[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Weapons And How To Get Them

7 Days To Die Best Weapons
Gonna need a better weapon!

Weapons are a critical part of staying alive in 7 Days. Which ones should you be on the lookout for? While to game features many weapons, here are ten that you should hang onto if you happen to find them.

10. Steel Sledgehammer (Best for Close Combat)

The trader didn’t have the schematic!!

The Steel Sledgehammer is arguably the best melee weapon in 7 Days To Die. It offers excellent levels of entity and block damage. One direct hit to a zombie’s head can render it incapacitated. 

The steel sledgehammer can be crafted, looted, or bought from the trader.

What's Great About Steel Sledgehammer:

  • Compatible with mods
  • Entity Damage - 46.2
  • Power Attack Entity Damage - 104
  • Block Damage     - 85
  • Power Attack Block Damage    - 191.3
  • Range - 2.6   

Steel Sledgehammer details: Steel Sledgehammer

9.Steel Club ( Best for Close Combat)


The steel club is a great melee weapon for anyone who wants a bit more speed than the sledgehammer offers. It will also use a lot less stamina per swing. The steel club can be crafted after reading the schematic. It can also be looted or bought from the trader. 

What is Great about the Steel Club:

  • Entity Damage - 26.2
  • Power Attack Entity Damage    - 54.4
  • Block Damage     - 22.1
  • Power Attack Block Damage    - 44.2
  • Range    - 2.4
  • Attacks per Minute - 52
  • Chance for dismemberment
  • Compatible with mods 

Steel Club details: Steel Club

8. Blunderbuss ( Best for Early Game Attacks )


The Blunderbuss is an excellent weapon for early in the game. No schematic is needed to craft it, and you only need a short iron pipe, glue, and wood to get started. The blunderbuss will launch eight projectiles at a time and do some severe damage at short range.

What is Great about the Blunderbuss:

  • Entity Damage - 96
  • Block Damage - 16
  • Effective Range - 5
  • Fires 8 projectiles per shot
  • Can have mods attached
  • Easy to craft

Blunderbuss details: Blunderbuss

7. Double Barrel Shotgun ( Best for Ranged Attacks)

Flaming zombies should be killed to prevent forest fires!

The double barrel shotgun is a great weapon the have in your arsenal. It is easy to find around Navezgane and can use three types of ammo. The only drawback is you will need to reload every two shots, but if you land those too, you will have plenty of time to reload. 

Why the double barrel shotgun is great:

  • Can use three types of ammo. Shotgun Shell, Shotgun Slug, and Shotgun Breaching Slug.
  • It has great range when using Shotgun Slugs as ammo.
  • Can blast through doors with ease if using Shotgun Breaching Slug
  • Can have mods attached to increase power.

Double Barrel Shotgun details: Double Barrel Shotgun

6. Pump Shotgun ( Best for Ranged Attacks)

I don’t care if this is your farm!  

The pump shotgun is another great option for shotgun lovers. The pump shotgun can deal a great amount of damage to your enemies. It can hold 8 rounds before needing to be reloaded and will work well with mods.

Why the pump shotgun is great:

  • Hold 8 rounds
  • Can use Shotgun Shell, Shotgun Slug, and Shotgun Breaching Slug for ammo
  • Can fire 60 rounds per minute 

Pump Shotgun Details: Pump Shotgun

5. Tactical Assault Rifle (Best for Fast Ranged Attacks) 


The Tactical Assult Rifle is a great automatic weapon that will rip zombies to shreds! It can fire up to 405 rounds per minute ( if you have that many) and use three ammo types. The tactical assault rifle can be crafted once you read the schematic.

Why the Tactical Assault Rifle is Great:

  • Can use 7.62mm bullets ( Regular, AP, and HP)
  • Fires up to 405 rounds per minute
  • Mods can be attached to make it even better

Tactical Assault Rifle details: Tactical Assault Rifle

4. Sniper Rifle ( Best for Long Range Attacks )

Too close? 

The sniper rifle is a great weapon that can be used in several ways. If you are into stealth, it can be a great asset to keeping you quiet. Even if you aren’t sneaking up on anyone, the sniper rife offers great firepower. Adding mods can improve the ease of use and improve firepower. 

Why Sniper Rifle is Great: 

  • Effective at long range. 
  • Can kill most zombies with one well-placed shot
  • Uses 7.62mm ammo types ( Regular, HP, and AP ) 

Sniper Rifle details: Sniper Rifle

3. Compound Crossbow (Best for Medium to Long Range Attacks)

 Can you kill a cactus?

If you are old-fashioned or looking for a stealthy weapon, the compound crossbow is for you. Not only will it reload automatically, but it can also use five types of bolts. Take care when using at short range as it does take a few seconds to reload. 

Why the Compound Crossbow is Great:

  • Can use Stone Crossbow Bolt, Iron Crossbow Bolt, Steel Crossbow Bolt, Flaming Crossbow Bolt, and Exploding Crossbow Bolt
  • Is compatible with mods
  • Some ammo types can be crafted with minimal resources

Compound Crossbow details: Compound Crossbow

2. Auto Shotgun ( Best for Fast Short Ranged Attacks ) 

You’re dead, and you’re dead, and you’re dead….

The Auto Shotgun is arguably the best shotgun in the game. It is a tier 3 weapon and can fire 70 rounds per minute.  It can use any of the three shotgun ammo types. Zombies won’t stand a chance with this gun at the ready. 

Why the Auto Shotgun is Great:

  • It’s an Auto Shotgun!
  • Can use Shotgun Shell, Shotgun Slug, and Shotgun Breaching Slug for ammo
  • It is compatible with a range of mods

Auto Shotgun details: Auto Shotgun


1. .44 Magnum ( Best for Close to Mid Range Attacks)

Are you feeling lucky?

The magnum is an outstanding handgun that should be at the top of anyone’s list. One headshot can take down even powerful zombies at close range. It can use three types of .44 magnum ammo and will hold six rounds before needing to reload. It might only be a handgun, but don’t underestimate the power of a .44 Magnum!!

Why the .44 Magnum is Awesome:

  • It’s a Magnum so, of course, its awesome
  • Can use 3 .44 magnum bullet types ( Regular, AP, and HP)
  • Will fire 100 rounds per minute

.44 Magnum details: .44 Magnum

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