Top 11 Games Like State of Decay

Top 11 Games Like State of Decay
Ready for some horror?


Addicted to State of Decay and need a new fix? Check out the top 11 games like State of Decay and get your gaming needs in check.

Are you hooked on State of Decay and need a new game in your life that’ll fill the void in your gaming heart? Check out the top 11 games like State of Decay and find the game you’ve been looking for. 


11. Dead Frontier (2008)

Developer: Creaky Corpse

Genre: Horror, MMO

Theme: Man vs zombie

Dealing with the legion of the undead comes with its own challenges, but who would have thought that your career choice factored into it? With Dead Frontier you’ll want to harness all of the powers of an engineer, athlete, and even priest. 

Dead Frontier is an expansive browser based game that takes place after a pharmaceutical company creates a wonder drug that turned people into zombies. Players take control of a survivor trying to get by in a world that has fallen into chaos.

Just another day in the zombie apocalypse

Players have 20 professions to pick from at the start of the game. There are tons of different options to fit various play styles. A player can pick from the production class and be a scientist who creates goods to sell, the service class and work as an engineer who can sell their services, the stat-boost class and be a formerly famous athlete, or the role playing class and be the toughest of priests. Players are also able to decide their character’s gender, skin tone, hair style, and facial expression.

Dead Frontier isn’t for the weak. The game has no formal tutorials and has one of the steepest learning curves too. Players essentially have to learn through lots of trial and error. New players should expect to spend their first few hours testing out the gameplay, exploring, and dying tons.

Whether you are playing alone or in a group, strategy is the key to survival. Players must constantly maintain their character’s health, hunger, and ammo or else death will come sooner than they hopped.

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