[Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Early Weapons And How To Get Them

7 Days To Die Best Early Weapons
Stay back!! I have fire!!

Starting a game in 7 Days to Die is always fun. I love generating a brand new map and exploring it. Where is the trader? What biomes are present? It’s all fun and games until you encounter that first zombie. Now, what do I do? There are plenty of weapons you can get early on in your game. Here are 5 of the best ones. 

5. Wooden club (Melee)

Two heads are better to smash than one. 

The wooden club is one of the first things you are likely to make in the game. It is only made from wood and needs no schematics or perks to craft. It is far from the best game weapon, but it is nice to have when the zombies come knocking.

•    Craft with only five wood

•    You can use both basic and power attacks

•    13-20 Entity damage

•    11-17 block damage

•    Can be modded

Full Wooden Club Specs found here: Wooden Club

4. Baseball bat (Melee)

Zombies love taking a bat to the face.

The baseball bat is a basic, straightforward weapon. It is a step up from the wooden club but can still be crafted early on. You will need to acquire level 1 of Pummel Pete or, if you are lucky enough to stumble across the schematic.  Don’t forget to mod it!!

•    Crafted with Forged Iron, Wood, Leather, and Duct Tape

•    Compatible with several mods

•    17-25 entity damage

•    15-21 block damage

•    Needs level one of Pummel Pete  

Baseball Bat details: Baseball Bat


3. Primitive Bow (Ranged)

I used to be a great zombie until I took an arrow to the back.

If you are looking to keep your distance from zombies, getting yourself set up with a bow is a wise choice. The primitive bow may not be the strongest, but you can use five types of ammo to maximize your damage. 

•    Craft with only Plant Fibers and Wood

•    Can be modded

•    Can use Stone, Iron, Steel, Flaming, and Exploding arrows 

•    Has a decent range of 100 blocks

Check out more details here: Primitive Bow

2. Blunderbuss (Ranged)

Say Cheese!!

A gun is always your best defense against the zombies. If you are lucky, you may find one early in the game at a Shotgun Messiah. If you haven’t come across one yet or don’t want to scavenge, you can craft a Blunderbuss for yourself. It is a single-shot firearm, but It can pack a punch.

•    Fires 8 projectiles per shot

•    Craft with only Short Iron Pipe, Glue and Wood

•    Great for close combat

•    Is compatible with some gun mods

•    Ammo is crafted with Small Stone, Gun Powder, and Paper

Full details can be found here: Blunderbuss

1. Iron Knuckles (Melee)

Stay still, and let me knock your head off!!

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction you feel from punching a zombie until his head explodes. (At least for me). The iron knuckles are a magnificent weapon for hand-to-hand melee combat. With only a couple of well-placed punches, you can have the zombies on their butts. The only requirement to craft is having The Brawler level 1.

•    Craft with Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts, Leather, and Duct Tape.

•    9-13 Entity Damage

•    3-4 Block Damage

•    Can perform a power attack with these

All the specs for Iron Knuckles are found here: Iron Knuckles

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