[Top 25] Skyrim Mods That Add New Quests

Is it even a good quest if there’s no flashy looking bad guy to fight?

Questing in Skyrim is always a joy, but after 10 years you might have gotten too familiar with the same old quests. Luckily, the modding community hasn’t been sitting idly. We have some incredibly high quality mods on our hands thanks to the efforts of many talented modders and teams.

Here is a list of 25 quest mods for extending your adventures in Skyrim. Some of them are short quests with a little bit of humor. Some are quest-lines that pick up where the original game left off.And then there are others which are completely original while remaining lore-friendly.


25. The Cheese of Ages

As you might have expected from the title, this one is pretty cheesy. Sorry, I just had to. This mod adds a short but funny quest, given to you by a guy called Red Willy. And what is the job? He wants you to steal a ‘legendary cheese’. 

Stealing cheese isn't the only thing you'll be doing in your quest to help Red Willy. You’ll help out a dairy alchemist, and steal a special cow. You’ll even help a shy skeleton get a date. And much, much more! Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend trying it out. 

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


24. Fortune’s Tradehouse

In Markarth, you’ll run into one unfortunate Argonian named Ut-keen. This guy is a shoemaker who wants to join Fortune's Tradehouse, a group of businessmen. Unfortunately for him, they don’t want him. The quest revolves around persuading them to let the Argonian join them.

In your quest to help Ut-keen, you must assist the other members of the Tradehouse. Depending on who you’re helping, the tasks will vary. One wants you to kill the skeevers in his basement, while another wants you to reconcile with the woman he loves. But don’t expect things to go over that smoothly. The quest-line is pretty short, but the good writing and plot-twists make it hard to pass up.

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23. Blood Of The Nord

This one's for all your Stormcloak lovers. As a true child of Skyrim, you’ve unified the land and gotten rid of that stinkin’ Empire. Ever wondered what comes after that? That is what this mod tries to imagine.

War and ruling a country are both messy businesses. Reality is far more complicated than simply defeating the bad guy. This mod introduces a series of quests that delve into such complications.

As you might have figured, this one is Stormcloak only. Sorry, Empire lovers! But I have something for everyone down the line.

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22. Jurgholm

A chance encounter leads to a strange quest. Sounds like just about everything else in Skyrim, am I right? You’ll have to go find the quest-giver, or run into them during your explorations. 

In the mountains of the Reach resides a lone Khajiit. He seems suspicious of strangers. Is he hiding something? Am I just assuming that because he’s a Khajiit?

You'll eventually find yourself in a strange underground fortress. Oblivion players will find it nostalgic, as it is populated by daedra and their slaves. This dungeon is filled with amazing level design and difficult fights, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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21. Dwemertech

A strange device appears in your inventory, demanding that you appear at a specific location. It’s not very polite, but what can you do? RPG players gotta accept quests. Soon you find the quest-giver, who happens to be a Dwemer!

There’s a lot of mystery around this race, so I’ll stay clear of spoiler-territory. This quest will have you visit a strange place on one of the moons of Nirn. You’re tasked with helping restore the Dwemer race from wherever they’ve disappeared to. 

You’ll notice some sci-fi elements, but rest assured that it fits in with the lore of the series. But it’s not just a quest - this mod adds plenty of spells which are both unique and interesting. They’re bound to make your playthrough and your builds much more enjoyable.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


20. Spectraverse

A strange Khajiit finds you in Skyrim's wilderness. As he dances, he tells you to go meet his master. With an introduction like that, you can't help but be intrigued.

In the North of Skyrim, you find a floating head which sets you on this quest-line. And this is only the beginning of this strange story concerning the Magna-Ge. Who are the Magna-Ge, you ask? It’s a little complicated, but they’re related to the gods. Kinda.

This mod is from the author of Dwemertech. Just like that one, the quest will have strange, but lore-friendly elements. And along the way, you’ll discover powerful spells that’ll change how you play.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


19. Valley of Outcasts

This is a fantastic quest which keeps the vanilla feel while managing to set itself apart. The quest begins when you accept a mercenary job to wipe out some bandits from a citadel. That might sound like the usual ‘go there, kill that’, the mod lets you do things differently. You have the option of charging straight ahead, or you can take a more strategic approach.

What happens once you have cleared an entire citadel? Why, of course you take charge of it and turn it into a settlement. You have the option of declining, but why would you even do that? After all, we're here for more content.

Once the settlement is up and running, the quest-line expands. You’ll be getting to know the locals, helping them and defending your new territory. Take note that there are times when you receive almost no quest updates. So you really need to listen to the dialogues, and just talk to everyone.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


18. The Last Refuge

If you thought Valley of Outcasts was fun, I have good news. This mod is a sequel to that one, and it’s bigger and better in every way. The story picks up where the last one ended. Soon, you find yourself hired by the Elder Council to track down a necromancer. You know it’s bad news when they’re involved.

Besides the awesome quest, this mod also introduces skill-based speech checks. In conversation, your dialogue options will open up depending on your skill. Just like Fallout: New Vegas! But that’s not even the best part. Throughout the quest, you'll be accompanied by two companions who will react to the environment and jab back and forth. Seriously, their banter alone is enough for me to recommend this mod. 

This also includes some bug-fixes for the previous mod, so you might want to have this installed anyway.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


17. The Second Great War

You’ve finished the Civil War and unified all of Skyrim. And then, that’s it? We all know the real big bad are the Thalmor. And we’ve all wanted to take the fight to them.

There’s a lot of potential here that this mod taps into. Once the Civil War ends, you’ll receive a letter that will start this quest. Regardless of which side you chose, you’ll get to take part.

Obviously the antagonist is the Thalmor. What’s amazing is that at the start of the quest, you even have a chance to join them! Expect a real invasion with epic battles of huge scale and a dramatic story. 

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


16. Death Consumes All

There’s a plague in Skyrim, and it’s only spreading every day. You team up with Imperial Legate Livia Salvian to investigate. In this quest, you fight some terrifying enemies and decisions that not only shape the outcome of the quest but that of Skyrim.

One of the coolest things about this mod is Livia Salvian. She is a fully-functional follower who is responsive and aware of the game-world. Her personality is dynamic and changes depending on your interactions. Another thing is that once the Zombie Apocalypse starts, the plague continues to spread and kill NPCs. So remember to make a save before starting.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


15. The Lost Wonders of Mzark

If you explore Skyrim's north, you'll come across a Dwemer dungeon with what appears to be machinery. Your natural instinct as an adventurer will have you delving deep. And you will be tasked with restoring power to a hologram.

This mod is created by one of the wackiest mod authors in the community. Like all Dwemer mods in this list, there are plenty of sci-fi elements that fit in rather nicely in the lore. The quest is a large puzzle that has no map markers. You’ll be diving deep into the ruin and you’ll have to get creative. That’s part of what makes this mod so much fun!

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


14. The Wheels of Lull

This mod is by the same author as The Lost Wonders of Mzark, and he somehow manages to escalate all the quirks without breaking lore. You’ll see Dwemer-ish control rooms and technologies, and elements reminiscent of early 2000 cyberpunk titles. The likes of Deus Ex, Blade Runner or Anachronox. But don’t skip it, because despite all of that, it goes deep into Elder Scrolls lore that others avoid.

The quests will have you go deep into dungeons and fighting bosses. While that sounds basic, the level design is very unique and all the bosses have their own fighting mechanisms. Everything is essentially a puzzle.

That's not to say that I don't have any issues with it. The dungeons are long, to say the least. There's a frustrating bit of platforming, unfortunately, and numerous bugs. I also had issues with quest progression, so remember to save and load often.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


13. Project AHO

Project AHO creates a very unique settlement underneath Skyrim, the culture and architecture derived from the Dwemer and the Telvanni. Getting there is the weird part. You practically get kidnapped and sold as a slave. For a while, you’re just do fetch quests for your master. Yeah, it’s annoying at first.

Thankfully the quest kicks off before too long. After you’re set free, you can actually see what this world has to offer. Not only is this a unique settlement, the main quest revolves around something that is a forgotten part of the lore. And that’s all I will say, because I don’t want to spoil it. Just saying, you’ll be surprised when you find out what ‘AHO’ stands for.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


11. G.R.I.M

You might not even know of the Reaper. It's a hidden boss in Soul Cairn, added by the Dawnguard DLC. To fight the Reaper, you have to go all across Soul Cairn and collect Reaper Fragments. But the fight is pretty straightforward and forgettable.

This mod not only overhauls but also extends the fight. Your first fight will only be a prologue, after which you’ll find yourself in the Reaper’s realm. You’ll have to solve the puzzles, fight a lot of enemies and eventually defeat the reaper to get out. Once you’re done, the fights become repeatable, spawning unique loot every time. And we all know how we feel about loot.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


10. The Tools of Kagrenac

One of the coolest things a quest mod can do is pick up the story from the main game. In Skyrim, there’s a quest called Arniel’s Endeavor where you get your hands on the legendary artifact Keening. Unfortunately, the quest doesn’t go further than that.

For us Morrowind fans, that was a huge disappointment. Thankfully, this mod not only expands the quest, but also restores the artifacts’ full power. And yes, I said artifacts. The new quest begins once you finish the vanilla one, and you’ll have to find the entire set.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


10. Moon And Star

It’s a breath of fresh air when a quest isn’t just go-there-do-that. In this quest, you’ll find yourself investigating the trail of a dangerous criminal from Morrowind. You’ll have to question the locals of a village who don’t outright trust a stranger. There’s not a lot of hand-holding, as you’ll have to figure out who to talk to and how to earn their trust.

But investigation is half of what this quest offers. There’s a really cool character, whose name I can’t say. It uses aspects of the lore that you might be familiar with, and you know I love when mods use the lore. Also, there’s a cool boss fight that requires you to get creative.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


9. Clockwork

There are a lot of horror themed mods for Skyrim, but they usually don’t fit in or aren’t done that well. Clockwork is the exception. It adds a new dungeon for you to explore, and you’ll be stuck inside until the quest. The good news is, you’ll receive an awesome castle once you finish this horror-show!

The reason this mod really succeeds in horror is because it takes its time to build up the creepy. It makes you unsettled and anxious first before throwing in the ghostly images and enemies. It seemed like it borrowed some horror elements from other successful games. The level design is also very praiseworthy, making you pay attention to the environment and explore it.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


8. Undeath

One of the best things about Skyrim is the incredible freedom we get in builds. But with the power of modding, we can go even further. ‘Undeath’ adds a quest-line that will lead you to the pinnacle of necromancy. You will find a group of necromancers trying to achieve the power to become a lich.

It’s up to you to either stop them and rid the world of evil, or take their power of yourself. In addition to the cool introduction quest, Undeath has a deep system for necromancy that is revealed in the quest’s progression. Besides adding new features that will change how you play, the quest is fairly long with unique locations and dungeons to explore.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


7. Helgen Reborn

Everybody remembers Helgen. It's that little town that Alduin destroys at the start of the game. Everyone talks about it for a bit, but then they forget about it. Skyrim isn’t exactly seeing the best of days, so it’s understandable. Still, didn’t you ever wish you could do something about it?

Helgen Reborn not only lets you do that, it gives you a quest that has you running a secret anti-Thalmor society. Because let’s be honest, they’re the worst. The quest is fun to play, and watching the city rebuild in front of your eyes is a joy. It also adds elements that don’t contradict with the existing lore.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


6. Legacy of the Dragonborn

Legacy of the Dragonborn adds a museum to Solidute. The curator is looking for a relic hunter to find legendary artifacts. And that’s where you come in. It is basically a house for you to display all your loot, but it executes that far better than any other mod. On top of that, it adds a lot of items from the previous games and many other collectibles.

But that’s not all. It also seamlessly integrated two old quest mods. One of them is called Much Ado About The Snow Elves, and you might guess where this is going. The other is called Moonpath to Elsweyr, and will take you to a short trip to that exotic land. You don’t need me to tell you that it won’t be a vacation, though.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


5. Identity Crisis

This mod adds an Asylum of Julianos to the north of Windhelm. But something strange is afoot. When you arrive, you;ll find that everyone is either dead or crazy. Soon, you too start to hear voices.

I doubt it’ll be a spoiler to tell you that our beloved Sheogorath is involved. Seriously, who else comes to mind when I say ‘crazy’? In this quest you will explore the abandoned sanctuary to find out what happened. And in doing so, you might even earn the favor of the mad god!

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


4. The Forgotten City

This quest takes you to a ruined dwemer city in Markarth. Inside you find a portal that transports you to the past, to a hidden city. And this city has only one rule. The moment someone commits a crime, everyone will be killed. Wow, someone’s got no chill!

The mod author has recently turned this into a separate game, so you can imagine how well the mod did. For most of the mod, you’ll be living in the past with the citizens of the city. You’ll investigate their day to day lives to figure out what caused them to be wiped out. And thanks to the time-loop, you can try it over and over again without quickloading. 

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


3. The Brotherhood of Old

The Dark Brotherhood’s questline is arguably the best among the guilds in Skyrim. Besides the writing, who doesn’t want to join a murderous cult? But I can’t deny that Skyrim’s quest-line left a lot to be desired. Didn’t you wish you could restore the traditions of the Brotherhood?

This mod picks up right where Skyrim left off. There are new threats to the Brotherhood, but also newer opportunities. You’ll have a slew of new recruits with well-written funny lines. On top of that, there are newer sanctuaries for you to claim.

But the best thing about this mod is the themes. If you’ve played Oblivion, you might remember the dark themes, and the structure of the Brotherhood. As your organization grows in size, you’ll restore the structure. The Brotherhood will return to its former glory.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


2. Vigilant

You remember the Vigilants of Stendarr? Yeah, that one joke of a faction who are trying to hunt daedra, and are without a doubt way in over their heads? In this mod, you get to join them. What begins as simple ‘go-there, kill-that’ soon takes a turn for the dark. Because this time, the Vigilants are being targeted by Molag Bal himself.

Molag Bal, in the Elder Scrolls lore, is almost as evil as the devil himself. The writing only gets darker as you see all the things Molag Bal does. Eventually, you will visit his realm of Coldharbour to face off against this Daedric Prince. I could talk all day about any mods by this author, but I’m afraid I can’t do that without spoiling the good parts.

You’ll immediately notice the Dark Souls aesthetics. Rest assured, only the aesthetics are DS-inspired. In fact, the mod goes so deep into Elder Scrolls lore that you’ll find yourself educated. The writing is phenomenal, and that ending is worth dying for. Also keep in mind, while the mod is finished the author is actively adding more to it. 

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


1. Unslaad

Unslaad is the dragon word for ‘unending.’ It’s what Alduin shouts when you ‘kill’ him. Right off the bat, you might have figured out that this quest explores some metaphysical aspects of the Elder Scrolls universe. In a way, you’ll get a glimpse of what a future without Alduin truly looks like. A world doomed to be eternal.

But first, let’s take a step back. After taking an Assassin’s Creed style leap of faith from High Hrothgar, you’ll find yourself in an icy realm. It’s inhabited by weird people, and among them is a very friendly half-dragon girl. And eventually you’ll get a look at a dark future of this world that your actions cause.

In my humble opinion, this mod is the pinnacle of Skyrim Quest mods. It's made by the same author of Vigilant, so expect great writing and thematic depth. The only problem is that this mod is only partially voice acted. Despite that, I stand by what I said.

Download Mod: Legendary | Special


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