The 10 Best Free Zombie Games to Play in 2017

10 Best Zombie Games 2016
Dead Frontier captures the grime and grit of the Zombie Apocalypse perfectly.

Who said fighting Zombies couldn’t be cheap?

Zombies. To say that they are a cultural phenomenon would be an understatement. The living dead have infected almost every aspect of our culture and video games are no exception. While there is no limit to the number of good zombie games out there, there are countless more free zombie games that get overlooked in the crowd. The following are the best 10 free Zombie Games we could find. Get slaying!


1. The Sagattarian Series

Where to play it: Newgrounds 

What is it: The only choose your own adventure series in the list, the “Sagittarian” follows you, the player, through the zombie apocalypse from start to whatever end you find yourself in. The series has expanded into 5 games with each following a different choice you made in the first game. The Sagittarian takes some cues from The Walking Dead, there is no doubt there but that’s not a bad thing.


2. The Last Stand

Where to play it: Newgrounds 

What is it: The Last stand series of games sets you as a survivor trying to lead a group through a zombie apocalypse. The player must manage hours in the day, clearing sections of city (in the later games), repairing barricades, finding survivors and weapons AND fight off the ravening hordes nightly. Every game in the series features tight controls and fun combat. There are a lot of zombie survival flash games out there but this one is one of the best.


3. Road of the Dead

Upgrades aplenty await the determined driver in Road of the Dead


Where to play it: Newgrounds

What is it: Road of the Dead is a first person, car driving flash game… with zombies. Take your sport car on a bloody road trip through the end of the world while avoiding civilians, car wrecks, barricades, homicidal soldiers and Zombies, of course. Whenever the vehicle explodes from taking too much damage (which it inevitably will) the player has a chance to upgrade their vehicle with points accrued from running over zombies. Vroom!


4. Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Where to play it: Crazy Monkey Games 

What is it: Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is a straightforward defense game. You play as a nameless soldier who is hold up in a parking lot surrounded by zombies and a man who rewards you for killing zombies, getting supply drops and finding survivors. Has a good number of weapons to unlock and a very involved perk system, oh and a giant crab boss.




5. Rebuild 2

Where to play it: Newgrounds

What is it: Rebuild 2 is a different kind of zombie game. Where a game like Endless Zombie Rampage 2 would have a player actively killing zombies or The Breach would send your space marine in to kill your way to an answer to the mystery, Rebuild 2 simply wants you to thrive. Rebuild 2 combines base management with time management while your character expands their community of survivors after the dead start walking again. Much of the game is spent in an overview map of the city while your character and other survivor’s stats are used to determine how well they perform at various actions. Lastly, the game adds a nice feature where you have complete control over all names in the game, so if you want, you can defend your hometown and tell your family members to go clear that police station of zombies.


6. Road of the Dead 2

Where to play it: Newgrounds 

What is it: Expanding on the fun gameplay of the first game, Road of the Dead 2 places the player in the combat boots of two soldiers trying to get to their headquarters. The player can switch between either character on the fly to utilize their unique weapons and instead of forcing the player to die to upgrade their equipment, rest stops are spread out on the road and allow the player to stop and upgrade at their leisure. Vroom Vroom!


7. Dead Frontier




Where to play it: Dead Frontier

What is it:   Dead Frontier is an MMORPG that drops players into a massive persistent world full of every flavor of Zombie you can shake a stick at. Dead frontier is primarily browser based, but when the player goes into the PvE and PvP areas, the website opens a separate program that the player downloads where the combat and scavenging happens. Being free to play there is always the option of putting money into the game for some quicker benefits but to kill away an afternoon or two (and if you don’ t feel like you would get your money’s worth with something like H1Z1 or DayZ) there is no better game to play.


8. The Breach

Where to play it: Addicting games 

What is it: The Breach is a Metroidvania-style flash game that pits you, a space marine (of sorts) against the mutated crew and their alien/demon overlords aboard the spaceship Hermes. A basic leveling system and upgradeable armor make this a very fun game which features a striking resemblance to Dead Space, Halo and Aliens.


9. SAS Zombie Assault 4




Where to play it: Ninja Kiwi

What is it: The latest in a long series of top down shooters, SAS Zombie Assault 4 takes players to the far future to do battle against zombies, mutated zombies, maniacal robots and other strange creatures. The game features a massive selection of weapons, three classes to play as and a leveling system that rivals some AAA game releases. It also sports a surprisingly stable multiplayer feature. SAS Zombie Assault 4 is also available for mobile and works quite well at taking up all your free time. Fair warning: It’s a free to play game which means there are purchasable “credits” but if you are willing to grind a bit then you need not ever worry about buying them.


10. Zombie Defense

Where to play it: Steam 

What is it: Zombie defense is a free to play Tower defense style game. In it you move through a series of missions where you purchase units that will post at various locations on each map. What makes it more interesting is, because they are soldiers, cops, mercenaries etc.; you can move them between points to bring more firepower to a certain area or to keep them from getting overran. The game also features a vast tech-tree for players to unlock. Being a free to play, one would expect some absurdly priced packages of credits or unlockables to be available for purchase but the most expensive thing the game sells is only four dollars. Bonus!


The games on this list are great ways to kill zombies and time. They may not have the production values of Left behind or Dead Rising but they are a lot of and certainly worth an afternoon or two of your time. IF you think we might have missed a great free zombie game on this list, be sure to leave a comment.

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