x10 Scrap Polymers, and x10 Spring. This will need to be crafted at a workbench once you read the RObotic Turret Schematic.
  • SMG Auto Turret - Crafted with x1 Motion Sensor, x30 Forged Steel, x3 Handgun PArts, x10 OIl, and x5 Scrap Polymers. This needs to be done on a workbench. You will also need Advanced Engineering level 5 to craft. 
  • Shotgun Auto Turret - Craft the beauty with x40 Forged Steel, x15 Scrap Polymers, x15 Oil, x1 Motion Sensor, and x3 SHotgun Parts. This needs to be done at a Workbench and after attaining level 4 Advanced Engineering.
  • Once crafted, place them on a flat surface and let the fun begin. Make sure you lock the ammo in place after reloading or, the gun won’t fire. 

5. Water Entry Base

But, I can’t swim!

Making it difficult to find or get into your base is a great way to deter zombies and other players alike. Choosing to make your entire base underwater or even just the entrance is a good defense strategy. 

How to Create an Underwater base:

  • Check out this video for tips on making your underwater bases.
  • You can use one technique to dig a channel two blocks tall and one block wide and down one block underwater. Once you have the desired length, drop the channel down another block. This will force the zombies to swim while you drop into the channel. 

4. Underground Base

Hope you aren’t claustrophobic.

The best way to defend your base is to make it impossible to find. Building your bases underground will make it very difficult to find unless you know where to look. Zombies can’t get to you, and other players may have trouble as well. 

How to Make an Underground Base:

  • Check out this video for some tips on making an underground base entrance.
  • You can essentially create an underground base where ever you want. One good tip is to dig into a mountain, so you don’t have to worry about covering the top after making your base.


3. Zombie Funnel Bases AKA Killing Corridor

Welcome to the Killing Corridor.

This is a cool technique that you can use to funnel zombies to their death. This can be attached to any above-ground base to make horde night a whole lot easier to manage. The idea is to funnel the zombies to one location, then pick them off. Blow them up or let your gun turret blast them to bits. 

How to Get Started:

  • Check out the video for the easiest way to set up your killing corridor
  • There is a particular way you need to set up the block to ensure the zombies go where you need them. This is a great place to hang out during a horde night. 

2. Armor

Now, I can handle anything!

Not only do you need to protect your base, but you also need to protect yourself. The time will come when you will be in close combat with a zombie. If they start to wail on you, you will want to be protected. There are many types of armor to choose from, depending on your play style. Make or find some armor so you can kick those zombies to the curb!

How to Deploy:

  • Find, create, or by the armor of your choosing.
  • Depending on your play style, pick an armor that suits your needs. 
  • Steel Armor will offer the most protection overall, but you will make more noise when you move.
  • Padded Armor will give you some protection and maximum mobility. This is best for stealth.


1. Be Prepared

Yes, the best defense is a good offense.

This may sound silly, but the best way to defend yourself is to be ready whenever you need to kick some butt. Get your armory stocked, craft every type of ammo you can. Make traps and spikes. Don’t forget Land mines can be your best friend. If you have everything you need to take care of those troublesome zombies, you will be all set. 

How to Deploy:

  • Craft Armor
  • Craft all guns and ammo types
  • Make land mines, spikes, and traps
  • Fortify your base

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