[Top 15] The Sims 4 Best Animation Mods Every Player Should Have

How ever you look at it, this is fantastic.

What's the best animations to use? 

There are times in The Sims 4 that the animations are not what you may want to see or expect them to do. Once again, the modders of the Sims community have our backs.

Everything comes down to what animation mods are the best. Are you looking for cute moments for your sim family, or do you want to have your sim show certain emotions? 

The options are endless for what animations you can use to tell your sim's story in the way you want. Take a look at the top 15 best animation mods that are a must-have. 

15. Andrew’s Pose Player

Every animation needs to have the ability to be used. 

Even though this particular mod is not an animation on its own, it has to be on this list. Andrew's Pose Player is a mod that allows you to use the animations mods you have put into your mod folder. 

This mod has two ways to make use of it. First, you can click on Pose By Pack when you click on your sim. Second, you can use the option of Name Of Pack. 

Using Name Of Pack is only good when you have memorized every animation and pose you have available. The easiest way to access your animations is the first option, Pose By Pack. Easy as pie!

Andrew’s Pose Player details: Download

14. [TS4] Pose_family walks

Sometimes you just have to walk around the house with your parents. Family is what matters. 

Going on lovely walks with your family is a moment that most people love to experience. With the [TS4] Pose_family walks, your sims family can take a nice walk with their family. 

The [TS4] Pose_family walks mod is for three sims in total. If your parent sim is single, you can still use it, but you'd need a child for the animation to look correct. 

It is a simple mod in use and creates a beautiful scene with the family. While the obvious choice would be outside, you can use this mod anywhere, and it will still be a beautiful moment. 

[TS4] Pose_family walks details: Download

13. Animated Pose - When We First Met… (Couple)

Some of the sweetest moments are made up of awkward gestures. 

Every single couple has a story about how they first met. With Animated Pose - When We First Met... (Couple) mod, your sims can have their personal story on how they first met. 

The mod has six poses that are looped and last for about 12 seconds. This particular scene covers the awkward moment of bumping into someone. 

Those awkward first meetings can be the most memorable moment. Brings love at first sight straight to your sims within 12 seconds; new record? 

Animated Pose - When We First Met… (Couple) details: Download

12. Wats Up Yo Animations

Just to say hi when coming into a room can bring a story to live. 

To the walls, to the couch, or even stand about! Wats Up Yo Animations is a dream for teens and other ages alike. 

With Machinima movie makers in mind, Error404Philips created a pose pack with seven poses usable while standing, on the wall, and usable on the couch your sim is sitting on. The animations are simple waves, hugs, and checking out the sim's outfit. 

This mod pack brings social gatherings to life with the ability to glance back at your friend entering a room. It would work well with having that one friend who never knocks because they are always over at your house anyway. 

Wats Up Yo Animations details: Download

11. Goodnight Animation Pack

At some point in our lives, we all fall off the bed or even sleep in weird positions. 

Do you tend to have one leg off the bed or half of your entire body falling off the bed? Sims 4 usually has your sim laying down nicely in bed, but with Goodnight Animation Pack, your sims can sleep similar to you. 

The Goodnight Animation Pack has ten animations in total with two categories; wild and relaxed. You can choose for your sim to have their butt in the air, halfway off the bed, or look peaceful. 

Each animation has the slightest breathing giving a realistic look to the sim sleeping. Honestly, it is eerie to see but ideal for making movies in the Sims 4. 

Goodnight Animation Pack details: Download

10. Couple Trouble Animation

Sometimes it is good to walk away for a moment. 

Most movies that deal with romantic themes have an element of rejection within the storyline. Sims are no different. Couple Troubles Animation brings a simple animation of a rejected hug to give an extra level to your sim's story. 

The length of the animation is about twenty seconds for the entire loop. This mod was designed for double beds and will not work well with single beds. 

Couple Troubles Animation is perfect for the scene where Billy tries to comfort Jordan, but Jordan doesn't want the hug, rejecting Billy. Poor Billy needs to be patient with Jordan. 

Couple Trouble Animation details: Download

9. Sofa Pose and Animation

Lounge around and see what else there is. 

Laying on the couch kicking your legs up behind you can be true relaxation. The Sofa Pose and Animation mod your sim can have that same true relaxation for themselves. 

This mod doesn't work with two-seater couches but can with three-seaters and modular ones. With this mod, you have two separate poses to choose from; legs moving and legs not moving. 

Whatever you decide to do with this animation, don't try it with a child sim. That is a horror story waiting to happen. 

Sofa Pose and Animation details: Download

8. Fear - pose pack 7

What's across the street? It's frightening!

Emotions can kill in the Sims 4, specifically fear. Fear - pose pack 7 saves your sims from death when they become scared. 

This pack is purely for the emotion of fear and has eighteen poses. The modder has separated the poses into their animated pose groups to showcase different types of fear emotion. 

You can show your sim falling, crouching, pointing at something terrifying, or cowering in fear. What will you choose to scare them with now? 

Fear - pose pack 7 details: Download

7. [Clover] LOL - Laughing Pose

Children can do the cutest and funniest things. Sometimes all you can help to do is give out a chuckle. 

Just like fear, your sim can die from laughing too. The animations mod [Clover] LOL - Laughing Pose brings laughter poses safely to your sims' world. 

Once you have selected the animation and it has begun, your sim will loop through different poses of laughter. You will see your sim giggle and belly laugh, but there will be no fear of them passing away from having fun. 

It's a cute animation suitable for making a laughing scene for a machinima movie. Finally, you can have someone laugh at your sim's jokes. 

[Clover] LOL - Laughing Pose details: Download

6. Salsa Interaction v1

Dance the night away to your favorite songs. 

Sims 4 has limited dancing mechanics available for your sims. Salsa Interaction v1 brings another dance to your game and gives a couples dance to your sims. 

Make sure you download the XML injector when downloading this mod. It won't work at all without it.

Once you have placed the mod into your mod folder, select the option to dance from your stereo and select your sim's partner. After that, let your sims enjoy the salsa. 

Salsa Interaction v1 details: Download

5. The Tree and Me Pose Pack 1

A little shade is ideal for a hard days work. 

Have you ever sat next to a tree or leaned against it while in deep thought? With The Tree and Me Pose 1, your sims can brood, watch their children and contemplate life next to a tree. 

You'll have the choice of 5 different pose selections for male sims at your fingertips. The creator, KatVerseCC, stated to place the teleporter in the middle of the Elm tree and then select what pose you want. 

When trying out this pose, there was no elm tree used. That would explain why it looked so strange. Please remember to use an Elm tree for this pose. 

The Tree and Me Pose Pack 1 details: Download

4. IMHO Sims 4 – Poses : Poses & Animation #16

Think about it while laying on the couch, it's relaxing. 

Piggybacking off the couch animation pack, the IMHO Sims 4 - Poses: Poses & Animation #16 brings more animations for the couch, bed, and floor. These animations and poses are gorgeous to use in the game. 

This animation pack has several different animations and poses for laying down in a relaxed position on the floor, the couch, and the bed. Make sure when you go to download, go to the Ya.Disk and view the file. 

Once you are at the file, choose the file that states the package and not the one that has rar on the end of the file. This pack is more relaxed than a sim watching a movie. 

IMHO Sims 4 – Poses : Poses & Animation #16 details: Download

3. Just little cute moments (posepack)

Some moments are worth seeing. Especially between father and son. 

Just little cute moments (posepack) bring your sims family into an adorable moment with their toddler. It was a happy moment to see the father and child animation, which was rare to see in animation mods. 

There is at least one selection for the entire family, as this pack focuses on father and child. Just little cute moments (posepack) has seven options for you to play around with your sims family. 

A precious pose is a father cuddling his child, though you can use a mother in the place of the father's. Just make sure you use a toddler for the pose titled; toddler. 

Just little cute moments (posepack) details: Download

2. IMHO Sims 4 – Poses : Poses & Animation #10

How to look like you are the only one in the room with one simple step.

Lean back and relax with the IMHO Sims 4 - Poses: Poses & Animation #10 animation mod. This pack has several different options and applications for those options. 

Made for both female and male sims, you can have them lean against the wall, each other, or have them stand in the middle of the room. When you download this mod, remember to use the file with package and not rar. 

This mod is fun to play around with because of all the different applications you can use it. This pack will be great for use with the new wedding game pack. 

IMHO Sims 4 – Poses : Poses & Animation #10 details: Download

1. Child’s play (Pose pack)

Siblings can be mean to each other. So charish the sweet moments that they have between them. 

Peek-a-Boo! I see you! Child's play (Pose Pack) gives your sims toddler and child new interactions. 

Siblings may fight from time to time, but even they deserve to have a tender moment together. In this pack, your child sim can hug and play with a toddler then end with a hug.

Have your toddler sim get a shock while a child sim plays peek-a-boo. The best part of this animation pose pack is the hug. 

Child’s play (Pose pack) details: Download

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