[Top 10] 7 Days To Die Best Armor Mods For More Fun!

7 days to die best armor mods
A Blood Moon is on the Rise!

7 Days to Die has several armor options available for you to choose from, including Steel Armor, Scrap Armor, and Padded Armor. But what if you could take your favorite armor and make it better. That is where armor mods come in. You can add color, carrying capacity, and more to your armor to make it exactly how you want it. 

Here are some of the best armor mods you should consider adding to your armor. 

10. Dye 

I don't care if it doesn't match!!

So this definitely isn't a necessity, but the dye is a fun addition to any armor. It can even be added to clothing, glasses, and bananas. Add some color to your otherwise bland armor. There are plenty of colors to choose from White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Brown, Pink, and Purple.

Why Dye is fun:

  • It adds some color to the generic armor look
  • Can be found while looting
  • Comes in nine different colors

More info here: Dye - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

9. Triple Storage Pocket Mod

Now I can carry everything!!

The encumbrance penalty can be annoying when you are far from your base with a full inventory. Luckily there are mods you can equip to your armor to make this less of a hassle. The triple storage pocket mod will add a +3 carrying capacity each equipped to. Scavenging has never been more fun. 

Why Triple Storage Pocket Mod is a must: 

  • Decreases encumbrance penalty
  • Adding carrying capacity
  • It can be crafted after reading the Triple Storage Pocket Mod Schematic.

More info here: Triple Storage Pocket Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

8. Water Purifier Mod

But I don't want to purify it!

The water purifier mod is an excellent addition to any helmet. When this is installed, you can drink any water without the fear of getting adverse status effects like dysentery. No one likes drinking from a toilet, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Why Water Purifier Mod is a must-have:

  • Can be looted
  • Great for those times you need water and don't have any clean.
  • Can be crafted from Forged steel, scrap polymers, duct tape, coal, and sewing kit after reading the schematic

More info here: Water Purifier Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

7. Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod

I got you now!!

Do you love heavy armor but hate the noise it makes? The Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod can help you out. The Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod attaches to your armor to significantly reduce the noise generated by the armor. It will help significantly with hunting those deer that are so very skittish.

Why Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod is fun:

  • Help keep you quiet while wearing heavier armor
  • Can be found at the trader
  • It can also be crafted with Forged steel, scrap polymers, duct tape, mechanical parts, and a sewing kit once the schematic has been read.

More info here: Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

6. Banded Armor Plating Mod

Armor for the ages!

If you want to increase your armor rating without crafting new armor, the Banded Armor Plating Mod is your new best friend. Equip this mod to all your armor pieces to increase its armor rating by 2. You can never have enough armor out in the Wasteland!

Why Banded Armor Plating Mod is great to have:

  • Increases armor rating by 2
  • Can be crafted, looted, or even found at a trader
  • Craft after reading the Banded Armor Plating Mod schematic.

More info here: Banded Armor Plating Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

5. Helmet Light Mod

But I don't want to wear a mining helmet!

In the dark world of Navezgane, you can never have too much light. The nights can get extremely dark, and carrying a torch while trying to mine isn't fun. Miming helmets are great if you find one, but you are limited to one helmet. The Helmet Light Mod can turn any helmet into a flashlight. Having a light, you don't have to carry a fantastic convenience.

Why Helmet Light Mod is fun:

  • Can attach to any helmet
  • Can be found via looting or the trader
  • It can also be crafted with Forged Steel, Scrap Polymers, Duct Tape, Flashlight, and Sewing Kit after reading the schematic or Art of Mining Vol.7

More info here: Helmet Light Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

4. Bandolier Mod

I can take it from here.

You can never shoot fast enough when a feral is running at you. The worst part is when you need to reload while it's hunting you. The Bandolier Mod will allow you to reload your guns faster so you can spend more time nailing that perfect headshot. It can be equipped to your chest or leg armor.

Why Bandolier Mod is a must-have:

  • Faster reloading for your guns
  • It can be found while scavenging, or if you're lucky, the trader may have one to sell.
  • Craft this bad boy with Forged Steel, Scrap Polymers, Duct Tape, Glue, and Sewing Kit after you read the Bandolier Schematic.

More info here: Bandolier Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

3. Impact Bracing Mod

I think I can jump off of that!

OK, so this might just be me, but I also end up running over a cliff or running to fast down a hill and getting too much air. I have also died this way too. While it’s not fun to admit, at least there is an answer to this problem. The Impact Bracing Mod will help your character to take less damage while falling. 

Why Impact Bracing Mod will help you out:

  • Reduce damage taken when falling
  • Can be found while scavenging
  • Crafting is also an option using Forged steel, duct tape, mechanical parts, spring, and sewing kit at a workbench once you have read the schematic.

More info here: Impact Bracing Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

2. Skull Cap Mod

At least my head isn't cold.

Helmets and any type of head armor are fantastic to have in 7 days. One of the issues you will find is that there isn't much protection from the elements with them. The Skull Cap Mod can help keep your head warm and make your helmet look like a cool cap. 

Why Skull Cap Mod is fun:

  • Adds 10.5 - 13.2 Cold resistance 
  • It also grants a bit of heat resistance 1.5 - 2.5
  • It is a rare item and can only be found by looting!

More info here: Skull Cap Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

1. Customized Fittings Mod

Military Boots with Customized Fittings Mod
Heavy armor is fun, but it can slow you down and drain your stamina pool faster than light armor. The Customized Fitting Mod can help remedy that. The mod will decrease the stamina and movement penalties and help you move more efficiently. 

Why Customized Fittings Mod is fun:

  • Significantly decreases movement and stamina penalties from armor
  • Can be crafted after reading Customized Fittings Mod Schematic
  • Crafted with Forged steel, duct tape, mechanical parts, leather, and sewing kit 

More info here: Customized Fittings Mod - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki

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