[Top 10] Spider-Man: Miles Morales Best Visor Mods (And How to Get Them)

A preview of all of the visors.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the best Visor Mods in Spider-Man Miles Morales, one of the best-looking and most gorgeous PS5 games in the current gaming landscape.

See those eyes in the Spider Mask which can close and open according to Miles’s emotions? Expressing either shock, disappointment, or excitement? Those are Visors.

And some of the mods of those Visors can help you gain a definite edge during combat and during stealth as well.

So, let’s get on with the list and found out which of them would be the best fit for your gameplay no matter the playthrough style! 


10. Venom Overclock

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit Stats: 

  • Reach Level 10 with 16 Activity Tokens, 2 Tech Points
  • Unlocks Venom Overclock

First off, we have the Venom Overclock Mod which gives the edge of regenerating your Venom Power at the condition that your health bar is in a lower or critical state.

Why it’s a Great Mod:

This one is a definite no-brainer. It would turn the tides against the type of enemies that you are facing, especially heavier and tankier enemies and if you’re overwhelmed or surrounded by a lot of enemies, using this would help you regain your footing in combat.

What Venom Overclock Excels in:

  • One of the few mods to help Miles in health regeneration.
  • Turns the tide of combat.
  • Gives an edge to Miles.

How to get Venom Overclock: Reach Level 1 and purchase the Suit Mod for 3 Activity Tokens


9. Residual Venom

Suit Stats: N/A

Up next, we have the Residual Venom Visor Mod and what this Mod does is that the energy left behind a successful Venom attack of any kind becomes visible and can be absorbed on contact to generate even more Venom Power.

Why it’s a great mod:

If there’s one energy reserve that must be conserved, it’s Venom Power as it can help heal Miles’s health bar and deliver some deadly damage to the surrounding enemies.

Interestingly enough, you can surround yourself with a multitude of enemies and never run out of Venom Power, to begin with.

What Residual Venom Mod Excels in:

  • Conservation and utilization of Miles’s Venom Power.
  • Test of Miles’s Combat Prowess.
  • Gives an edge to Miles in terms of combat.

How to get Residual Venom Mod: Reach Level 10 and purchase the visor mod for 11 Activity Tokens.


8. An Eye for Supplies

Suit Stats: N/A

An Eye for Supplies is the next Visor Mod that we’re going to talk about in the list and this is one of the Early Game mods that will help you get your footing right!

What’s great about this mod:

So here is the catch for using this mod, it increases the drop rate for gadget ammo whenever you’re fighting Underground or Roxxon forces via infiltration or straight-up combat.

It would prove quite handy if you want to be tech-savvy during your encounters.

What An Eye for Supplies Mod Excels in:

  • Adds variation in combat.
  • Gives an edge to Miles’s combat prowess
  • Utilization and familiarity with Gadgets. 

How to get Induction Mesh mod: Purchase it for 10 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech part.


7. Perfect Sight

Suit Stats: N/A

Next up on the list is Perfect Sight Visor Mod which helps increase the dodge window for the Perfect Didge, hence the name “Perfect Sight”

What’s great about this mod:

Well, it’s what the name suggests, gives you an increased timeframe in dodging and can help you dodge the deadliest of the attacks. It can also help you rake up that combo meter as well.

What Perfect Sight Mod excels in:

  • Increased window for dodging.
  • Opportunity to rake up that combo meter.
  • Practice in the perfect timing of dodging, essential in combat.

How to get Perfect Sight Mod: Purchase it for 14 activity tokens and 2 Tech Parts.


6. Trick Master

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit Stats: 

  • Reach Level 8 with 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Points
  • Unlocks Trick Master

Trick Master is up next on the list with the Visor Mod now being accompanied with the Suit.

What’s great about this mod:

It is just as the name of the mod suggests, lets you become the master of Air Tricks.

No, seriously, you get extra Venom Power for performing that sweet combo of air tricks and you can even use Venom Boost mid-air in swinging for more window to perform those tricks.

What Trick Master excels in:

  • Utilization of Air Tricks mid-exploration.
  • Generation of Venom Power making use of Venom Boost.
  • Exploration is made more fun.

How to get Trick Master: Unlock the Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit to get the Visor Mod.


5. Reclaimer    

Purple Reign Suit mod stats:

  • Complete all Sound Samples and Back to the Beginning Side Mission.
  • Unlocks Reclaimer Visor Mod.

Reclaimer is next on the list and this one is accompanied by Uncle Aaron’s very own gifted Purple Reign Suit which shows off the colors of The Prowler.

What’s great about this mod:

What’s so good about it is that it replenished 1 gadget ammo whenever you’re performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy, forcing you to take the Stealthier approach to replenish any gadgets that you have used.

What Reclaimer Mod excels in:

  • Appreciates taking the Stealthier Approach.
  • Utilization of gadgets while maintaining espionage.
  • Able to modify combat tactics. 

How to get Reclaimer Mod: Complete the requirements for unlocking the Purple Reign Suit to get the Visor Mod.


4. Ghost Strike

Crimson Cowl Suit Stats:

  • Reach Level 9, 14 Activity Tokens, 2 Tech Parts
  • Unlocks Ghost Strike Visor Mod

Next up on the list is the Ghost Strike Visor Mod and this one is amongst my favorites on the list, making it take a definitive spot amongst the top 4.

What’s great about this mod:

Turn on that Camouflage Mode and do those Web Strike Takedowns without alerting anyone else, even if the next enemy is located right next to the person you just took down! Talk about some sick ninja skills. 

What Ghost Strike mod excels in:

  • Great for stealth-based approach
  • More Takedowns while being Invisible.
  • Increases dependency on Camouflage. 

How to get Ghost Strike mod: Unlock the Crimson Cowl suit for the mod.


3. Eyes In the Back of my Head

Suit Mod: N/A

It’s #3 of the list which is the Eyes In the Back of my Head Mod, perfect for hiding from enemies just when you’re about to be detected!

It can be used on all types of enemies, not just Roxxon or Underground, but petty criminals as well.

What’s great about this mod:

Here’s the thing about this mod, once you’re about to get caught or detected by the enemy, it automatically activates Camouflage Mode before any type of detection during Stealth Encounters. 

What Eyes in The Back of My Head Mod excels in:

  • Promotes Stealthy approach.
  • Maintains Espionage.
  • Helps train players in stealth mechanics.

How to get Eyes in The Back of My Head Mod: Ability available when Animated Suit is unlocked.


2. Optic Triangulation

Suit Stats: N/A

On the #2 spot we have the Optic Triangulation Visor Mods and it’s well-deserved on this spot since I used it throughout my playthrough. It’s also one of the first Visor Mods that you get in-game.

What’s great about this mod:

When scanning, it detects any or all enemies hidden throughout the area, even behind walls, and keeps them marked as long as Stealth Mode remains active.

What Optic Triangulation Mod excels in:

  • Careful utilization of Stealth Tactics.
  • Gains an edge in Miles’s combat sessions.
  • Can be used against any or all types of enemies.

How to get Optic Triangulation Mod: Purchase it for 8 Activity Tokens.


1. Threat Sensors

Suit Stats: N/A

One the #1 spot, we have the Threat Sensors Visor Mod!

There is a good reason that this Mod is in the top spot and we’ll let you know why below.

What’s great about this mod:

Once you perform a perfect dodge, Time slows down and you can think of alternate maneuvers mid-combat while raking up those combo points as well. Nothing beats the feeling of slowing down time. You’ll have to unlock New Game + to get access to this mod though. 

What Threat Sensors Mod excels in:

  • Increased Defense of Miles during combat.
  • Increase in raking up those combo points.
  • Increase in combat prowess of Miles and great for crowd control as well!

How to get Threat Sensors Mod: Start New Game+ and you’ll get this Mod available.


And that’s about it with the visor mod list! I hope it helped. See ya next time.


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