[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Base Designs

Zombie hoard headed for base
We're gonna need a bigger base

The key to surviving any zombie apocalypse is having a strong base. 

A strong base not only provides shelter during the onslaught of the 7th day, but a secure place to craft, forge, store loot, and grow stronger as you wait for the approach of the blood moon. 

10. Monkey Bar Base

Monkey see monkey do 

If you are looking for a more minimalistic approach to base building, this structure might be for you. This Monkey Bar Base uses few resources while making you practically untouchable come the 7th day. 

Perks of this simple design include,

  • Easy to build
  • Minimal use of resources 
  • Defendable 
  • Great for a last-minute stand against the undead

9. Underwater Base

A whole new world 

If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge when constructing your base, then you might want to consider this underwater base design! Just try not to drown in the process.

Perks of building your base underwater,

  • Harder to locate in PVP
  • Swimming makes a quick getaway should zombies overwhelm your base
  • Defendable 

8. Zombie Proof Base

No zombies no problems 

It can be challenging to keep zombies out on the night of the blood moon, seeing as they will eventually smash through even the strongest of materials. This is why slanting the outer walls of your base is ingenious! 

Benefits of this Zombie proof base include, 

  • Minimal resources required
  • Easily defended
  • Can be constructed quickly 

7. Tower Pit Base 

Lend me your dead 

This design is great for those who love both the zombie pit and the tower concept! 

This Tower has a pit set to kill any zombie unlucky enough to fall in, making it an excellent design for the 7th day. 

Benefits include,

  • Defendability
  • Higher vantage points
  • Not easily overwhelmed by hordes

6. Underground Base

Mole people

Since the release of Alpha 18, underground bases haven't been the most viable option. 

However, this base design does a beautiful job of addressing the issues of zombies being able to dig downward. 

Some of the many perks of this base design include,

  • Provides a quick getaway
  • Funnels zombies into a pit where they can be killed quickly
  • Not easily destroyed

5. Simple Yet Deadly 

Murder factory 

This deadly yet straightforward design uses a combination of concrete, blade traps, shotgun turrets, and electric fences to create an easily defendable 7th-day retreat. 

Perks include,

  • Can be repaired from the inside
  • Provides a safe place to shoot zombies and gain XP
  • Relatively small in size

4. Demolish Proof Base

No bombers here 

This base design is an excellent one if you are looking for the base that is simple to repair and will do most of the work, killing the hordes come the 7th day. 

This demolish proof base offers perks like,

  • Relatively low cost in terms of resources
  • Easily defendable against demolisher zombies 
  • Can be repaired from the inside
  • Compact design

3. Floating Horde Base

Defying gravity 

This floating base concept provides a fantastic way to contain the blood moon's chaos by gathering the zombies into a pit below the floating structure where one can quickly dispatch them with bullets or Molotov cocktails. 

Floating base perks,

  • Not easily destroyed
  • Groups zombies together for easier kills
  • Can be partially repaired from the inside

2. Zombie Murder Pit

One of the more creative pit designs out there, this zombie murder pit provides a safe place from which to gain XP while maintaining a safe distance from the hordes. 

Zombie murder pit perks include,

  • Base practically does all of the work
  • Easily defendable
  • Funnels zombies down into pit lined with mines and spikes
  • Zombies cannot topple base form within the pit

1. Cop Proof Ramp Tower 

Finally, a way keep the cops from melting your base with their acid vomit! 

In this base design, the creator has developed a fantastic way to keep the cops from noticing you straight away, thus increasing your ability to dispatch them quickly. 


  • Slanted ramp walls within the pit to slow zombies from destroying the outer walls
  • An electric fence lines the perimeter making zombies easier targets
  • Easily defendable even against demolisher zombies 

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